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Adrian Cronauer No. Mr. Nixon it is rumored that you have smoked marijuana. Adrian Cronauer Maybe go downtown and try to find a Vietnamese man named "Phil.". Oh, Hanna, you slut. Take some chances once in a while, Edward. Adrian Cronauer Because it's not. The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement, 2004 And yet this boy can get in and out without a scratch. [to Sergeant Major Dickerson]  I got to tell you somethin', you know? : Hey, we're going right now to news. Dickerson

Goddammit, I like you, son. Pope On A Rope. : : Adrian Cronauer : : Let's play this backwards and see if it gets any better. : Speaking of things controversial, is it true that there is a marijuana problem here in Vietnam? That's another person, sir. This 80’s classic is quintessential Robin Williams. You know, Eddie, sometimes you got to specifically go out of your way to get into trouble. [as Jimmy spots them]  Tuan is also known as Phan Duc To! Hottest things is my shorts. It's awkwardly contrived here and there, especially during its recon patrols into Vietnamese life, but for the most part Mitch Markowitz's skeletal script is smart enough to dig in, hunker down and stay out of Robin Williams' line of fire. Sgt. I'm going to get something to eat. Release Dates : Lt. Steven Hauk : [as Intel Officer] 

It sounds like something from the Wizard of Oz "Oh no don't go in there!" Adrian Cronauer : : Look, we've got to talk and talk now! Earl! This is rock and roll! : : : Real hot! : I got people stuck in places they haven't even considered how to get out of yet. Addicted to Love, 1997 That's right.

Shot by Americans! Maybe play a couple of Tennessee Ernie Ford records, that'd be a hoot. I'm here to make sure you don't say anything controversial. Thank you sergeant. Adrian Cronauer So what are you saying, sir?

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Lieutenant Steven Hauk What is the difference between the Cub Scouts and the military?

They're all named Nguyen, or Tran, or... Adrian Cronauer Trinh Well, you can consider a sex change. This is not military issue, airman. : Jimmy Wah [Trinh has taken Cronauer to her brother, who has been in hiding]  Adrian Cronauer Official Sites Welcome back.

Lt. Steven Hauk

What was there to check? You like?

In fact, it's two degrees colder today than yesterday. I've been all around the world, seen a lot of places and a lot of people. Lt. Steven Hauk Hey, you know what I mean! , Lt. Steven Hauk 438, This story has been shared 396 times. 355, This story has been shared 350 times. Adrian Cronauer Sgt. I was there. Staff Sgt. Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, 2003 He's entered the demilitarized zone. They feed Mantovani to insomniacs who don't respond to strong drugs! Adrian Cronauer Picture a man going on a journey beyond sight and sound. We'd love a couple beers, Jimmy. Why are our names Earl? If someone has made you angry or angrier, they have... Vietnamese Class

Thank you Leo... thanks for these. Adrian Cronauer I understand you're pretty funny as a dee-jay and, well, comedy is kind of a hobby of mine. It isn't easy to find a Vietnamese man named "Charlie."


I'm a little hungry. : Jimmy Wah We're here, sir... Jimmy Wah's. This is the place where we like to hang out, sir.

I really like the music. You're not gonna last long here, pal. Private Abersold : Hey, whatever it is, I like it because it gets you on your toes better than a strong cup of cappuccino. : You killing my own people so many miles from your home. :


© 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved. This could give the Army a black eye. Even though he got his start in comedy, Jordan Peele‘s directorial debut made a big splash. Edward Garlick Edward Garlick You're better off. Viva Da Nang. Sgt. : Adrian Cronauer You take a stupid side.

Adrian Cronauer Hey, wait a minute.


Adrian Cronauer You're among the little people now. 539, This story has been shared 518 times. Hi! What's going on here? Wrong speed. It'll be a nice change of pace. 3,768, This story has been shared 2,646 times. Williams is very good and there's some good humour but the writing isn't always great.

Luckily, a guy like him, Robin Williams, doesn't take things for granted. I want your bags packed and ready to go by tomorrow afternoon. Adrian Cronauer

Get a list of the best movie and TV titles recently added (and coming... What to Watch Now on HBO Max and the HBO App, Music title data, credits, and images provided by, Movie title data, credits, and poster art provided by. Thank you. Time to rock it from the Delta to the D.M.Z.! I know about the bombing, Sparky. Lt. Steven Hauk Rollin, rollin, rollin'... keep them wagons rollin', rawhide! : There is an operation that can transform you into a female white dane or a very hell wung chihuaua. I'm sorry. Gentlemen, what can I say but "hiya"? 2,646, This story has been shared 2,631 times. A friend? Adrian Cronauer His wife, dead. : Oh no! Oh, I don't know. She's beautiful and quick. Major Dickerson General Taylor : Once I get inside and hit these air conditioners I get a little dizzy. But Williams, as Cronauer, is so blazingly brilliant that he detonates the center, exploding it in berserk blasts of electronic-age surreality. It's called fun. : 599, This story has been shared 539 times. Adrian Cronauer : Adrian Cronauer Adrian Cronauer Good Morning, Vietnam! The film itself--a dramatic comedy based on the 1965 Saigon gig of irreverent Armed Forces disc jockey Adrian Cronauer--is good-hearted but shallow. It's dangerous out there... things just jump out at you.

Adrian Cronauer Adrian Cronauer : Who's Tuan? They're ruby slippers, Adrian. : And where you do imagine you're going? Hey, this is not a test. [to Garlick] 

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