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By comparison, 92% of Australians said they felt either safe or very safe during the global financial crisis. New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, Australian Opposition leader Anthony Albanese, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison*, Australian Opposition leader Anthony Albanese*, Australia’s relationship with the United States, Negotiating with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un about the country's nuclear weapons program, Improving relations with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Increasing tariffs on imported goods from other countries, Criticising the defence spending of allies of the US, Withdrawing the US from negotiations to form a free trade agreement between 11 Asia-Pacific countries including Australia, Withdrawing the US from international climate change agreements, Working to find other markets for Australia to reduce our economic dependence on China, Imposing travel and financial sanctions on Chinese officials associated with human rights abuses, Jointly funding aid projects with China in the Pacific and Asia, Restricting joint scientific research between Australia and China in defence and security-related fields, Allowing Chinese companies to supply technology for critical infrastructure in Australia, Conducting joint military exercises with China and other countries, China’s economy will slow down and the Australian economy will suffer, China’s economy will continue to grow strongly and this will benefit Australia, Environmental disasters such as bushfires and floods, The dissemination of false information or fake news, Foreign interference in Australian politics, The rise of authoritarian systems of government around the world, A military conflict between the United States and China over Taiwan, Global warming is a serious and pressing problem. Please indicate whether you agree or disagree that Indonesia is a democracy. You can use the button below to limit the display to the most recent poll in each state where at least one poll is available. He suggested he would seek authority from the states and pass new legislation for the chief of the defence force to take a more proactive role in deploying defence personnel during natural disasters, which are normally managed by the states, describing the public expectation of a bigger federal response as the “new normal”. A third (31%) say China has handled the outbreak well, and only 10% say the United States has handled it well so far. In 2019, this question was asked about former Australian Opposition leader Bill Shorten. Dotted line indicates change in mode: see Methodology. And yet, international relations have never been more important than they are now.

Only 22% of Australians have some or a lot of confidence in China’s President Xi Jinping to do the right thing in world affairs (see page 8). All state premiers, bar one, ride wave of popularity with approval ratings alongside Scott Morrison for handling of coronavirus crisis.

SUPPORTERS of an Australian republic are seizing on a new poll showing support for the monarchy has fallen to its lowest recorded level. The majority of Australians (59%) continue to view climate change as a critical threat to Australia’s vital interests in the coming decade. Updating average for each Democratic candidate in 2020 primary polls, accounting for each poll… In such uncertain times, Australians are less trusting of most countries around the world than in the past. The vast majority of Australians (88%) support the four-way dialogue between Australia, India, Japan and the United States, known as the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue, resurrected in 2017. Popular support for the Coalition has climbed to its highest level since September last year ahead of the Eden-Monaro by-election. The generational split between older and younger Australians about climate change is narrowing slightly. A convincing majority of Australians (80%) agree that Australia’s intelligence agencies are effective at protecting Australia’s national security. Around half (51%) say they trust the United States a great deal or somewhat to act responsibly in the world, unchanged from 2019. Australians are sceptical of China, disappointed in the United States, and anxious about the economic downturn. When that happens, should economic interests or democratic values be considered more important? This is the single largest point of agreement in the history of the Lowy Institute Poll. It represents a 13-point fall from 2019, and is 34 points lower than the high point in 2009 and 2010 (86%). Six in ten Australians express confidence in Prime Minister Scott Morrison (60%) and in the leader of the Opposition Anthony Albanese (58%). The Lowy Institute Poll, now in its sixteenth year, captures the mood of the Australian public at a remarkable moment. The UK garners the highest level of trust from Australians, with 84% saying they trust the UK either a great deal or somewhat. But this has reversed in 2020, despite the widely-publicised US House of Representatives vote to impeach President Trump. Scott Morrison has suffered a massive hit to his personal approval rating and been overtaken as preferred prime minister by Anthony Albanese in the first published opinion poll of 2020… With a global recession looming in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, concern about the economy has risen sharply. A NOTE ABOUT RELEVANT ADVERTISING: We collect information about the content (including ads) you use across this site and use it to make both advertising and content more relevant to you on our network and other sites. The majority of Australians agree that India (57%), Papua New Guinea (53%) and Taiwan (52%) are democracies. In 2020, 71% say that ‘a severe downturn in the global economy’ is a critical threat, a 20-point increase from 2019. In April’s COVIDpoll, only one in ten (10%)say the United States is doing very or fairly well in handling the COVID-19 outbreak, which ranks the United States at the bottom of a list of six countries. In your own view, is China more of an economic partner to Australia or more of a security threat to Australia?

