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They were saved by Amy Ladner who shot Alex right before he can kill Chris. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Eventually, they manage to find and free Jill, and to ultimately defeat and destroy Wesker who was planning to release a new virus into the atmosphere, ensuring the end of humanity. Following an incident in the shower room resulting in Wendell's death, Alice informed the group of the Undead that have tunneled beneath the prison. The BSAA receive a tip-off as to the whereabouts of Umbrella's founder, Ozwell E. Spencer. Infine, nel gennaio 2010 la data fu nuovamente cambiata, in maniera definitiva, con l'uscita americana posta al 10 settembre 2010. At around seventeen years of age, Chris joined the United States Air Force, where he received training in both planes and helicopters. Bennett Sinclair was a Hollywood film producer who survived the Global T-Virus pandemic. Metacritic, che assegna un punteggio medio ponderato su 100 alle recensioni da parte della critica tradizionali , il film ha ricevuto un punteggio medio di 37 sulla base di 14 recensioni. Resident Evil Survivor 2 Code: Veronica (Unlockable), Will Lupardus (Viral Campaign) Survivor Horror of Resident Evil & Silent Hill Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Alice fa subito amicizia con Luther (un famoso ex cestista) e con il resto del gruppo (tranne che con l'ex produttore cinematografico Bennett), che le rivela che Arcadia non è una città ma una nave ancorata al largo di Los Angeles. Bennett Sinclair was a Hollywood film producer who survived the Global T-Virus pandemic. - Chris, during his confortation with Alex Wesker in The Black Tortoise. He does not trust Chris and keeps him locked up in a cell, believing he had been put in there for a reason. It led him to keep her in a holding cell for the night until he could figure out exactly what the truth was. Alice remarks to him, "You don't look so good", to which he replies, "I'm looking forward to playing with your pretty face". Chris held strong convictions which put him at odds with his senior officers, and he either resigned in protest or was discharged for insubordination. A close friend of Billy Rabitson, he began investigating the circumstances behind his apparent death after getting a phone call from a man claiming to be him. Chris and Jill are assigned to raid his remote estate and arrest the elderly man but too late he was killer by Wesker. As usual, he is portrayed by Roger Craig Smith. Mentre è ancora in volo la vera Alice appare alle sue spalle, venendo però colta di sorpresa dal nemico che le inietta l'antidoto del virus T che la fa tornare a poco a poco un normale essere umano. Chris is one of the first Special Combat Operative in Global Defense Initiative (G.D.I.) "I can't very well let this slide, Rose. He and Piers face off Alex in the Black Tortoise and fight, with the result of Alex's victory over the BSAA operative. More Survivor Horror of Resident Evil & Silent Hill Wiki. Chris returns, set five months later. BSAA Operative (Currently), Resident Evil Survivor 2 Code: Veronica (Unlockable), Will Lupardus (Viral Campaign) Resident Evil: Afterlife è un film del 2010 diretto e sceneggiato da Paul W. S. Anderson. Alice viene attaccata da due cani infetti, mentre Wesker affronta e imprigiona Claire e Chris, finendo però poi ucciso. 's and anything else that could threaten humanity. Fighting off the Hunters and Zombies, he, Piers and a surviving BSAA soldier finds out that Alex has been revived from his 'death', and now he's terrorizing the world once again. Il film ha incassato in tutto il mondo 300.200.000 superando Resident Evil, Resident Evil: Apocalypse e Resident Evil: Extinction. Chris and Jessica, meanwhile, find a base of operations for Veltro; the Valkoinen Mökki airstrip in the mountains. In Resident Evil 6, he serves as an Special Operations Unit captain of the BSAA. Anti-Umbrella Activist (Formerly) The page is still under construction. in 2013. In 2005 Chris and hís new partner, Jessica Sherawat have reportedly gone missing and lost contact with HQ during their mission to investigate Veltro's possible reappearance. Afterwards, the group locks him in the room with Wesker, who regenerates and kills him (presumably eating him in the process). "The Umbrella has gone too far. URL consultato il 6 novembre 2009. After the incident in Kijuju, Africa, Chris, Jill, Sheva and Josh are being congratulate by the command for defeating Albert Wesker and stop the Uroboros virus. Alpha team Marksman & Backup Pilot (Formerly) Paul W.S. "Wentworth Miller" (Resident Evil: Afterlife), "I can't very well let this slide, Rose. Following the so-called "Mansion Incident", Chris left Raccoon City, embarking on a personal mission against Umbrella. Accompanying him is his new partner Sheva Alomar. Chris and Rose both put an end to Alex and his plans by killing the man for good and destroying the facility with all evidence of his wrong doings, leaving nothing left save but a lingering stasis pod with "W-13" printed on it... Chris feels that Rose is a product of madness and doesn't feel that she should be around to cause problems, although this may only be because of his deep-rooted feelings of anger he felt toward Wesker. This time, I will put an end to this madness! Knowing that his sister, Claire is taken by the Umbrella, leaving him no choice but to destroy one and only Umbrella secret lab in the city. He successfully escape the HQ with Piers after the BSAA Soldier sacrifies himself during the escape. ", - Chris Redfield, when the team arrives at Oldston. