walking dead: 400 days season 2

They have affect just in episode 3.If in 400 days everyone goes with you in 3 episode will be short cutscenes with them(Bonnie in 400 days always go with you).Sorry for english. Share this post. The only impact I have seen is Bonnie being in your group and one line conversations, if you can call them that, inside Carver's base. Ok, thanks. Russell is one of the six protagonists of the Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: 400 Days and determinately a returning character in Season Two.He has his own personal story. What I can say is the walking dead will most likely go on sale again so if you wanna wait you have time. The Walking Dead: Season Two > General Discussions > Topic Details. Does getting everyone to leave the camp at the end of 400 Days have any major affect on Season 2? This may change with the release of future episodes in season 2, but I doubt it. No matter what you do they all end the same way. 400 days won't really affect the game but the story just makes more sense if you played Season 1 and 400 days. 400 days makes absolutely no sense if you don't play the sequel. You don't have to agree but you can at least have the decency to refrain from dishing out cheap personal shots to people you don't even know for no apparent reason. /r/PlayStationPlus has everything you need to know about the PlayStation Plus (PS+) service including a comprehensive list of the Monthly Games from NA, EU & Asia. I thought it was horrible. © Valve Corporation. Kaikki Keskustelut Kuvankaappaukset Taideteokset Suoratoistot Videot Uutiset Oppaat Arvioinnit The Walking Dead: Season Two > Yleiset keskustelut > Aiheen tiedot. It's SO WORTH IT! Osan tämän sivuston paikkatiedoista tuottaa, Español - Latinoamérica (latinalaisenamerikanespanja). You get 5 second cameos. I haven't played TWD since 400 Days was released and probably won't start Season 2 until it gets released on the newer consoles. Forward. The voice acting, writing, story was shit. Yet none of this is in ep one of season two. maaaaybe season 3 they might have an affect c; Huomio: Tätä tulee käyttää AINOASTAAN roskapostin, mainostamisen ja ongelmallisten (häirintää, tappelua tai sopimatonta kielenkäyttöä) viestien ilmoittamiseen.

Yep, you should play 400. Well they don't die as far as we know, if that's what you're wondering. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. 6.12.2014 kello 11.18 How do the choices in 400 days affect season 2? I suspect Bonnie always goes with Tavia, no matter what you do in her chapter in 400 days, as she is a central character to S2. I didn't see/recognize any of them in the game. With the new sale, I am picking up walking dead season 2. Thanks. Nothing about grabs you like the way the first season does and IMO was just a cash grab/distraction til season 2. Saying more than … I saw everyone except Vince. Link to post Share on other sites.

How do the choices in 400 days affect season 2? Saw: Shel and her sister, Bonnie, and that black lady from epilogue. After years on the road facing threats living and dead, Clementine must build a life and become a leader while still watching over A.J, an orphaned boy and the closest thing to family she has left. Sign in to follow this . There were characters in 400 days that left their groups because of cruelty and or mistreatment only to join Carver's group and suddenly be ok with the same type of treatment that causes them to abandon their previous groups and not question it. The Walking Dead: Season 2 . Saying more than that would most likely be giving too much away. Everyone else made a brief cameo while Clem moves around the warehouse. Imo its too soon to know. It's not a technically a prequel. I saw Wyatt while Clementine was going up to talk to Carver in his office, he says something like "Dude you better go up and talk to Carver right now." After all the feedback, I will definitely not skip it. Echoes of the choices you made in Season 1 will carry over into "400 Days" and the choices you make in "400 Days" will resonate into Season 2. I have finished the first 3 episodes and dont see what difference it made exept seeing those charaters. Bonnie, obviously regardless, while the others are just seen in the background for the most part. The complete 180 that some of those characters took wasn't touched at all in season 2. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. I saw Shel and Becca while Clementine and Sarah are heading to the greenhouse, Becca makes a comment to the effect that Sarah is useless.

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