presumably sentence

34. A falling birth-rate, a falling death-rate, and the increase in the number of adult immigrants, are presumably the chief causes of this difference. Formal characteristics of the compound such as rhythm and presumably also length determine the interpretation of linking schwas as plural markers. Developing countries have a higher incidence of mastoiditis, presumably resulting from untreated otitis media. More patients in the home group were able to discontinue antihypertensive medication. The identity of this prisoner was already, it will be observed, a mystery before he died in 1703, and soon afterwards we begin to see the fruit of the various legends concerning him which presumably started as early as 1670, when Saint-Mars himself (see below) found it necessary to circulate "fairy tales" (contes jaunes). Synonyms: it would seem, probably, likely, apparently More Synonyms of presumably COBUILD Advanced English Dictionary. So " the Pious " achieved the object for which presumably they took up arms. If, however, toxin be mixed with antitoxin for some time, it can no longer be passed through, presumably because it has become combined with the antitoxin. Levodopa, the metabolic precursor of dopamine, relieves the symptoms of Parkinson's disease presumably by being converted to dopamine in the brain. 93. At this period, also, under its patesis, Ur-bau and Gudea, Lagash had extensive commercial communications with distant realms. A further casus belli was provided by a decree forbidding the importation of Megarian goods into the Athenian Empire,' presumably in order to punish Megara for her alliance with Corinth (spring 432). The filling of the stomach also activates the reflex, This reduced its helicity and increased its average tilt, thereby. Jennie and Spiral wasted no time in having a good gander, peaking into cupboards and doors, presumably looking for more secret passages. Secondly, a new agent, presumably BSE, is virulent in a way in which previous agents such as scrapie have not been. 50. The people were presumably out of sympathy with hellenizers, whether they belonged to the house of Onias or that of Tobiah. Students who miss classes will often borrow another student's notes, Grandma's tall, gray wig was removed from her head, revealing what was, Danny stepped away, and cast one last disdainful look at Scott before going backstage, and. He presumably knew all the employees of his company by sight. That of Hydrophilus is attached to a floating leaf, and is provided with a hollow, tapering process, which projects above the surface and presumably conveys air to the enclosed eggs. Presumably, everything has now been rendered perfectly comprehensible. They build a new one each year, presumably the best bower attracts the best female! It was presumably at Lerins that Salvian made the acquaintance of Honoratus (ob. 4. He took, presumably, the coast-road in order to establish and retain his command of the sea. Its appearance has been associated with the invasion of the Israelites or with the establishment of the independent monarchy, but on very inadequate grounds; and since it has been independently placed at the latter part of the monarchy, its historical explanation may presumably be found in that break in the career of Palestine when peoples were changed and new organizations slowly grew up.

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