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After their own getaway driver is killed fleeing police, a gang blackmails a young policeman into being their driver by kidnapping his bride. Directed by Terry Green. Insp. From "Veronica Mars" and The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

The security company man hires mercenaries to persuade the blackmailers to desist. Informant Popeye is abducted by villain Maynard whilst staking out small-time crook Frankie Little after a jewel theft. Nobody knows who he is until Regan has a word with Jenner's disgruntled father-in-law, which leads to a shoot-out in a theatre. With John Thaw, Dennis Waterman, Garfield Morgan, John Alkin. Our best wishes for a productive day. After Regan gets a tip about an upcoming robbery from a trusted informant, the gang kidnaps his daughter to blackmail him into inaction. Regan's flying squad falls under suspicion after they apprehend a gang of hijackers, but a bag with 35,000 pounds in it has somehow disappeared. Regan. Regan's girlfriend's nightmare has come true when he becomes a target. Alison had actually borrowed a coat from Judy, the French mistress, who consequently goes on the run as it was clear that she was the intended victim.

They rob an art dealer travelling on the bus of a Goya painting, which they plan to sell to a buyer in Amsterdam. Deacon's dangerous older brother Phil puts out a hit on Regan, whilst muck-raking journalist John Frewin also tries to expose him in the local press. The Secret Service has one of their men infiltrating the gang and Regan is told to back off arresting them so as not to blow his cover. Regan finds himself in deep trouble when an allegation of corruption is made by the Police Complaints Department. Regan and Carter must find the man who really hospitalized Andy Deacon before it is too late, though Regan's new lady-friend, a probation officer, is able to help. With John Thaw, Dennis Waterman, Garfield Morgan, Ian Hendry.

An armed gang kidnap telephone engineer Ronald Peters and hold him in an empty house, using his expertise to trigger off false alarms in some banks, diverting the police whilst the gang rob alarm-free premises. However, all Little is able to phone in to Regan on the eve of the heist is "Old Readies". With John Thaw, Dennis Waterman, Garfield Morgan, Stanley Meadows. A wealthy entrepreneur is being blackmailed over activities he performed whilst stationed as a soldier in Malaya. View production, box office, & company info, Trevor Preston, and Sweeney 2, were released in 1977 and 197… The new puzzles website is now live - sign up now and enjoy a 7-day free trial! Regan and his squad arrive and catch or shoot most of the gang but known killer Wands and simple side-kick Monks are still inside with the manager and two women hostages. Vic Labbett, a violent robber who fled England following a robbery, has now returned from exile but only temporarily. Second cinematic spin-off from the popular 70's police series. Five years earlier Regan got promotion following the Golden Maid dairy robbery, thanks to a tip-off from Noah Riley. Carter's school-teacher wife Alison is deliberately killed by a hit and run driver whilst posting his football pools. Haskins' hesitancy in ordering the police marksmen to fire on the robbers leads to a car chase and fatalities, causing Regan to round on his boss. Regan finds himself distracted from by Doreen Haskins. It's unclear whether a beautiful crime reporter is involved with a criminal gang or just a catspaw. He seeks assistance from two other former soldiers who had been involved, one of whom is now a senior police officer, the other. By entering your details, you are agreeing to Radio Times privacy policy. When the Superintendent finds out that there is a bank robbery in progress on a Saturday afternoon, he assigns Regan to visit an old girlfriend whose apartment is adjacent. After Regan's car is stolen with invaluable surveillance photos from a stakeout, the thief gives a heads-up to Sweeney… Regan and Carter discover she was part of a gang behind the wages theft at the Local Education Authority. Regan adopts a new identity as an ex-con and goes … As a consequence, the police operation is a failure.

Carter gets to do some time in prison in an attempt to gain Jimmy's confidence. After Danny Keever, a convict on weekend release and due for parole, is framed in a bank robbery, Regan works to clear him. The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story, Please read the following before uploading. When seedy informant Harry Fuller is spotted by Regan in a pub flush with money, he knows something is up and interrogates Harry. My Watched TV Series & Documentaries - English. Episode and Series guides for The Sweeney. Regan and Carter are at the scene of a shooting where Sgt. Leslie Sarony (Soldier) was an Entertainer, Singer and Actor, whose career spanned from 1911-1985. Kick off time, live stream and latest team news. Regan must locate where the crime will take place before it is too late for Popeye. Whilst Regan never touched him, he is suspected of giving the lad a kicking. Regan has to find her before Crofts, the gang boss, gets to her.

now a security company owner/manager. Regan is on to him and although Labbett initially eludes him, a muddy car chase across the air-field leads to his downfall. Regan is on to them and Carrie gets arrested, but her unwillingness to cooperate leads to the death of the next victim. After Regan's car is stolen with invaluable surveillance photos from a stakeout, the thief gives a heads-up to Sweeney's target. Jun 04 1974. The day before the start of a new term, the university branch of the National Mercian bank is robbed. Regan tracks them down by leaning on their accomplice, the dealer's female assistant, leading to a river chase and a shoot-out, making it the end of the line for the boys from Down Under. They are caught, but only after Jimmy manages to hide the diamonds. S1, Ep1 2 Jan. 1975 Regan and Carter have a suspect in mind for the theft of a consignment of mercury, but he has an alibi.

The Smith brothers are a notorious gang of gangsters who carry out violent hijack's and... A gang of thieves lead by Max Deller (Dudley Sutton) need a way of shipping stolen gold out of... Regan's girlfriend's motor is nicked. Safe to forget any unpleasant experiences you may have had with bell-bottoms and bad-rock Seventies TV. © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved. The Smith Brothers, a vicious group of mobsters, abandon their usual strong-arm tactics to run a parking ticket scam at a car park. Regan and Carter can find no leads after a criminal dies during a robbery.

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