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Killing a Witch is not always required, as players can use various strategies to avoid her, or simply wait for her to wander to an obscure location in daylight. Needless to say, great care is vital on Expert difficulty or Realism (Normal or higher), as she can kill a Survivor in one hit regardless of their status. Like most of the Special Infected, the Witch herself is not immune to stuns. Before he could react, he is gored to death by Black Phillip, the family's pet black goat.

In her home, the Witch kills Samuel and grinds his body into an ointment, which she rubs onto herself and to her broom, giving her the ability to fly.

However, if with bots, they will not climb up the ladder, and it's possible for the Witch to switch targets, though if at a fair distance, you can act as the bait, in which the Witch will get killed if the bots fail to get her, but bots are unable to inflict friendly fire. Turn off your flashlight, and ram into the Witch with the Chainsaw still running, then, watch as you kill the Witch as soon as you startle her. Dans la réalité inversée de Londres, des êtres fantastiques, les dragons, sévissent. Alors que les filles sont en mauvaise posture, un soutien inattendu vient donner du fil à retordre à Bruno et change complètement les enjeux de leur combat. There is a long list of things that she does not appreciate: The achievement "Cr0wned" is awarded for killing a Witch with a single shot from any shotgun.

This is possible on, Another quite useful and easy tactic is to crouch by her and repeatedly, If someone startles the Witch, have them hang off a ledge. Species The Witch is highly sensitive to light and the close presence of uninfected humans. Blocking her path in a narrow space (such as a doorway) when another Survivor has startled her. Some things to remember include: Some players prefer crouching in front of the Witch, thereby tightening the shotgun cross-hairs and increasing the chance of getting all the pellets in the Witch's face. Young Dracula •

But you can also kill her on easy with three direct grenade shots.

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Ghost Hunter • When a Witch spawns, Common Infected and Special Infected will be scarce in the area that she's in, and will stop spawning for a little bit. "BLEACH" épelé dans le titre BURN THE WITCH. Blue Peter •

The Witch is the titular central antagonist of the 2016 American-Canadian horror film of the same name. It may be worthwhile to snipe any Common Infected lurking around her so you won't be distracted by them when moving. Even then, igniting a Wandering Witch does not slow her down, as she can still catch up to Survivors who are not using adrenaline. Type of Villain If any Survivor apart from the startler hits her with incendiaries (gas cans, Molotovs, Incendiary Ammo), she will refocus onto the Survivor who lit her on fire.

It could also be an evolutionary advantage, meant to lure unsuspecting Survivors to her, as further demonstrated in the Left 4 Dead Intro Scene, when Bill and Zoey go to investigate her crying, thinking she may be a Survivor. The Wandering Witch is startled in almost the same way as stationary witches. Human Infected She sides with Reginald Copperbottom and later with Ellie.

The Witch may find clothing to be restrictive or uncomfortable and has attempted to remove them herself, similar to the.
The Witch exits her home and appears to him as a young beautiful woman, who seduces him into kissing her before taking ahold of him.

Rugrats • This can help in higher difficulties to allow an incapacitated person some free space when she can easily kill them in seconds. At a maximum possible distance, have your, This does more damage (as it is a headshot), but will, As an added variant of the above, you can use a. However, if the said bots accidentally attack a Wandering Witch, she will not be startled. Le quotidien de ce duo survolté est rythmé par les nombreuses missions d'intervention consistant à protéger les humains et appréhender des dragons.

Remember that the Wandering Witch's movements are erratic. Henry Stickmin Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. The Witch will retreat if someone startles her and runs into the safe room at the end or at the beginning of the chapter.

Thinks Roland is possessed by the devil, but doesn't mind. Note that some names have alternate spellings so this list features the most common spellings. Explosions will at first cause her to stumble, followed by attacking the Survivor who caused the explosion. Full Name

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