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I came across one of Umair Haque’s articles a few days ago. There have been instances were the anti-free speech ideologies have supported the CCP. Can outrage culture be justified? There are of course obvious nuances that might happen or not, but we end up with these 3 outcomes. Although this bit of advice doesn't really apply to comedy or good-natured ribbing between friends, it's pretty much sage knowledge that could be applied in almost every situation. Authors who probably consider themselves as ‘progressives’ play into the same cash-grabbing strategies that the media uses: fearmongering. What was supposed to be a joke mocking Western privilege turned into an outrage fiesta for Twitter.

The offended parties even went so far as to analyze the designs as "proof" of the Canadian singer's special relationship with Beelzebub himself. While some who were quick to call for "firing" whoever photoshopped this tweet, others stated what was obvious: Ellen isn't racist and is nothing but a big sweetheart towards pretty much everybody she meets. Some freedom capitalists flee the US as open borders is enacted by law to survive the effects of socialism. The most common can probably be best expressed in this quote from actor and comedian Steve Sweeney: "You don't even have to say anything. They don’t seek to listen and understand; they seek to attack and condemn. If you enjoyed the article and want to read more, follow me on Medium and Twitter. Look around the site.

It also disenfranchises the majority of the population .

Dan Crenshaw talks faith, war, his lost eye, outrage culture and more during an extensive interview on CBN with host Gordon Robertson for his new book Fortitude.

They don’t want to silence people for disagreeing with gay marriage. Rep. Dan Crenshaw has a unique way of engaging in the battle of political ideas without simply pressing the outrage button. Similarly, restricted actions vs freedom, almost literally. That way you have a safe conversation that has room for understanding. put more value on emotional reactivity rather than logic and reason. What I’m talking about folks is the outrage culture. Which leads me into the theme of this article. It’s a phrase that is bandied about, largely to silence important discussions or deflect from the real issues at hand. It's just so absurd.". [ed. The devotionals typically follow a book of the bible, though on occasion I explore a specific topic or issue. The next bigot. I won’t go into details about how the media has made Trump supporters to be the new enemy on this piece. The culture that brew the spirit of the socialist and communist appears to be the strongest it’s ever been and seems to gain momentum. What’s another result from all this? Likewise, if they don’t like it or they don’t think it’s right, they will attack it. For one side it’s just words, for the other it’s an act of violence that leaves a lasting wound. There are some people who agreed that, yes, the story actually is "problematic" and that it could send the wrong message to young children who may believe their "deformities" are only acceptable if they can be exploited by someone else. People whom (I assume) are otherwise decent and moral people will act like vicious sociopaths if given the right opportunity: Jon Ronson opened my eyes on the influence power can have over people, even if it’s only on Twitter. But outrage is a destructive loop. If you look at the 3 outcomes 2 of the outcomes are actually really bad. What about the enforcers that don’t know any better or just really stupid? Or, we could bypass all of this Rudolph talk and remember, for a second, that this is a fictional character. Also they will boycott individuals, companies, and products associated with anything they deem wrong. The rage is contagious and infects people like a deadly virus. And once that group speaks out, the public mob is out Perhaps a talk show host made critical comments about the president. Or should we try and push back to discuss these issues? In present day, we’re putting more value on emotional reactivity rather than logic and reason. We just place probabilities on them for different people with point of views. It draws people in and increases their rage, and the result is that society has become progressively more polarized from the incessant bickering. A culture based on outrage doesn’t only silence people and get them fired.

Sign up to get our newsletter your inbox every day. Many might be skeptical about all this, but look what’s going on and where we are currently at? This Ted Talk discusses how Justice Sacco’s life got turned upside down from a Tweet went wrong. There are several counterpoints to this argument, too. Yet the media has always used the ‘common enemy’ tactic to influence popular opinion. The banning straw laws, banning one use plastic like hotel shampoo laws, state enacted rent control laws and part push for universal health care laws.

The problem is that activists and pundits put more value on emotional reactivity rather than logic and reason. It seems to affect people like a drug. Arguably, this failure of a story could be attributed to journalistic negligence. It is timely advice, because America is now experiencing what many are describing as an “outrage culture,” where people are quick to be offended and get angry. Where do we go from here? Scripture tells us to manage our emotions. Such are the times. But there are some people who take that advice a bit too literally, and always seem to police everything they come across. What do you think? Sillicon Valley is notoriously progressive, the media is incredibly biased, the corporate world is practically dominated by HR. Outrage culture is a term that many are misinformed about. Outcome 2 is just a prolonged situation only until we figure out the situation in China’s rise in economic dominance. There seems to be a large number of people concerned with whether or not the English fantasy writer is racist against them. People are quick to accuse, and they display a rush to anger and speed to outrage. Show us the next misogynist so we can put him in his place. In 2015, Rolling Stones reported on a supposed gang rape incident happening in a Virginia fraternity. A liberal teacher would never lose his job for saying that he’s pro-choice, yet a conservative one can definitely find himself unemployed if he says he’s pro-life. Other times however, its instances can also harm those same, vital discussions. Leaving mainstream politics aside for a second, let’s consider what happens when an average person, just like you and I, blows up on Twitter. Just like with sexual assault, anything related to Trump and his supporters is an excuse to stir controversy, mostly of negative nature. First is easy, they believe that freedom to do or say what you want attacks people with different opinions. That the oppression of marginalized groups have gone on too long and that nothing will change except by force and zero acceptance in other comprises.

On Medium, a site where independent authors can publish their work, the resemblance to the mainstream media’s tactics are astounding. So maybe looking at all of this is useless, not because it won’t happen or it’s probabilities are low. Rudolph isn't the only unlikely figure of social outrage who's popped up recently in the crosshairs of professional crybabies.
First it was communism, then it was terrorism, and now it’s people wearing red hats. This is not considering the supposedly climate crisis doom and more realistic crisis of automation. This is extremely important because of the rise of PC culture. That’s what it is. “Good sense makes one slow to anger, and it is his glory to overlook an offense.” (Proverbs 19.11). Our theme is best communicated in Ephesians 4.1: “I therefore, a prisoner for the Lord, urge you to walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which you have been called.” My goal is to equip, encourage, and challenge you with biblical truth. If we can’t get along here on Earth, how will we ever get along on Mars if we do get there.

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