outer space monsters

Perhaps most bizarre was the images of a “robot melting while an angry dog barked at it”.

Perhaps realizing the potential seriousness of the situation, the two boys would face intense questions, separately, from the teachers and their parents. My name is Zuzana and you can remember my forest monsters I posted while ago. The entire article and the contents within are published by, wholly-owned and copyright of UFO Insight. For the first time, the two boys began to feel decisively scared.

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When they did, however, they were eager to speak of the previous evening’s events. An official explanation for the sighting claims that what the boys saw in the air was a YS-11 plane which would fly at the altitude the boys saw the orange light. This began when he first saw them in front of the car. On the evening of 23rd February 1975, just before 7 pm, 7-year-old boys, Masato Kawano and Katsuhiro Yamahata were roller skating near a local housing estate. From the United States to Japan to Brazil – to name a few – encounters with these bizarre cosmic creatures appeared to surge. Two men in their twenties, Peter Rodriguez and John Hodges, were about to drive home after spending the evening at a friend’s house. However, our collective refusal to confront and understand such possibilities may prove to be our very own achilleas heel. Bored Panda works better on our iPhone app. Alien Accounts Of Whitley Strieber, The Bizarre And Persistent Alien Abductions Of Pier Zanfretta, The Imjarvi and Kinnula Alien Humanoid Encounters, The Close Encounters And Bizarre Incidents Of 3rd September 1976, The Chilling Alien Abduction Of “Roger S”. You can change your preferences. They continued to watch for several moments, each in awe and amazement at the scene unfolding before them. In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading. A space probe returns to earth with a balloon-shaped monster from outer space that then does the invasion-of-the-body-snatchers thing on board Seaview. And all from different regions of the planet. Perhaps one of the most intriguing claims of such an encounter comes from Kofu City in Japan. He has been writing and researching with over 20 years experience. Today I want to introduce my creatures coming from the outer universe. Kawano and Yamahata would each recall seeing “strange characters” (symbols) on the side of the craft, which had a metallic appearance. The next thing he knew, he too was hovering off the ground. Indeed, we have examined some of these before such as the Hopkinsville incident or the Pascagoula River abduction, both of which, incidentally, are largely considered very credible cases. Using a basic radioactivity measuring device one of the members of the makeshift investigative team would pick up substantially higher readings of radioactivity within the “circle” of the landing site. We have sent an email to the address you provided with an activation link.

Inside the craft, the boys could see another, identical creature. Outer Space Monsters, Flex. So bright, in fact, that each of the witnesses was forced to look away and shield their eyes. Error occurred when generating embed. Then, a ramp or ladder emerged from the side of the craft. Use the HTML below. They also had large heads with equally large, pointed ears, and dark, brown, leathery, wrinkled skin. The idea itself sounds preposterous. However, when he surveyed his surroundings, there was another group of entities inside also. Perhaps most frightening for the two boys, though, was the apparent sharp “metal fangs” protruding from its mount. Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist. cosmeon? The details included in the article are based on the reports and accounts available to us as provided by witnesses and documentation. Everything gets ten out of ten: the story, the acting from the whole cast, the direction, the wonderfully loud music score, everything is … The group remained watching the display for around five minutes. From Communion To Dreamland! Title: AAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwww (im seriously going to die seeing this). So, while we should perhaps have a cautious pinch of salt at the ready, these claims shouldn’t be dismissed as freely as they often are. However, before he could turn back, a “brilliant blue beam” suddenly emerged from the craft, striking him and rendering him paralyzed. The next thing he recalled was a series of images shown to him on one of the computer screens. Surely it is better to investigate and rule out the outrageous than to dismiss without investigation what could prove to be important understandings of our collective existence. Several minutes after the boys had crashed into their respective apartments, their mothers, with their sons with them, would meet up on the land at the back of the complex. By publishing these accounts, UFO Insight does not take responsibility for the integrity of them. When they had it back in their sights, it now shined a brilliant silver as it remained still on the ground. They didn’t stop to look back and soon reached their housing estate. 7 Terrifying Monsters We Have Discovered in Space - YouTube This seems like the kind of pet a witch would have. What is truly one of the most outlandish claims of alien abduction occurred at around 2 am on 17th August 1971 in the Palos Verdes region of California. Creating an account means you agree with Bored Panda's, We and our trusted partners use technology such as cookies on our site to personalize content and ads, provide, social media features, and analyze our traffic. By submitting email you agree to get Bored Panda newsletter. One of them even had the rough shape of a human torso. The Bored Panda iOS app is live! He would state they said to him: Take the time to understand yourselves. Here are just three such seemingly outrageous incidents. On top of the disc-like base was a definite dome. We respect your privacy. An alien ship crash delivers a monster from space, who will chase a young cop. Their arms were something akin to an elephant trunk which ended in a single finger on each arm. And of course, they glow. The panic in him was evident. (19 Dec 1965). A closer look revealed what appeared to be a syringe in each finger. Seemingly taking place after Rodriguez had left the car outside his house. The 1963 UFO Encounter Over The Atlantic Ocean, The Nixon-Gleason Alien Account And Other Presidential UFO Secrets. But many others view this hour as "jump-the-shark" time which probably explains why I am the first to review it on the IMDb. As he looked up, he could see what looked like the bottom of a “huge, dark, balloon” moving upward, quickly and silently. The video below discusses this bizarre case a little further. It was then he noticed the three strange “robots” that had appeared around him. You shall not remember this incident until we meet again! Even stranger were random images of busy streets, as well as images of himself, naked. According to later reports from the two boys, the creatures were approximately 4-feet tall and wore a “glowing” silver suit. 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The stories, accounts, and discussion in this article are not always based on proven facts and may go against currently accepted science and common beliefs. Marcus Lowth is a writer with a love for UFOs, aliens, and the Ancient Astronaut Theory, to the paranormal, general conspiracies and unsolved mysteries. They also appeared to have six fingers on each hand with webbing in-between each digit.

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