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Issac Hayes, Dr. Dolittle Soundtrack (1998), Standout: Channeling the energy of his stomping grounds, Nipsey floats over the track while putting forth a subtle show of allegiance to his Rolling 60s set. As Nipsey Hussle made The Marathon the central theme of his rise to prominence, this early classic helped establish the RSC rep as one of the new voices out of the West Coast.

Sampled On: She's a Lady. Michael Jackson | Got to Be There (1972) Lenny Kravitz, Wandering Spirit (2004). LunchMoneyLewis - “It's Gonna Be A Lovely Day” feat. Here are some of his most resonant songs.

It was added as a bonus track on. Find music from The Hustle (2019). Dr. Dre - "Let Me Ride" featuring Snoop Dogg, RC and Jewell | The Chronic (1992).

Stephanie Smith-Strickland. His ability to verbalize the internalized struggles of being a black male in America without succumbing to a sense of hopelessness is as rare as it is precious. Franklin's take on the classic gives us stirring gospel and appreciation for Withers and God. Hussle’s fiery feature on Donald Glover’s surprise sixth mixtape Royalty was something of a happy coincidence, one that started on Twitter and snowballed. Murda Beatz scores this track from Victory Lap, which captures Nipsey waxing poetic about his unrivaled work ethic and the sacrifices made on the road to the riches. More important, he looks beyond this reality, offering motivation, and a blueprint for transcending circumstance. T.W.D.Y., “Player’s Holiday” | Derty Werk (1999) Sampled On: Robert Glasper Experiment, Black Radio 2 (2013) Mick Jagger feat. A Kebab of Lies 5. Meditation isn't about dumping your thoughts, it's about staying aware and mindful. Nipsey Hussle set the tone for his Victory Lap album with this monstrous single, which saw him differentiating himself from his peers and establishing himself as a beacon of authenticity and a leader of the pack. DMX - “No Sunshine” | Exit Wounds Soundtrack (2001) - “I Gotta Stay” | K.R.I.T.

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9 in G-Flat Major 'Butterfly Wings', Etudes, Op. 1 in C Major 'Waterfall', Etudes, Op. Slightly faster, his upbeat take on "Let It Be" just hits different. Nipsey Hussle picks up where he left off with this sequel to his classic deep cut "Blue Laces." | If you have to pull out your record player, do it! After the rapper shared that he was a fan of Glover’s 2011 project, Camp, the duo hit the studio and cooked up "Black Faces," an unapologetic celebration of black resilience and entrepreneurship. Gil Scott-Heron, Reflections (1981)

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