sapphire color

The first written use of sapphire as a color name in English was in 1430. When a sapphire is pink, it is usually still called a “pink sapphire,” but if the color is deep enough, it may be called a ruby. Make sure to ask to see certifications for expensive stones, especially when they are claimed to be natural and untreated. Sapphires are typically found in recrystallized limestone and metamorphic rocks that have less silica and a lot of aluminum. This type of sapphire is even more precious than the highest quality blue sapphires, because it is so rare. Are these gemstones treated to alter their hues, When they are red or a color close to red, they are usually called rubies, pink sapphires are called rubies when their hue is deep enough, Alexandrite is a stone which produces a similar color-change effect. This means that the color you see may vary depending on the angle you are viewing the gemstone at. Sapphires also come in orange and brown and other hues. Our gemologists want you to go about this with confidence. More about fancy colored sapphires will follow after the most popular, the blue sapphire. And that is why it is essential to know how to shop for blue sapphire. There is a minimum saturation threshold in the United States for a sapphire to be classified as a ruby. Natural sapphires don’t have a uniform color. The fancy sapphire colors are: pink, orange, yellow, green, purple, and violet. A ruby (red sapphire) could have blue as a secondary hue, making it more violet in color, and so on. Other names for variations of the color sapphire are blue sapphire or sapphire blue, shown below.. Blue Sapphires. Others like their sapphire darker or lighter. Other names for variations of the color sapphire are blue sapphire or sapphire blue, shown below. While all of these are lovely in any fine jewelry, recent trends have placed them in engagement rings, too. The brighter and more intense the blue hue is, the better. Yellow Pink Sapphires (Padparadscha) Some sapphires have a salmon or sunset hue that exude beautiful yellow … Tone: This refers to how light or dark the hue is. In fact, the color blue is so tightly connected to sapphires that there’s a term, “sapphire blue,” to describe it. Yellow natural sapphires are fairly common and get their signature color from the trace element iron. The very name “sapphire” comes from the Greek word for “blue stone.” Even though historically that name probably referred to lapis lazuli and not to sapphire, the very fact that the name has been transferred tells you just how many sapphires are blue. One of the rarest types is the padparadscha pinkish-orange variety. The most valuable sapphires are those which have not been color-treated; a naturally bright, vivid stone will always fetch a higher price than one which has been treated to achieve the same color. This makes for a complex and diverse range of shades within the pink range, and lots of options for a pink sapphire engagement ring. Another might have a green color outdoors and a violet color indoors. Now, pink sapphire is generally affordable by a wider variety of the general public. Natural sapphires can be distinguished from synthetic sapphires by their inclusions. Often, historically, the prefix “oriental” was added to the name of a similar looking gemstone when selling sapphires outside of the blue range. Una publicación compartida de The Duke of York … Hue: This is the color of the gemstone, in the simplest possible terms. Sapphire gemstone rings are a great choice for that “wow” factor on a budget. Fancy sapphires. Are these gemstones treated to alter their hues, or are they natural sapphires? There are two other interesting varieties of sapphire to be aware of. A secondary hue of green can reduce the value of a blue sapphire, while a secondary hue of violet may increase the value, depending on the amount. Diffusion is the deliberate addition of mineral inclusions.

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