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We're pleased to announce that Mark will feature in future editions of Marketing Mag, so keep an eye out for future insights. Too much admiring the heritage and you become dusty. View Mark Ritson’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. When Liverpool won the Champions League, sponsor Carlsberg turned its packaging red. “In reality, we have clear data that campaigns that were devised pre-Covid19 are working just as well during the crisis as before it.”, “I would highlight Budget Direct who continued their successful sarge ad campaign in the middle of the crisis with an entirely COVID free message as a brand that worked out that they should be promoting their insurance and continuing with an existing approach as a brand that got it right.”. Mark Ritson is one of the world’s leading authorities on marketing. Most of you aren’t doing that and as a result nobody knows it’s you. He explained: “The problem we have in advertising is the way we make ads with incredible attention to detail, three months of thinking, intricate focus on pantones and stuff, it’s in direct opposition to how they are consumed. Are you ready? Mark has 6 jobs listed on their profile. You take those codes and you put them everywhere. C-suite executives say COVID-19 has accelerated their digital plans by as much as a decade in a matter of months, according to a poll by McKinsey & Company. Turning Carlsberg Liverpool-red is a branding masterstroke. Mark Ritson: Distinctiveness is marketers’ main challenge. For me, he’s singularly influenced the way I view the whole industry. “So putting down those preconceptions and learning to listen to customers and see things from their point of view is the cornerstone of marketing and engagement.”. More than 745,000 autonomous vehicles on the road by 2023: Gartner, COVER STORY: Consumers reject all online tracking without explicit consent, Neobank customers rate keeping up with technology much more highly than their peers, Ginni Rometty: Businesses are entering the second chapter of Digital Transformation, What we can learn about the future of retail from Alibaba’s $38 billion day, Coles eyes transformational supply chain investments, Which-50 Awards: HSBC – The Best In Analytics Innovation, One of Google Play’s most popular games is an ad fraud platform, say researchers, Cover Story: Australia Could Lead the World in AgTech. Copyright © 2019 Phvntom Inc. All Rights Reserved. The way in which businesses made themselves known to clients and customers was changing rapidly and they needed a new breed of expert; with his understanding of modern advertising and innate understanding of the customer psyche, Ritson was an ideal candidate. Breaking News: Amazon Australia set for a ‘soft’ launch this Thursday at 2pm, Real-time payments in Australia have more than doubled in past year: FIS Study, ‘Virtual first company’: Dropbox tells staff to stay home, Nimble links system performance to customer experience to help shed pay day lender tag. This dissertation, entitled The Social Uses of Advertising: An Ethnographic Study of Adolescent Advertising Audiences earned him the prestigious Ferber Award in the year 2000, an accomplishment which served as an indication of the reception which awaited him in his career. Ritson has acted as a consultant for numerous high profile brands, helping them to stay relevant to today’s consumer base. Ritson believes that too many brands overstated their importance to consumers and ran generic, overly indulgent emotional ads in which they are ‘there for you in these unprecedented times’. Another problem is that because marketers are so used to seeing their codes and working with them every day, they get sick of them and assume their consumers do too, Ritson explained. According to Mark Ritson, virtual marketing professor who in partnership with ADMA is running the Working from Home Masterclass, “At the heart of engagement is understanding. Which is the main challenge of branding.”. It’s not art, it’s not creativity first. Too often companies do not look at the world through the eyes of the customer.” He says the starkest lesson on consumer engagement is that what a company cares about is rarely what a customer cares about. Andrew Birmingham is the editor-in-chief and publisher of Which-50. Exogenous Recession – Ritson is predicting a 40% reduction in ad budgets in 2021. “It’s about whether your brand stands out to the customer, whether it looks like itself, whether it comes to mind. Now one of the most respected marketing experts in the world, Mark Ritson’s early interest in brands and branding saw him earn a Ph.D. in marketing from Lancaster University, focusing on the social uses of advertising. Partially, briefly, drunkenly, lazily. His work has been published by The AFR, The Australian, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, MIS, Computerworld, CIO, ARN, Network World, CRN Australia, and My Business. You can overuse your logo, you cannot overplay your codes.”