rosewood lane ending explained

Most people are going to hate this movie and completely disagree with this review. It took me three attempts to watch this movie in its entirety. Obviously the whole town was scared of him (them) because they couldn't figure out how they could do some of the things like be in three places almost at the same time.

Sonny was raised with brutality by her father and is a traumatized woman that was submitted to therapy by Dr. Cloey (Lesley-Anne Down). Katie Wurtz, owner of Katie’s Liquor Store told The State newspaper on January 14, 1979 that “The future of Rosewood is really one question no one can answer at this moment”.

There is a lot going on in the film even though you may not realize it. This guy's performance as a pseudo devil was lackluster at best.

as his other movies it has some sequences that make your heart go like if you were living the scene.

I don't see this movie as a bad one at all.

Was looking forward to this due to the other review on here, but what a let down. This brought back memories of the Jeeper Creeper without the big monster in it but it sure had the villain.

Metacritic Reviews.

Is that all it took to get rid of this idiot?

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Rosewood Lane feels cold and tone deaf, never achieving any suspenseful heights nor does it ever appear to be fully trying. This movie was completely a waste of my time.

I give it a B-. 3.5/5. I write better scripts every night in my sleep...LOL! Name a film the has really beautiful scenery? |

Actually billed as a "Horror/Thriller" it did neither, the bad guy (boy) was very not scary, sorry but menacing looks and black iris's just don't do it for me (or the wife), in fact to call him a boy was really pushing it.

Most Viewed Stories. Not, in the tiniest bit, scary, just annoying!

I was satisfied with the film but I do still have questions which is not to say the ending is good or bad...we can draw our own conclusions but some may see it as black and white and see the ending immediately.

I did not even get that!

But I think that's not the only thing that people were missing in this movie. There were triplets playing psychological games with Sonny's mind. I will admit that looking at the paper-man's (too old to be a boy) underdeveloped irises was a bit on the creepy side.

i have to say it one more time: IF YOU LIKED JEEPERS CREEPERS AND JEEPERS CREEPERS 2 (and cant wait for the third part) YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS.

We break down the most confusing movie endings of all time – including an explanation of what happened after the credits rolled. After meeting him she begins to notice that he is very strange and may have actually killed her father. When she goes to the cops they don't believe her stories and she is left to discover the truth on her own.

The psychiatrist and host of the radio talk show Talk Line, Dr. Sonny Blake (Rose McGowan), returns to Rosewood Lane, in Stillwater, one year after the death of her father to live in his house. That alone however doesn't mean it was a bad movie or as some state "aweful waste of time." The story is slightly similar to other movies of the past, but because this has the supernatural twist and the constant guessing throughout it makes it not just a rehash if something already done, in saying that this is really a film that will leave you guessing right up until the end, and you may or may not like the ending but I guess it's 50 50. So much for his supernatural powers...LOL!

Perhaps he works better with a higher budget and atmospheres that do not mirror those of soap operas. Sure the whole dogs chasing thing and the slightly annoying last scene are a bit much but it all makes for a surprisingly entertaining creepfest thats just a little unintentionally funny. Alas, it fails completely. Unlike most movies that have a huge build this one does not. Lacking in thrills but still great I thought.

The movie is VERY predictable with a few plot holes, one being you never really find out what happens with one of the characters. I got no horror, no thrill, no laughter, nothing but time wasted.

Reveiwing a movie is open to our own personal opinion and everyone is entitled to there own opinion.

He terrorized an entire neighborhood...all it took to bring him down was a little bat action...that is illogical. This movie moved far too slowly and was a complete bore.

Whether it was one that could divide up supernaturally, that was never covered in this story and since one actually died I came to the conclusion by the ending there were three of them related to each other causing all the mayhem. The ending was utterly ridiculous and it was not even scary. I have to start by saying that overall this was a pretty creepy movie.

I think the truth will reveal itself and heads will roll all the way back to the White House. Directed by Victor Salva of Jeepers Creepers fame the film centers on Sonny a young radio psychologist who after learning of her fathers death moves into his old house a year later(since she wasn't able to sell it). I found out when she is driving down the only road towards her home each brother is further down the road one holding Hickory, the other Dickory and the last one doc. endstream endobj 20 0 obj <> endobj 21 0 obj <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI]>>/Rotate 0/Type/Page>> endobj 22 0 obj <>stream

What's your favorite movie with Michelle Pfeiffer? Update: On Wednesday 08/28/19, the CITES convention in Geneva, Switzerland decided to exempt finished musical instruments, parts, and accessories from CITES restrictions on all rosewood species except Brazilian rosewood (whose protections predate the other rosewood species and remain in place). I was completely engaged throughout the proceedings the film is competently made and builds a surprising amount of tension, created through some of the most ridiculous circumstances. This is the kind of movie that makes you want to scream at the people on the TV to turn around.

They have to have that to move the story forward.

User Ratings There is no back story to the villain you never find out if the freaking Paper Boy is a real person or some kind of demonic force or triplets or all of the above and you never find out what the F-word his purpose was or who he was. Sohla El-Waylly Goes Solo;

I was not expecting much and sure enough it was a stinker. The story line gets you no where and doesn't make sense at all. cant wait for the next salva work.

0. I almost fell asleep on several occasions during the ordeal, and that is something I have never experienced while watching a film before. Is there a website that I can log my movie collection just like there is Discogs for music..

awesome movie, good acting.

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