This is 20 points higher than the response in 2009 after the financial crisis, when 33% of Australians said the United States would be less powerful than it had been. Three-quarters say ‘novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and other potential epidemics’ (76%) and ‘drought and water shortages’ (77%) pose critical threats to Australia’s vital interests.

One third (33%) say that Australia’s approach has had a positive effect, and 18% say that it has had no effect on Australia’s reputation at all. A majority (59%) say that Australia’s intelligence agencies ‘have got the balance right between protecting national security and also being appropriately open and transparent’ with the public about their activities. This is a global crisis, but we have all turned inwards, not outwards. When Australians were asked in April which candidate they prefer, 73% say former Vice President Joe Biden, if he is the Democratic candidate. Sixteen years of Lowy Institute Polls has uncovered the complex set of attitudes Australians hold about our largest trading partner. Here is a list of political leaders. However, only 39% agree that Indonesia is a democracy, in a five-point increase from 2019. Japan has recorded high levels of trust from the Australian people in recent years.

The Australian Friday, October 16, 2020 Today's Paper Mind Games.

Feelings towards the United States in 2020 sit at 62°, steadying after a cooling trend since 2015. They also extend the growing season for vegetation in many regions, leading to greater transpiration (the process by which water is drawn from the soil and evaporated from plant leaves and flowers). Canada receives a very warm 79°, a five degree fall from 2018. A majority of Australians see ‘environmental disasters such as bushfires and floods’ (67%) and climate change (59%) as critical threats. A mere 6% of Australians say they have confidence in North Korea’s Kim Jong-un. Copyright Nationwide News Pty Ltd. All times AEST (GMT +10:00). Mike Dobbie, “The War on Journalism: the MEAA Report into the State of Press Freedom in Australia in 2020”. The 2020 Lowy Institute Poll records unprecedented shifts in public opinion.
A majority of Australians (68%) feel ‘less favourable towards China’s system of government’ when thinking about China’s handling of COVID-19. Australians typically place more trust in liberal democracies such as the United Kingdom and Japan, although that has also slipped compared with two years ago. Opinion poll and by-election developments: • Roy Morgan has published another of its SMS polls from Victoria, which records little change on state voting intention from a fortnight ago: Labor leads 51.5-48.5 on two-party preferred, as they did last time, from primary votes of Labor 40% (up one), Coalition 36% (down one) and Greens 9% (down one).). Only a third of Australians (35%) approve of President Trump ‘increasing tariffs on imported goods from other countries’.

Our great ally, the United States, was already self-isolating under the presidency of Donald Trump. Warmer weather increases the number of days each year on which there is high or extreme bushfire risk. Australia is in the process of negotiating several free trade agreements, including with the United Kingdom, European Union, and India. Despite highly publicised terrorist attacks in 2019 in New Zealand, Sri Lanka and elsewhere, only 46% say international terrorism poses a critical threat, down 15 points from 2019.

A third (37%) say China will be more powerful than it was before the pandemic, while 27% say it will be less powerful. Far fewer Australians see China as an economic partner in 2020, in a 27-point fall from 82% to 55% since 2018. Poll tracking, analysis and detailed information on federal elections. The Washington Times tracks the latest poll numbers for the 2020 election. Scott Morrison has suffered a massive hit to his personal approval rating and been overtaken as preferred prime minister by Anthony Albanese in the first published opinion poll of 2020.

He also said it was “highly unusual” for the current prime minister to trail the opposition leader on preferred prime minister when the two-party-preferred margin was narrow. Labor voters have overwhelmingly backed Scott Morrison’s $130bn JobKeeper package to keep workers connected to their jobs.

Australians’ views of China’s economy and people have tended to be positive, while Chinese investment and China’s human rights record have elicited negative views. Thinking now about Australia and China. Select one or more years, states and race types, then click "Apply Filter" to see results. Only four in ten Australians (41%) say ‘the rise of authoritarian systems of government around the world’ is a critical threat. Even fewer Australians (22%) approve of the US withdrawal from negotiations to form the Trans–Pacific Partnership, a free trade agreement between 11 Asia–Pacific countries including Australia.

In the first week of January the federal government issued a compulsory callout of 3,000 defence force reserves and Morrison pledged $2bn for bushfire recovery. If you have no opinion or have never heard of that country or territory, please say so.

On Monday Labor stepped up its attack on Morrison, with deputy leader Richard Marles suggesting the prime minister’s performance through the crisis had shown he was “loose with the truth” and “disinterested in the national interest”.

Dryness is more complicated. The gap widens to 30 points when comparing the youngest age group of 18‒29 years with the oldest age group of Australians over 60 (73% and 43% respectively).

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