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80. Lena simply stared at him across the table, open-mouthed, Topped with the perfect amount of cinnamon streusel crunch, this will leave you, However, the unveiling of the proposed new coat of arms left most heraldists, I feel woefully inadequate to even review their programme because they left me, In June, 1999, a stroke turned his active 78-year-old mother, Stories of using civilians as human shields, and executing prisoners of war, leaves one, I smiled at the memory of all his sexual innuendos and how they always managed to leave me either completely flustered or, They struck me from all sides, caught me unaware, caught me, After some time spent in a futile effort to disabuse him of some of his favourite ideas, she was rendered, Two interjections from the rapt audience render the visiting 28-year-old former pupil particularly, This is the story of their reunion, interspersed with romantically filmed, I am getting quality alone time with my husband, and I am seeing a movie that has rendered usually sane people.

This word is not commonly used to refer to someone who has actually been struck by lightning, however. 60. Examples of Speechless in a sentence The unlikely hero’s selfless acts of valor left the onlookers speechless.
For the first time in his life, Damian was speechless when confronted with the horror before him. 32. Malcolm Turner Cheshire ' I was speechless, just squeaking !

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We traipsed up the stairs to the living room, a parade of zombies, each as stunned and speechless as the others.

Jeremy continued to stare at the bodiless voice, The intense beauty of this mosque can leave you, She turned to look at Milo, trying to find the right words to say, but instead found herself, For once in his lifetime, it seemed as if my father, a man who always had to get the last word in, was completely and utterly, If someone made me describe this wonderful view, I would be struck, That wave, that great, magnificent wave, was the grand finale, leaving all the sailors dumb and, The expression is so unexpected on her naturally serious visage that I'm temporarily rendered, It never crossed my mind there had been any kind of conspiracy to keep me. His father, who suffered a stroke in 1961 which rendered him speechless, endured the agony in silence.

Thursday 18th May 2006 You could be rendered speechless. Is There A Better Word Than “Quit” When Leaving A Commitment?

speechless totaly lost for words BE WARNED... ... ... ... As the sum total of the wisdom propounded in the mystery of Agni, the searcher after truth is exhorted to meditate on that Self, made up of intelligence, endowed with a body of spirit, a form of light, and of an ethereal nature; holding sway over all the regions and pervading this All, being itself speechless and devoid of mental states; and by so doing he shall gain the assurance that "even as a grain of rice, or the smallest granule of millet, so is the golden Purusha in my heart; even as a smokeless light, it is greater than the sky, greater than the ether, greater than the earth, greater than all existing things; - that Self of the Spirit is my Self; on passing away from hence, I shall obtain that Self. You know that feeling of being stunned, incapable of forming words? The three stood looking at each other, speechless, until Jackson broke the silence in his best Hispanic accent, "Lucy… you got some splainin' to do.

Stunned, he was speechless for a long moment. My eyes fill with tears now as I think how my mother pressed me close to her, speechless and trembling with delight, taking in every syllable that I spoke, while little Mildred seized my free hand and kissed it and danced, and my father expressed his pride and affection in a big silence. Mumbai: Govt Waives Property Tax On Houses Up To 500 sqft, Flats under SRA Scheme – NOC not required after 10 yrs and 10% discount under Abhay Yojana, The Unreasonable Ineffectiveness Of Mathematics In Cognitive Sciences, An Introduction To General, Organic, And Biological Chemistry (13th Edition), Living In Emergency: Stories Of Doctors Without Borders Watch Online, General Relativity And Gravitation Abbreviation, Montgomery County Voter Registration Office Address, Care Bears Adventures In Care-a-lot Theme Song,,,, Top Answer.

I stood speechless, my mouth open a little.

His no nonsense, high impact approach to Magic leaves any spectator speechless.

Every guest commented on how beautiful they looked and I was left absolutely speechless by the displays. It is mentioned Sir Walter Scott in " The Lay of the Last Minstrel " " For he was speechless, ghastly, wan Like him of whom the story ran Who spoke the spectre hound in Man.". struck speechless first by my relief, I continued silent from a very different cause. How to use speechless in a sentence. speechless with rage and expected me to buy a replacement. Speechless in a sentence. “Panic Attack” vs. “Anxiety Attack”: Which One Have You Had? How to use speechless in a sentence.

Dumbfounded means “to make speechless with amazement; astonish.” It began as a portmanteau of dumb and confound, arising in the 1650s. Example: She became totally discombobulated when giving her presentation in front of the audience. How to use speechless in a sentence. The Turk was almost speechless with rage and expected me to buy a replacement.

The woman was speechless with rage when the grocery clerk tossed her bags on the floor. Chances are, nothing! Either way, you're distracted, something's out of whack, and, in general, you're just not feeling like your centered self. Stunned, he was speechless for a long moment.

With its unique, creative plotline, Avatar keeps moviegoers speechless for most of the movie's three hour running time.

When life throws you for a loop, what exactly do you say? On a related note: the word dumbstruck is synonymous with dumbfounded, hence why it's in this slideshow of synonyms. New users may register below. 2. They're completely taken aback.

Nonetheless, faith likes to grab a hold of these mind-boggling images as an expression of that speechless awe.
The speechless list of example sentences with speechless. Does Jerry Seinfeld have Parkinson's disease? 187. The demons fell silent, and even those fighting Gabe stopped. “Theory” vs. “Hypothesis”: What Is The Difference? Speechless, Katie watched her approach. Wiki User Answered .

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, The master was left speechless when the slave took the whip out of his hand and ordered him to stop his beatings. On arrival, many guests are left speechless at the natural beauty of the location. To be flabbergasted is "to be completely overtaken with surprise and bewilderment.". Sometimes we're caught unprepared, and even though you have thousands of words at your disposal, none of them seem quite right. When you're discombobulated, you've totally fallen apart, like someone put your head on backwards. Why don't libraries smell like bookstores? Dusty was prepared for the worst, but Darian's story left him speechless. Leaving the crowd speechless with his moving sermon, the pastor took advantage of their astonishment and passed an offering plate around. He fell down in the market-place, and foamed at mouth, and was, Arrian and Plutarch claimed that Alexander was, Then there was Betty who was constantly in a fit when she invariably became, Quiet beauty spots of Minnewater Park with its lake and river and the ancient Beguinage with a tranquil convent garden, will leave you, A tube that was inserted to enable her breathing rendered her, Smitten to the heart by a sudden and overwhelming remorse, Hetty was, Morning sunlight gleamed through a glassed-in wall, and Shandor stopped at the door, almost, As for Captain shad, he could only stare, struck, The best tick I have is none too good for Mr. Gardiner, was Mrs. delts reply, which left the young man, The keen night air had seemed for the moment fairly to congest her lungs and render her, While Miss Milner, without uttering one word, sunk, The self-devoted victim was in an arm chair, hanging over on one side, his right cheek and ear torn almost off, and, What it was that entertained him during some of his.

Shoppers were speechless by how much the price of milk had increased overnight. 1. Renowned for his snail porridge, he said he was " speechless " at the award. 80+3 sentence examples: 1. Disco, speechless with amazement, rose up and sprang to the helm. Here are some of the most useful synonyms for speechless you can add to your arsenal. I was speechless when i won the spelling bee. All Rights Reserved.

Kiera looked around, speechless at the soaring ceilings, the atrium with a waterfall in the foyer, and pristine white walls covered with the multi-colored roping.

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