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission. Resident Evil: Afterlife. He reunites with his sister Claire Redfield, who was said to be searching for him. Toward the end of the game, his feelings change to a slight degree once she aids him in the destruction of Alex. Il gruppo decide di liberare Chris Redfield, il ritrovato fratello di Claire recluso nel carcere per la sua pericolosità, per guidare Alice alla ricerca di armi e di vie di fuga, ma nel mentre il gruppo viene attaccato dai non morti, tra cui un Axeman, e sopravvivono solo Alice, Luther e i fratelli Redfield. Resident Evil Lost In Nightmare (Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition) (2010) Edit. Sources ↑ Resident Evil: The Book (1997). Despite Jill's attitude that they were all probably killed or arrested and maybe even vanished without a trace, Chris was clearly not convinced of this at all and felt that no matter what, he had to put an end to everything that Umbrella had caused; especially after the incidents that took place in Lanshiang and Edonia. Il jet si schianta contro una montagna, ma Alice sopravvive, apparentemente ancora infetta. He is also the older brother of Claire Redfield. "He's a killer." Chris and Jessica arrive to the Queen Zenobia to find Jill and Parker. Jill apparently dies while saving Chris during a confrontation with Wesker. Before his death, Bennett showed signs of early infection, such as pale skin, dark veins, and whitening eyes. Eventually, they are attacked by various new types of B.O.W. Il primo trailer in versione 3D fu mostrato all'edizione 2010 del WonderCon a Metreon (San Francisco) il 2 aprile, a un numero limitato di spettatori, seguito da una versione tradizionale il giorno dopo[3]. After the escape plan to use an armored vehicle fails due to the engine being outside of it, he shoots Angel in the head out of anger and tries to take his assistant Kim Yong with him in Alice's two-seater plane to the Arcadia, but is forced to leave him behind when the others converge on the rooftop. 's along the way and a strange new breed of zombies which lead them to question that Albert Wesker's terror had not ended in that volcano and that there was another madman out there intent on destroying the world. However, it isn't for long, as she manages to knock the gun from his hand and puts him aside. He attempts to rescue his younger sister, Claire Redfield, from the Umbrella Corporation's research facilities on Rockfort Island and in Antarctica. This article, Chris Redfield (Lee), was written by Lee atsugai. Resident Evil Survivor 2 CODE:Veronica (2001), Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles (2007), Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles (2010), Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City (2012), Articles with empty sections from May 2019, They had to stop him. Giunta sul posto, trova un luogo desolato con numerosi aeroplani tra cui l'elicottero pilotato da Claire Redfield e i suoi compagni (nello scorso film); Alice viene attaccata da Claire apparentemente manipolata e con un congegno a forma di ragno meccanico attaccato sul petto che le ha aumentato l'aggressività e fatto perdere la memoria. was a member of the Special Tactics and Rescue Service, a law enforcement agency located in Raccoon City. Queen-of-the-Living-Dead 16:47, December 13, 2010 (UTC). He holds Alice at gunpoint, preventing her from interfering in the fight between Wesker and the Redfields. He defeat Alex, and the extraction helicopter arrive, taking Chris to safety before the government destroy the city with a devastating nuclear attack. He is eventually convinced by another survivor of his ill-fated team, Piers Nivans, to rejoin the BSAA and confront another bio-terrorist attack in the fictional city of Lanshiang, China. leader had given her approach to certain situations. Staccatole il dispositivo e tranquillizzatala, Alice porta con sé Claire a Los Angeles, dove incontra un piccolo gruppo di sopravvissuti capitanati da Luther West, rifugiatisi in un carcere di massima sicurezza e circondati da migliaia di non morti che rendono impossibile la fuga. They had to stop him. Lo studio tedesco Constantin Film ha acquistato l'adattamento per la serie di film nel gennaio 1997. ^ Brian Ashcraft, Resident Evil: Afterlife Movie Gets New Release Date - Resident Evil: Afterlife, in, 20 agosto 2009. Chris was assigned to investigate a bio-terrorist attack in the fictional country of Edonia, but nearly loses all his team members following a BOW attack by an unidentified woman (known as Ada Wong/Carla Radames). Luther helps to guide Alice's plane down when she arrives in the ruins of Los Angeles and offers her and Claire Redfield a warm welcome to the Citadel prison. In the game, Chris investigates a terrorist threat in Kijuju, Africa while looking for Jill, who is missing and presumed dead.

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