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According to John Lasseter, they wanted the audience to be like, "No, Woody, don't make those choices," instead of just, "Wow, what a jerk." Jessie shows uncertainty, but Woody encourages her by asking if she wants that feeling of being loved by a kid again. Woody orders them to stop Buzz from escaping, then he, Barbie, and Slinky rush over to help. As the toys venture into their unknown future, Woody remains the voice of reason. Woody was made in 1957, and stands 15.18 inches tall (his hat adds on three-fourths of an inch). After finding the key, Woody tells Slinky to fire it under the door, across the hall, and into the Caterpillar Room. dernières nouveautés jeux et jouets Cars, Mickey, Marvel, Avengers ou Peppa Afficher les profils des personnes qui s’appellent Sheriff Woody. On the way however, Woody notices Bo Peep's lamp in the window of a nearby antique store, and takes a detour inside to look for her. Organizing to rescue RC, who is stuck in a flooding storm drain, Woody goes through Molly Davis' window and with Bo Peep's help to pull RC out of the drain and back to the house. Luckily, Buzz and RC catch up with Woody, and he accelerates RC towards the moving van. Buzz, Woody, Bo's sheep, Bo herself, Giggle McDimples, Ducky, and Bunny enter the antique store. He is immediately comforted by Buzz as the two accept that their life with Andy is now complete (still Woody will always love Andy very, very much, no matter what), and then Woody introduces Buzz to Bonnie's toys. However, his last name has never been used in any of the four films. After pushing him off, Woody rushes to the window to see Andy's mother place the bag of toys on the curb with other bags full of garbage. From their initial meeting in Toy Story 2, Bullseye has shown unswerving loyalty to Woody - sometimes portraying characteristics more commonly associated with dogs than horses. As Woody argues with Lotso, he shows Big Baby's old pendant to Lotso and Big Baby, and the latter notices his old possession, causing him to remember Daisy. En chemin, ils tombent sur l'Empereur Zurg avec qui le faux Buzz se bat. Chez le collectionneur, Woody rencontre Jessie, Pile-Poil le cheval et Papi Pépite, le chercheur d'or. First, Woody acts as one of the aloha spirits who welcome Barbie and Ken to "Paradise" and directs the two to their vacation plans that have been planned for them. Bonnie goes to join Mason at his new game console and the toys are left in the playroom. Woody calls to his friends to remind them that they are all still together, but they're not hanging from the ceiling. Woody's friends jump onto the dumpster, only for them to end up inside the garbage truck as well. However right when they're about to be shredded, Trixie, who has made it to the game console, and convinced Reptillus to help her turn it off, has gotten Bonnie and Mason's attention and managed to save her friends. Woody prononce plus de 30 phrases ! Rather than go through the window, Woody goes down and finds Bo, offering to bring her back in the house, but Bo declines as all toys eventually get taken away. He then formulates an elaborate plan on helping the toys escape. Bien qu'il veuille donner une impression de tranquillité et de contrôle de soi, Woody se sent souvent frustré et impuissant, et, plus que tout, il redoute Noël et l'anniversaire d'Andy, où il craint d'être détrôné dans le cœur de ce dernier. Back to the present, Woody is at Bonnie's House, although it was clear that Bonnie began to lose interest in him as he is often neglected by her. (= productData.typology.attributes.jcp_jcu.value =), (= currentPrice.valueWithTax | rbsFormatPrice:currentPrice.currencyCode =), Visible p.(= du catalogue (= catalog.catalog=), Visible dans le catalogue (= catalog.catalog=). Bonnie then throws her backpack in her room, and Woody comes out with Forky, introducing him to anyone. At kindergarten orientation, Bonnie is lonely and can't seem to make friends with other children. Woody panics and wraps himself around the kite's bar, but the bar snaps and Woody plummets to the ground. Disappointed that when it came to wrapping it I found it does not talk. As Woody and his friends ride in the air, they turn to notice the Aliens in the driver's cab, where they have taken control of the claw to rescue the toys. Sheriff Woody is a Premium Box Tsum Tsum. Moved, Woody willingly agrees to give Gabby Gabby his voice box in exchange for Forky's freedom. Mais le déménagement est déjà fini, et les deux amis doivent échapper aux dents acérées de Scud, le chien de Sid, tout en essayant de rejoindre le camion de déménagement. As he sneaks across the hallway, trying to find his way out, a janitor cart comes his way, and Woody grabs the bottom of the cart, but the cart goes into a bathroom. En France, Woody est doublé par Jean-Philippe Puymartin et, au Québec, par Alain Zouvi. l’ensemble de nos tops marques est à retrouver ici. Complétez le formulaire de souscription 4. sont chez JouéClub ! Vous pouvez publier votre question directement ou la modifier par la suite. Realizing that he will face the wrath of the other toys if he returns alone, Woody convinces Buzz that the truck is a spaceship and will take them to another one that can lead him home. Quelques jours plus tard, alors que la mère d'Andy organise un vide-grenier, elle prend accidentellement un jouet pingouin, Sifli, que Woody va tenter de sauver. However, their friendship is rekindled when Woody comes back to Sunnyside to break them all out, as the toys now know Lotso is a dictator who forces the new toys to be abused by the rowdy kids, while he and the other higher-ranked toys get loved and gently played with by the other kids. For a limited