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Linus Roache, Panos Cosmatos och Nicolas Cage. You know, usually chain saw fights are sort of cumbersome feeling using heavy machines, but I wanted to try to keep that but also give it a more, sort of barbarian and sword fight kind of feeling. I don’t know. I wrote that entire part with his presence in mind, but never changed it back because I think the changes I made for him to play it imbedded the part with a deeper texture, a kind of oily 70s feeling. After Nicolas Cage passed on the role of Jeremiah Sand and accepted the role of Red Miller, where did you two go from there? I went to therapy and was finally able to start purging some of those emotions I had been suppressing and dealing with them and found myself emerging into a state of clarity, at least for the time being. Privacy Policy / Cookie Policy.

I was really inspired by the 80s fantasy and barbarian films, I thought merging those in a more contemporary 80s setting would be an interesting thing to balance.

But after I realised Nicolas Cage wanted to play that part at first I rejected the idea. This week, Mandy landed at the International Film Festival and Awards Macao (IFFAM) and director Panos Cosmatos and the film's irrepressible star Nicolas Cage were in the city to support the film. I’d seen her in Birdman (2014) and in the British limited TV show National Treasure (2017) and when I realised it was the same actor I was blown away by the chameleonic transformation. Visually it is quite epic. I wanted to make an extension of Beyond The Black Rainbow (2010) which I think of almost as a musical – a sonic audio-visual experience as much as a narrative film – so I wanted to continue that and take it much further and create a much more grandiose, bombastic rock opera. Mandy was made on a tight budget and schedule, yet it does feel volcanic in scale. The part was always going to be very emotional and somewhat baroque in its style but I think in a more realistic way. I would describe that as a living hell. How did you want to visualize how much they love each other? Yes. But, it just, you know, started to seem very natural to the movie having that, I mean sort of chainsaw fight, but I wanted to see more. I rewrote some dialogue with him in mind and worked with him to create a modulation of how we could use his different abilities as an actor in a way that felt organic to the reality of the movie, without it feeling gimmicky. What themes did you want to explore in Mandy? But usually these things kind of just come up organically as you start building the model cast so to speak. But, as a result, we lost our DP at the time and so we starting gathering a list of people, and eventually I saw Ben on one of them and I said, “Oh, holy shit, I didn’t know that he was European.” It turns out he’s Norwegian, I had no idea. Posted on Monday, September 17th, 2018 by Jack Giroux. I realised instead of putting all my creative energy in different directions I have to put it into movies. Cults figure in Black Rainbow and Mandy. Do you have a particular interest in cults? You don’t have time to create a mood. Have you seen either of the Mamma Mia films? To me it was when I was going back Black Rainbow and this movie I remember going to the video store and looking at the VHS art and reading the back of them and imagining what one of these movies that I wouldn’t be allowed to watch would be like. Mandy is emotionally outward facing, a more volcanic eruption of those emotions after holding them in for so long. The part of Red seems tailor-made for Nicolas Cage. Well, take the matter of what you don’t show, you know. As far as the look of the film, we do have reference folders and stuff, and the same thing we did on Beyond the Black Rainbow. Your New Favourite Visionary – Panos Cosmatos (The VH Interview) Your New Favourite Visionary – Panos Cosmatos (The VH Interview) Published on : 12/10/2018 17/09/2019 by Chris Shortt. ‘Mandy’ Director Panos Cosmatos on Pitting Nicolas Cage Against Evil [Interview], ‘Jiu Jitsu’ Trailer: Nicolas Cage Trains a War Hero to Fight an Alien in the Battle for Earth, ‘The Simpsons’ Considered Nicolas Cage for the Voice of Frank Grimes, Tiffany Haddish Joins the Meta Movie in Which Nicolas Cage Plays a Fictionalized Nicolas Cage, ‘Tiger King’ TV Series Casts Nicolas Cage to Play Joe Exotic for ‘American Vandal’ Showrunner [Updated]. Having to move as fast as you did, what challenges come with filming a chainsaw battle when time is limited? So I hired Bob [our original DP] and then, late in the game, basically after Nic broke his leg, you got a delay in the schedule, which actually saved our asses because we needed the extra time very badly. What was discussed in your earliest conversations with him about Red and his arc? A switch flipped and I was smitten. So that was an early thing that kind of came into it. I started to realise I’d seen her in other things and not realised it was her. I think that actually made it feel more warm and inviting in a sense that we all have a habit in common with these days with the person just sitting around eating, watching TV [Laughs].

