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[4][5] It is also the last Japanese film to be released in the Heisei era, five days before the 2019 Japanese imperial transition. While it ends abruptly, for once I did not mind because this offers definitive closure with the justified heaping of the title into the “never again” bin. Speaking of Shiro, the only hook that keeps Deadman Wonderland watchable is its own Shiro – this time in the form of an erratic, happy-go-lucky female in place of a mentally-impaired male dung beetle. Story: As the years have rolled on, I have been ever vigilant to find just that one shounen capable of letting me say, “Okay, Fate/Stay Night, you are officially free from having the worst shounen lead in all of anime.’” Deadman Wonderland, in all its clownish glory, is that anime. Ganta's voice sounds like every other prepubescent anime protagonist in existence, but the voice actress does a fairly good job at conveying the emotion. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Now that they are in the third year of high school, ... See full summary », Second-year high school student Aoi Aioi is an aspiring musician Aoi Aioi. But if you're looking for something fun and action-packed to breeze through and scratch your violence/gore itch, then watch Deadman Wonderland. If the artwork looks anime-authentic to a surprising degree, that’s thanks to the talents of Yana Taboso, creator of the Black Butler manga/anime franchise, who’s serving as character designer and writer for Disney Twister-Wonderland. Since Ganta didn’t die in the attack, he is immediately prosecuted as the obvious perpetrator. Tokyopop acquired the licensing rights to distribute the manga in English and released the first 5 volumes of the manga before the company shut down its North American Publishing division in 2011. Video game features character designs from a famous manga creator, starts with hot guys “twisted from Alice in Wonderland.”. I guess if this show really interests you, then either read the manga before you watch it or after you watch it. Cookie Let's be honest---if you aren't watching this show for the violence and gore, you really won't enjoy yourself much. Read more > Story. The Adult Empire Strikes Back, Crayon Shin-chan: Fierceness That Invites Storm! Because of the miscommunication, the story and characters in this show don't work a lot of the time, especially later on. I'm sure these characters were handled a lot better in the manga. 『ディズニー ツイステッドワンダーランド』の制作発表ステージにて解禁した映像を公開いたします。#ツイステ #ディズニー #twistedwonderland #ヴィランズ pic.twitter.com/HfBRFQLG0m. A perfectly adequate adventure story, The Wonderland is enjoyable if not substantial. ©2020 All Rights Reserved. Deadman Wonderland has only 12 episodes to its name along with a single OVA, but still holds a similar cult status among viewers. While I finished watching all twelve monotonous, dragging episodes of Deadman Wonderland, it was not an experience free of mental pain, anguish, and a great desire to rather be curled up in bed on a cold winter night drowned in tears to dull the suffering.

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