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Craig's tennis strategy has changed the way I develop players and teams.

We ship via USPS, and as soon as your package is dropped in the mail, you'll receive an email with a package tracking number and link. 25 singles lessons from the best tennis strategy coach in the world. It can feel like you have to “thread the needle” and hit perfect passing shots for the entire match to win. Good at attacking your backhand with pace, depth, and height. I thought you said you were terrible at singles. But I can't stand how he breaks EVERYTHING down into three constituent parts. Eh, people spend money on all sorts of irrational things - eg many will gladly pay $30-40 for a tennis shirt that has 'adidas' or 'nike' on it, vs $10-15 for the same thing sans logos at target. Secrets to a massive kick serve $100! The ability to return in tennis matches and break serve can help you take your doubles game to the next level. We're paying $34,000 in footage licenses (yes, you read that right) and will have the top pros in action! 0000001348 00000 n The best way to do this is to find the opponent’s weakness on their return. ), The 3 Step Volley Checklist [Volleys Made Simple]. �:D��h EPi"'�`(9԰4A|ԙ&oގ���k��@i?�ۆ��RH�%�Dl��h4qDIH�wlݕ�SsbMT�E�iã�3J3�ߤC_�LY��X#G�Fq&��ͩ�Y�V��UH�`<��Y�ܕ'=s.qI���z���+�`G}���Rq��PU;s�.AtMx��|�ˆ�&8�I�ׄAi�#�+C�8BxZdwܤ%�

Answering questions like these will help you develop a more effective strategy throughout the match. Find our other popular courses below, and get a 33% discount if you buy all 9 (save over $300)! Since they started working together, Djokovic has had a renaissance, winning Wimbledon, the US Open, and the Australian Open. 0000000016 00000 n

Using data and analytics he’s found the winning patterns that dominate from junior singles players to the top of the tennis world.

Get a Free 10-Page Doubles Guide Here. Tennis Drill Sheet Drill Name: Two on One – 2 Crosscourt 1 Down the Line Parameters based Learning Outcomes 3 1 2 Hands Feet Eyes & Mind Level 1 Level 2 Level 3. There is such a huge divide between adult rec level players and pros in these things that advanced levels strategy are not very applicable. I don’t recommend using this the whole time in a match, but feel free to try it in 3-5 times per set.

Hitting the ball at their feet puts the opponent at a big disadvantage.

As soon as you order the Playbook, you will INSTANTLY get an email containing login information to our members site.

I'm learning from my mistakes and constantly trying to provide more value to the tennis community.

The 25 Golden Rules of Singles Strategy includes the best analysis of the singles you can find.

Anytime I’m not poaching or faking, I’m pinching. I like to do this with my forehand, aiming for the deep corner near the doubles alley. Really, you should always be moving at the net. Massive amounts of hate for FYB. The content was pretty bad, especially compared to his previous product, Tennis Ninja (which was excellent, I felt). I'll even throw in some magic beans and will let you have total enlightenment on your deathbed. My latest purchase is Ian's ( Singles Domination. Inside the members area, you can watch every video from the Singles Playbook, and see every diagram on every page. Accidently found out while vacuming the house with heavy cannister vacume. I’m not going to provide kindergarten-level instruction on grips and forms you would get from a teaching pro or a conventional tennis instruction book.

Now his sites are set on the 2019 French Open! They keep the ball in play and wait for you to attack, allowing them to launch their counter-attack.

We ship anywhere in the world. The best type of return you can hit in singles. Don't bother getting anyone else's opinion on it here because for some reason no one has bought this package on the site to this point so you don't have many people to ask about it (And no one to ask about the total enlightenment...). You often see points where both players end the point only a few feet away from the net. It is the lowest part of the net, so you have more room for error. startxref The perfect time to use the serve and volley in singles. It also allows the baseline player more room for error since they’re hitting a crosscourt shot. 0000004451 00000 n Between every shot, we should be creating some movement to force the opponent to think about where to hit. Yes! There are three options you have as the net player… poach, fake, or pinch. In general, there are several guidelines you should follow when considering your doubles positioning on the tennis court.

Also, if you’re playing a good team, they can get in a rhythm if you stick to the standard formation because you’re giving them the easy crosscourt shots. There are 7 breaks so common we call them "Power Killers," and inside the program Dr. Mark Kovacs, the world's leading expert on the serve's Kinetic Chain, shows you how to fix each one. Lifetime access to The 25 Golden Rules of Singles Strategy.

4 0 obj You’ll also see several different formations in doubles, especially from the serving team. Shanks and mishits galore. The data shows that, The Fastest Way to Improve Your Singles Game, What You’ll Learn in 25 Golden Rules of Singles Strategy.

The old way of coaching singles strategy might say hit a winner, or out rally the opponent. The data shows that most singles points on the tennis court are won by forcing errors! After taking the course, you’ll view the singles court completely differently and know exactly what to do to improve your tennis game. Go crosscourt until you get something short, then go DTL. Pinching is a great tactic to force the opponent to hit an uncomfortable into a smaller target. Craig O’Shannessy is widely known on the ATP Tour and has worked with the top players for over 20 years.

The standard formation in doubles is one person at the net, and one person back for both teams. Yes! As the sport is played in different formats, Singles and Doubles; the breadth of the court varies with length unchanged.

If you say in certain situation, hit a kicker out wide the BH, well most rec players can't even hit the shot in the first place.

Save you 100 bucks.

Singles Playbook 2.0 is on the way. Locate the product in the main navigation bar.

0000002162 00000 n << /Length 5 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> After your serve, your forehand is the most important shot.

0000002544 00000 n Moving laterally at the net, especially when your opponent is about to hit a groundstroke, will put pressure on them. xref The net players are crosscourt from each other. There are a lot of "old" strategies (like hitting your approach shot down the line) that are flat-out losers, but nobody realized it until analytics whiz Craig O'Shannessy crunched the numbers.

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