hill 881 south 1968

Dug into the hill they found 400 foxholes and 25 bunkers.

3rd Marine Division Vietnam War. COMMON MEN, UNCOMMON VALOR @ https://bravotheproject.com/. FOIA Category Search | Advanced Search | Search Help. Marines Ken Rodgers and the late Dan Horton. Nov 10, 2016 - This Pin was discovered by W Sonnenberg. This hill was in a slight ravine and there must have been 100 mortar tubes there. The first contact made with the NVA occurred on Hill 861 when five US Marine forward observers were ambushed in the bamboo, four of whom were killed by gunfire. None of us had any idea of what we were going to encounter on and after 21January1968. KHE SANH AREA, SOUTH VIETNAM

The Battle of Hill 881 was a battle during the Vietnam War between the People's Army of Vietnam (PAVN, or in US sources "North Vietnamese Army" or NVA) and United States Marines.


After beating off a fierce NVA counterattack on Hill 881 North, the Marines could finally claim victory in what had become the bloodiest battle of the Vietnam War so far. The PAVN infantry, though bracketed by artillery fire, still managed to penetrate the perimeter of the defenses and were only driven back after severe close-quarters combat. I…, BRAVO! View from Hill 861 in August 1967 before the Siege began. PAGE 1

Feb 16, 2020 - Explore Kenny Duane's board "Hill 881 South & North & the Marines in Vietnam" on Pinterest. Despite the discovery of the well entrenched bunkers on Hill 861; Marine aircraft used 500-pound bombs in the bombardment of Hill 881 South for fear of hitting themselves with shrapnel when they flew low over their targets to avoid monsoon cloud. Discover the CIA history, mission, vision and values. Marines of Bravo Company, 1/26, minding the daily chores necessary to fight a war.

Hill 881 South was our most difficult as we owned that hill and the NVA owned 881 North. #BRAVO! 2.

BRAVO! Constant mortar barrages on potential landing zones prevented evacuation of wounded and fog cut off most air support.

881 South On January 20, 1968, US Marines went against the Northern Vietnamese Army in what became one of the bloodiest battles of the Vietnam War, the Battle of Hill 881. With Hill 881 South insufficiently bombarded, Marine infantry found the going even harder than the previous hill, often taking fire from bunkers they had passed, effectively being surrounded on hills and ridges that their own artillery and airplanes had cleared of cover. CAMP AT KHE SANH AT 164oN 1o64OE. Separated, burdened with wounded and dead (it is US Marine Corps tradition never to leave their dead behind), both companies set up hedgehog positions until relieved by other Marine companies.


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