what causes a heat wave

The Met Office records show that in terms of average annual sunshine, the sunniest … Heat waves are normally experienced during the summer in the Southern and Northern Hemispheres. For example, in the Netherlands, a heat wave is the period between which the maximum temperature exceeds 25 degrees within five consecutive days in which three days within this period experience a temperature exceeding 30 degrees. Pollutants and harmful chemicals trapped underneath the blanket of hot air reduces the quality of air that we breathe and hence harmful to our health. This stationary mass of air can remain stagnant for several days and weeks, trapping more heat and reducing convection currents. Heat waves are quite common during the summer season, from May to November in the northern hemisphere. Heat waves can be caused by desert winds. Heat waves are a common occurrence across the globe and are caused by systems of high pressure remaining in one place. As heat waves limit vertical convection currents, the smog remains around ground level and can become lethal in cities. During the occurrence of this weather system, it is essential for one to stay out of sunlight, especially during the hottest times of the day. There is no static definition of what a heat wave is. These can blow warm air into areas which, for geographic or meteorological reasons, are unable to then reduce that temperature.

During the occurrence of heat waves, air from the upper part of the earth’s atmosphere is dragged towards the earth’s surface. The Earth's surface then gives off heat (long-wave radiation). What Are The Harmful Effects Of A Heat Wave? When the external temperature is higher than the internal body temperature, our bodies become vulnerable to the mentioned heat-related illnesses.

Some of the common health problems caused by heat waves include heat edema, heat rash, heat syncope, and heat cramps. A heat wave poses many dangers to the inhabitants of a certain area and can lead to many deaths and severe illnesses if the phenomenon is prolonged. However, in many of the world's warmest countries, these temperatures would be typical, and would not register as a heat wave at all.

Heat wave, also called heatwave, period of prolonged abnormally high surface temperatures relative to those normally expected. A heat wave is formed when the upper atmosphere contains high pressure which makes it stationary over a region. Extremely high temperatures are associated with heat exhaustion, heat stroke, and heat cramps. This high-pressure system forms a "cap" over the affected area, … During this period, the normal temperatures of the area are exceeded by a huge margin compared to the usual temperatures of that particular season. A heat wave is hard to define as temperatures can vary so greatly from country to country. By Vic Lang'at Junior on March 21 2019 in World Facts. Rain and wind are the main methods of cooling, and in high pressure systems these are rare. There are also other causes of heat waves, but the common factor between all types is that weather conditions are unable to enter and cool down the environment. Heat waves are generally experienced during summer because, during this time, the weather patterns take longer than usual to change unlike in winter. As a result, there is accumulated heat and high humidity without any precipitation or rainfall.

This is caused because the amount of the surface that is covered by materials that retain heat. As the air is compressed and temperature increases, it leads to the increased pressure in this region that makes it almost impossible for other weather systems to occupy the region. The atmosphere allows the heat from the Sun (short-wave radiation) to pass through to heat the Earth's surface. In an area of high pressure, cloud cover is limited so the sun shines constantly throughout the day, causing higher than normal day time temperatures. Sunny side up. There are also dangers in heat waves, as the air remains stationary, all of the chemicals pumped into it through industry and the burning of fossil fuels also remain. It's easiest to just describe a heat wave as a prolonged or an extended period of abnormally hot weather conditions.

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