signal korean drama ending

“You think the world will change if you catch me?” Director Kim spits tauntingly. Luckily, most of the cases aren't affected by the cold case squad never forming because Lee Jae-han altered many of the cases they worked on anyway.

It’s a number: 32-6. I love the character of Jae Han. I think that the Director-nim, actors and all the staff have to do it together for it to be meaningful. He says that if Jae-han truly did send this text, then it’s dangerous for them to go to that medical facility. Signal was a crime thriller that kept me on the edge of my seat throughout most of the show. A desperate signal (walkie-talkie) from the past gets sent to the present and connects detectives in the past and the present. Please enter your username or email address. Did you send me those transmissions from that desperate heart?”, Since CPR doesn’t work, the doctors use a defibrillator on Hae-young, who keeps thinking: “Detective… please use that determination to live.

To be honest, this show was so amazing that I wish there will be no season 2. He wishes that Jae-han is alive too, but Jae-han isn’t the type to go off the grid for fifteen years, either. It's a full open ending with a perfect link into a future season, if they ever hoped to make one. Agreed. #4. When I think about the fact that they've practically never met, and built their entire relationship on trying to right the wrongs of the past and present - via an infrequent radio transmission - it's truly amazing. Please?

I rather wait a bit longer just to get the 3 of them again.
I could not agree more. He remembers how Hae-young had no idea who he was back in August 3, 2000—perhaps that’s when he realizes that they could’ve been caught in a time loop. gadis | Going through my lo~~ng to-watch list . Love the old-school vibe. Gosh. Perhaps Jaehan could be murdered again if the 'final boss'es goons got to the hospital before Hae Yeong and Soo Hyeon could intersect. This drama made me cry so much, mainly because I could feel the angst each character was feeling, even PHY eating omurice as a kid made me cry, it was that intense. Ini membuat saya geleng-geleng kepala, bukan karena kekejian Bum Joo melainkan kematian seperti ini sungguh sangat khas Kim Eun Hee sekali (apalagi saya juga sementara mengikuti Phantom). I will just like to think that those 15 years were a small price to pay for a lifetime for them to be together, that is unless the writer writes a season 2 and LJH dies again, *Knocks on Wood* Don't you dare writer!!! Meanwhile Hae-young is wheeled into the ER, and we hear his voice thinking of Jae-han: “11:23 PM.

Seriously the best of the best drama this year!!! According to one knetz, the 1st Season was about the walkie-talkie transmission between the past and the present and if the 2nd Season comes to fruition, it may be between the present and the future. he didn't just say well i can't save the one person i had to and in the end i'll die so why do it... he was just that selfless and he just had that big of a heart. He faced the corruption of the system head on and didn't stop trying just because it was really difficult. [+2807, -35] Let’s go for a Season 2!!!! - what happened to the other walkie-talkie? Luscious!

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