. Eighty-four percent of ads are a total waste of time because either people don’t remember it or they don’t know it was you behind the ad. Sign up for weekly digital transformation insights, delivered to your inbox. Or We Might Just Bugger it Up, Again, Cover story: Adtech won’t fix ad fraud because it is too lucrative, say specialists, COVER STORY: Six Months on and Australia is Waiting for Amazon to Hit the Accelerator, As Amazon blocks Australians from its international sites, Alibaba and eBay are working on a GST fix, LinkedIn reveals Australia’s Best companies to work for in 2018. Who are China’s biggest ecommerce companies? Consumers are already holiday shopping online. With a portfolio of past clients including brands such as Pepsico, Glaxo SmithKline and Johnson & Johnson, plus an ongoing role at LVMH, there is no doubt that Mark Ritson can be considered a world-leading expert in marketing. New Moz Local Plans Unveiled — With Reputation Management & Social Posting! He concluded: “If you aren’t overdoing your codes, 900% you aren’t getting it. He is the former associate publisher of The Australian Financial Review and remains a contributing editor, and during his career he has reported on the Australian media, technology, finance, life science and related sectors over a period spanning 20 years. Mark Ritson. Through his years of work with the luxury group LVMH he has experience working with prestige brands such as Dior, Fendi, Hennessey and Dom Perignon. For marketers who had obsessed over customer experience and engagement for the last few years that meant recalibrating the relationship they have with consumers. We look forward to the next instalment. His work as an advisor, professor, academic writer and columnist has seen him win numerous coveted awards and his knowledge relating to branding is considered essential by businesses in diverse industries all over the world. The post Mark Ritson: Distinctiveness is marketers’ main challenge appeared first on Marketing Week. “This looks really fucking obvious, I appreciate that,” he admitted. It’s tough for businesses in sectors where trade has disappeared completely, but we know from a century of data that smart brands will maintain their ad spending during a crisis and into the subsequent recession and gain market share as others pull back.”. This is because marketers are focused on system two thinking, which focuses on slow, conscious complex decisions, rather than system one thinking, the fast sub-conscious thinking that drives 95% of decision-making. PepsiCo, Johnson & Johnson, Glaxo SmithKline and Adidas are just some of the businesses he has worked with. Ritson has so far been a faculty member at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), London Business School, the University of Minnesota, and the University of Melbourne. The current pandemic highlighted what customers really cherished – including it seems toilet paper, pasta and gallons of hand sanitiser, and it also brought about an increase in ecommerce spending. First, they must know it’s me.”. Interestingly Ritson is of the view that one common mistake brands are making is to shy away from marketing. Ritson recommends brands have three or four distinctive brand codes, which could include a logo, colour, shape, pattern or image. Too often companies do not look at the world through the eyes of the customer.”, He says the starkest lesson on consumer engagement is that what a company cares about is rarely what a customer cares about. Making their brand distinctive is marketers’ main challenge but too many are focused on differentiation and are underestimating the impact of having a brand people instantly recognise, according to Marketing Week columnist and marketing professor Mark Ritson. Customers don’t notice. “Keep the brand light shining is the key message because it’s very hard to get it back on to the same degree of illumination if you turn it completely off. Despite the obvious benefits of distinctive brand assets, Ritson said there are problems in the way advertising is made that means marketers are overlooking them. He points to Snickers, which has four clear codes: its logo, the parallelogram, the picture of the inside of the bar, and the brown pantone. Google Ad Grants help a U.K. nonprofit save lives, What marketers should do in the event of a no-deal Brexit, 10 Basic SEO Tips to Index + Rank New Content Faster — Best of Whiteboard Friday. To share his in depth insight into the world of brands and marketing, Ritson writes a weekly column for Marketing Week magazine and for Australia’s Business Review Weekly magazine. Distinctiveness can also be used to bolster brand image. And it bolstered the brand’s image in the mind of Liverpool supporters. He contributes articles to academic journals such as Harvard Business Review, the Journal of Consumer Research and Sloan Management Review. This is the big job, it is 70% or 80% of it. Opening the Festival of Marketing this morning (10 October), Ritson said: “Salience is the biggest part of the job. Andrew Birmingham is the director of the Which-50 Digital Intelligence Unit of which ADMA is a corporate member. Codes give you a way of achieving both,” he said. He points to Snickers, which has four clear codes: its logo, the parallelogram, the picture of the inside of the bar, and the brown pantone.

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