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Suzuki’s outlandish excess was his middle finger to the studio, the equivalent of gunning down your crime boss and riding off into the sunset. 5. Awash in candy colored lights and mid-1960s kitsch psychedelia, the film is a delicious, strange, surreal experience that is certain to move and fascinate the viewer. With his deeply political but unclassifiable debut feature, Med Hondo set out to establish a transformational presence for global African cinema and to accelerate the emergence of a new Africa. He uses his depictions of Yakuza relationships to show the inherent weakness of the archetype, particularly the possible abuses of power that can arise from unquestioning allegiance. He has a nominal girlfriend, the virginal good girl (in opposition to the treacherous femme fatale), who sings and looks worried, just another signifier thrown into the mix. Like his French contemporary, Jean-Pierre Melville, Suzuki distilled the American gangster film to its core essence, fetishistically stylizing a world where only cops, criminals and other generic signifiers exist: guns, bars, suits, dames. By using the site our agree to our use of cookies. Near the middle of the film, a large bar fight erupts; this scene is meant to directly parody western films, everyone in the saloon joins in the brawl against United States Navy sailors, and comical violence is used where no one is permanently injured, despite the large-scale violence of the scene. [3] This served to represent Tokyo post-1964 Summer Olympics.

[5], Because of budget limitations, Suzuki had to cut connecting shots out of many fights, leading to a need for more creative camera work. Suzuki pushes the fantasy created by Hollywood even further into its own fantasy world, heightening the fantastical elements of the original until nothing is left but the fantasy. Like Joseph Losey’s languid Modesty Blaise (1966, starring Antonioni darling Monica Vitti—Little Miss Ennui strikes back) no less than Godard’s Pierrot le fou (1965) and Made in U.S.A (1966), however, it is first and foremost an aesthetic object, an intricate universe unto itself—it references the outside world (fads and fashion), but it creates its own dreamy enclave. The bubbleheaded girlfriend of a mobster is killed in the crossfire of an ambush gone bad; her death scene, shot as if looking down from on high at the rocking chair where she’s reading her comic book, shows her body pitching forward and crumpling poignantly onto what looks like a giant, speckled Jackson Pollock canvas. You can turn your mind off, get lost in the eye candy, and root for the hero to triumph over his enemies. He is hounded by a rival gang after turning down a recruitment offer by its boss, Otsuka. Violence at Noon, Jesse & Celine, and more →, CCU59: Late Spring and the Films of Yasujiro Ozu, CCU58: Punch-Drunk Love and the Films of Paul Thomas Anderson, CCU57: French 1930s 2 – Early Jean Renoir. The plot is just an excuse to set hit men and their ornamental paramours in motion; the drama is all in the interplay between the fluidity of appearances and static mannequin poses. The whistling of the main character Tetsu is reminiscent of cowboy heroes. And in doing that, it made borders seem passé, the province of the provincial.

While the bad guys storm the hero’s sanctuary, he takes a nonchalant stroll on a snow-flaked back lot, singing the title song. He's an ex-Yakuza because his old boss, Kurata, went straight, dissolving the gang and buying a nightclub. After… Review by josh lewis ★★★★ candy-colored yakuza, western, new wave pop explosion. In one particularly eye-popping shot, Tetsu and a bad guy are framed on either side of the screen, with Tetsu’s back to the other.

At one time he sings it himself, and another time he whistles what is by that time a familiar refrain. It ends up being a glorious 80 minutes. But until they catch him he's the Tokyo Drifter, traveling Japan leaving a trail of bodies and betrayal in his wake. [10], The mise en scène of Tokyo Drifter is highly stylized. It is indicative of Suzuki’s maverick status, then, that Tokyo Drifter, rather than bringing the fantastical heroes of Hollywood films down to a recognizably – much less aspirational- Japanese milieu, hurtles headlong in the opposite direction, taking the blueprint of Hollywood fantasies and spiking them with a cocktail of surreal formalism that places the characters, the settings and the film itself in a purely cinematic world. But despite the stylistic virtuosity on display, the film often buckles under the weight of its generic excess. Story of a Prostitute, in 1965, with its astonishing amalgam of war and sex, amorality and askew romanticism, had tart new undercurrents of feeling and horror (or more precisely, the horror of feeling in an upside-down, war-torn world where numbness is the only defense); it was as if one of Sam Fuller’s black-and-white platoons had burst into a Douglas Sirk picture and dragged the overwrought principals back to a swamp of degradation, absurdity, and trip-wire pathos.Then along came Tokyo Drifter, by all outward indications a retreat to simpler, safer genre pastures, a studio-placating cavalcade of glum gunmen tooling around in big American cars and lacquered mistresses with beehive hair and wishbone legs. Posted on March 4, 2015, in Criterions, Film and tagged criterion, film, nikkatsu, pop art, seijun suzuki, spaghetti western, Tetsuya Watari, the criterion collection, yakuza. Change ).

Martin Scorsese’s World Cinema Project No. Why? The singular dramatic tension of the film, hidden behind layers of florid sets and blazing pistols, is the crisscross between the impulses of its two parent genres: the gangster film’s mythologizing of a subculture defined by collective honor and the western’s sad-eyed celebration of individualism. Part of this may be due to the fact that, with the standard 28 days to plan, shoot, edit and mix a B-picture for Nikkatsu, Suzuki simply didn’t have time to shoot what he needed.

Beyond his loyalty—his filial love—for his boss, he exhibits no emotion whatsoever. It is more accurate to say he picked up the zeitgeist and ran with it—Tokyo Drifter was an engraved invitation to the 24-7 party of the sixties, the flip side of the assassinations and napalm and anguish, indulging the pop love of surfaces and artifacts over Freudian anxieties or Marxian imperatives. To call Suzuki a global filmmaker and emphasize the internationalist character of his work is not to say that he was emulating Hollywood or European mannerisms, or borrowing directly from pop art, for that matter. [4] Otsuka seeks Kurata's retirement as an opportunity to seize his territory via a real estate scam, seeing Tetsu as a threat to his plans. Stories of Bastards: Born Under a Bad Star,, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Articles with Japanese-language sources (ja), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 14 August 2020, at 23:37.

Though not a big success when originally released (lending credence to Nikkatsu's charge that Suzuki's films "make no money and make no sense") it has since become a Cult Classic and Suzuki's absurdist and bare-bones style would become influential among a younger generation of directors, most notably Quentin Tarantino. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Like cartoons, only even more two-dimensional, the characters never change clothes unless it is to match whatever lighting scheme or set design Suzuki has cooked up: Tetsu is clad in his powder blue suit while in pastel-hued Tokyo but suddenly appears in a brown suit while at a western saloon, matching the earth tones of the set and making explicit his cowboy persona. are going to race down a twisting mountain road, and Neely stands between the two cars and starts the race, and we wonder if anyone associated with this film possibly saw "Rebel Without a Cause. Unlike the heroes of Hollywood films—who were like fantasy figures to the Japanese, Yujiro Ishihara, Ruriko Asaoka and other Nikkatsu stars represented all that the audience hoped to become. It didn’t feed off just art but the grammar of advertising—in other words, the nexus of freedom and manipulation that made the era so seductive and so unstable. Whatever the sexual mores of 1960’s Japan, this line strikes me as going beyond heroic prudence and into more subversive territory.

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