time, when he was first introduced, on the Japanese version only, he was also a musical Tsum Tsum and played the song, "You've Got a Friend in Me", during gameplay. Pour plus d’informations, veuillez consulter notre page. Pour sortir de ce carrousel, utilisez votre touche de raccourci d'en-tête pour accéder à l'en-tête suivant ou précédent. As he tells Bonnie's toys that if they get donated to Sunnyside that they tell Andy's other toys that he made it home, Bonnie's toys become surprised to see that he has come from the daycare and want to know how he escaped. Much to Woody's surprise, Forky throws himself in a nearby trash can, and because Woody knows how important Forky is to Bonnie, he takes it upon himself to restrain the deranged toy from constantly throwing himself away. After causing a distraction by kicking a skateboard into a pile of stuff, causing it to collapse, Al proceeded to steal Woody. Woody and the toys devise a plan to rescue the Buzz, who suddenly shows up in Bonnie's room, much to the toys' happiness. Unfortunately, Andy's toys watch him toss RC out of the van and assume that Woody was trying to murder RC. Woody's cameo in the A Bug's Life credits. Insulted by his words, the toys depart and Buzz himself also leaves on the advice of his "inner voice" audio sounds. Woody then discovers that Andy received Buzz Lightyear, a Space Ranger action figure complete with impressive electronic gadgets. When Woody goes to save Jessie, Buzz and Bullseye follow alongside the plane as the four reunite, celebrating their adventure. Woody then calls for another staff meeting in which he reminds the toys that their job isn't about getting played with but to be there for Andy. As the days go by, Buzz seems to be getting most of the attention and Woody feels his world crumbling all around him especially when the posters on the walls, the pictures and even the bed sheets all change to Buzz and he ends up in the toy box instead of in the bed. He continues to argue with Rex when the latter remained adamant that the ball pit had shrunk Buzz and that he is the real Buzz, with Woody irritably pointing out that the "Buzz" that's currently with them is about three inches tall, much shorter than the real Buzz. This finally convinces the toys that Woody didn't harm Buzz and that Woody was telling the truth. In order to convince Mr. This was a Christmas gift for my grandson and was by far his most favourite toy. Woody keeps an eye on things from the backpack, learning that the Andersons will be going on a road trip soon, and then relaxes. Dans ce premier opus, Woody est présenté comme étant le jouet favori d'Andy Davis ainsi que le chef des jouets de la chambre du bambin. As Barbie unscrews Buzz's back compartment, Woody flicks the Play-Demo switch, but to no avail. Mais finalement, les deux jouets deviendront amis et leurs querelles seront oubliées. Using a nearby person as a distraction, Woody makes a run for it and successfully escapes from her Bensons, although Forky gets captured during the chase. He and the other toys then welcome Andy back their own way. Third, he is seen dancing a luau with Dolly and Mr. Pricklepants to give entertainment for Barbie and Ken. © 1996-2020,, Inc. ou ses filiales. However, just before the rocket ignites, Woody then realizes that he may have just endangered himself, Buzz, and the others by lighting the rocket, since rockets explode once lit. Potato Head labels Woody as a "liar." Even so, Woody sneaks into Bonnie's backpack and goes along anyway. Woody rencontrera de nouveaux jouets et il reverra d'anciens amis, dont une certaine Bergère... Lorsque l'on tire la ficelle dans son dos, Woody peut parler d'une voix éraillée et ainsi dire quelque phrases, issue de la série télévisée fictive : Cette section est vide, insuffisamment détaillée ou incomplète. Woody tries to convince the toys that Buzz is sound, but the toys start to become suspicious of what he's doing, and Woody accidentally blows his cover. Woody realizes that he can ignite Buzz's rocket. Shérif Woody dit Woody est un personnage de fiction de la saga Toy Story.Il apparaît aussi dans les jeux du même nom, ainsi que dans le film Buzz l'Éclair, le film : Le Début des aventures. Potato head decides to leave the bag. Later the toys all go home. However, on Andy's 7th birthday, he is given a Buzz Lightyear doll- much to the horror of the other toys (as new toys mean old ones get replaced). He is a limited event Tsum Tsum and is not available from purchasing Premium Boxes outside of the event. Tom Hanks double sa voix en anglais, ainsi que son frère Jim Hanks à quelques occasions. After making sure all the toys are back in their proper spots, he then falls limp on the bed before being knocked out of the way to make room for Buzz. After expressing surprise after fully animating himself at the date change, he told the other toys that the coast was clear, causing them to animate as well. Cette crainte se réalisera avec l'arrivée de Buzz l'Éclair, un jouet ultra-perfectionné. This makes the toys feel guilty for what they did to Woody, and they decide to help Woody and Buzz back onto the van by having Slinky stretch his body. Bonnie wants to have Woody, but Andy is reluctant to give away his favorite toy, which gives her a disappointed look on her face. After an emotional goodbye hug and passing his leadership role to Jessie, Woody travels together with Bo and the moving carnival, along with Bunny, Ducky, Duke, and Giggle McDimples, on their mission to help toys find owners. Sélectionnez votre magasin pour repérer plus facilement et rapidement les produits disponibles en réservation. Jessie fears Andy won't like her, with Woody reassuring her.

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