Did you have Andrea Riseborough in mind to play Mandy from the start? Did you write the part of Red Miller with him in mind? Mötley Crüe was actually my gateway to heavy metal. Director Panos Cosmatos’ second movie Mandy is nothing like the commercial teen slashers you’re used to. I know what it was.

But I was an extremely squeamish kid growing up, and gore was traumatizing. The Essential DanMachi Moments, Panos Cosmatos interview: I originally rejected Nicolas Cage. How does the horror genre inspire your work?

What was the reasoning behind that?

And then after he takes the drugs, he sort of has modified into this sort of demigod-like, gazing war beast, gollum, sort of enacting pure will on the mortal coil.

Cosmatos sat down to explain how grief eventually led him to filmmaking, why a dream helped him cast Cage and even reveals an unlikely love of the world’s favourite Swedish pop group. It turned out, we only had to do two tapes of that. I went back and faced them, and they didn’t control me anymore.

They’re two bands that I love. Mandy is screening as part of FilmFear in HOME, Manchester. No. Starring Nicolas Cage, Mandy is a striking, heavy metal revenge odyssey from writer/director Panos Cosmatos. It actually took me a long time to get over that. Yeah, I wanted it to sound like a disintegrating rock opera. Interview: Panos Cosmatos on MANDY and His Mythical Realm of the Imaginary Eric Ortiz Garcia Contributor ; Mexico City, Mexico ( @EricOrtizG ) You’ve said before you prefer stories with more character and themes than plot. I think the first music I ever heard was Abba.

Was the role always intended for him? Chainsaw fight? The director chats to us about the inspiration behind his latest movie, and some unusual musical influences... Two features into his directorial career, Panos Cosmatos is already carving out fascinating cinematic territory. Partially because of our insane schedule and, you know, the minimal number of resources were, but a real reference reference I showed was The Sword and the Sorcerer. Well, Ben wasn’t even on my list originally because I thought he was Canadian and needed a European DP or person with a European passport. Could you elaborate on this? I took my mother’s cassette recorder and went into the bushes to listen to Abba when I was four or five-years-old. Once I realised he was going to play the part, I got electrified by the potential of what we could do with the it. Red Herring Meeting Showed How It Could Be Done, The Link Between Suffering and Purpose in David Lynch’s Eraserhead, Quentin Tarantino’s ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD Shouldn’t Be Historically Accurate, Hollywood Codebreakers: ‘Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?’ Expands Movie Expletives, The unbearable darkness of being a Handmaid — what makes the show so special. I mean, most peoples’ love stories aren’t riding around on horses and shit. Cosmatos and Cage have said before that Mandy is a movie dealing with loss – a loss that fuels Red Miller’s (Cage) journey. The idea of making a revenge movie that revolves around a person that’s being avenged as much as the person who’s acting out the revenge and how they’re intertwined. Well, I feel like I kind of fixated on the fact manacle men, having their self-image kind of stripped away or how they present themselves to the world like Barry Nyle and Jeremiah Sands. I started writing Mandy as an antidote to that, the opposite of that – the purging of the emotions and now the volcanic explosion of all these emotions and being allowed to feel them again. It’s another storming genre banger but an altogether fiercer beast than the Italian-Canadian writer-director’s sci-fi puzzler Beyond The Black Rainbow. I realised, in retrospect, because my mother died in 1997, I slow-motion spiraled into self-destructiveness, drinking; And after my father died, which was a long and drawn out traumatic process, I realised I hadn’t dealt at all with the passing of my mother and now my father’s death was going to compound on top of that and destroy me inside, fully. Eventually I did do some rewrites to the character with him in mind when I knew he was going to play the part, but originally, I wanted him to play Jeremiah Sand, the villain.

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