florida sea monster trident tail

Some features of ATS will be disabled while you continue to use an ad-blocker. Stenson 2002. A 1995 analysis concluded that the St. Augustine Monster was a large mass of the collagenous matrix of whale blubber, likely from a sperm whale.[3]. Carr, S.M., H.D. 1M: Stenella plagiodon (dolphin) In an issue of Cryptozoology in 1986, he wrote, "Gennaro carried out comparative histological examination of the tissue, and concluded that it most resembled contemporary octopus tissue. One arm lying west of the body, 23 feet long; one stump of arm about 4 feet long; three arms lying south of body and from appearance attached to same (although I did not dig quite to body, as it laid well down in the sand and I was very tired), longest one measured over 23 feet, the other arms were three to five feet shorter. Denver News Working In Tandem With Agitators for a More Sensational Scoop? It is a Manatee that has been maimed by boat propellors. 2M: Octopus giganteus (monster of Florida) Nothing shown in the video remotely looks like what they have described, and to everyone's great misfortune it appears the couple who video-recorded the thing stopped recording after only 54 seconds. This could actually be a new and unknown species.

Sphinx – A creature with the head of a human or a cat , the body of a lion , and occasional wings of an eagle .

We’ve all looked at the video many times, I’m sure, but seeing it close to your boat in person must have been unsettling. Further, the connective tissue pattern was that of broad bands in the plane of the section with equally broad bands arranged perpendicularly, a structure similar to, if not identical with, that in my octopus sample. The tail, which is separated and jagged with cutting points for several feet, is flanked with two more tentacles of the same dimensions as the others and 30 feet long. The mouth is on the underside of the head and is protected by two tentacle tubes about eight inches in diameter and about 30 feet long. (The trident tail, one expert says, is likely a boat-mangled manatee fluke.) Let alone, this animal darted from the shallows in an ambush, and attacked a baby manatee(which predators do). PS: That said, if I was on that boat with them, I’d have been a bit scared, too. This was drawn by the draughtsman of the newspaper based on Grant's description, and not an eyewitness. This page was last edited on 5 July 2020, at 17:08. Florida seems to have gotten its very own alleged sea monster.

They were finally rediscovered in 1993 by Marjorie Blakoner of California, who recognised them in an old album. According to Florida Atlantic University professor Ed Petuch, the Singer Island sea monster could be a wayward arctic seal, e.g. It lives in the waters off Singer Island in the Lake Worth Lagoon, not far from the Riviera Beach Florida Power & Light plant. This obvious drawback has baffled skeptics who, against the evidence, still insist it just must, somehow, be a manatee.

While these results were highly suggestive, further biochemical work was required for an unambiguous identification of the tissue." You may be right Dave.

These people are seeing a This specimen is so badly cut up by sharks and sawfish that only the stumps of the tentacles remain, but pieces of them were found strewn for some distance on the beach, showing that the animal had a fierce battle with its foes before it was disabled and beached by the surf. Ogre? ).

The proportions [given by Webb] indicate that this might have been a squid-like form, and not an Octopus. All that thrashing around is not Manatee behavior either, they are extremely sluggish generally. It lives in the waters off Singer Island in the Lake Worth Lagoon, not far from the Riviera Beach Florida Power & Light plant. I could distinguish between octopus and squid, and between them and mammals, which display a lacy network of connective tissue fibers. In truth, the dark rotund thing whose back appears briefly breaking the water looks to me like a manatee or young whale. Certainly, the tissue was not blubber. —Monsterquest did not … This moment didn’t appear on the monsterquest episode.

Webb estimated its weight at nearly 5 tons, if not more. Nope. Webb, who was the founder of the St. Augustine Historical Society and Institute of Science, came to the beach the following day, December 1, to examine the remains. Several photographs have been taken of it, but owing to its position, these have not been satisfactory. Around the same time, a certain Mr. Wilson wrote a memorandum to Webb, communicating the results of his observations made after having dug around the corpse. The Beijing Olympics tainted by animal cruelty!! But as Jay Cooney points out, Scott Marlowe's The Cryptid Creatures of Florida tells anecdotes about similar sounding sea serpents with mammalian heads: "Two navy men stationed at the Jacksonville Naval Air Station reportedly observed a long-necked animal with 'antennae' atop a head similar to that of a dog. Apparently it is a mass of cartilage and may have been dead in the water many days before it washed ashore on Anastasia Island. While it may not resemble a normal manatee tail, the next most likely explanation is considered. It is believed to be the largest specimen ever found. They only showed the parts which appeared to show manatees and some weird seal like animal with a trident tail. With the help of "six horses and strong tackle", it was moved several miles closer to St. Augustine, "to the terminus of a railroad," where it was protected from the tide and drifting sand. These dimensions are decidedly larger than those of any of the well-authenticated Newfoundland specimens. The enormous mass was half buried in the sand, having sunk under its immense weight. A Manatee tail is a large flat paddle. Martine DeWit, associate research scientist with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, is leaning towards a less startling but equally sad explanation. In the squid there were narrower but also relatively broad bundles arranged in the plane of the section, separated by thin partitions of perpendicular fibers. The parts of it shown in the video looks like stuff on old woodcuts of sea monsters so it is possible this could have been seen before. Whatever the couple saw, it isn’t in their video. Eyewitness testimony is problematic for many reasons, which is why more objective evidence like a video is usually better evidence. The opinions of our members are not those of site ownership who maintains strict editorial agnosticism and simply provides a collaborative venue for free expression. No one can disprove what was witness. Because of the unusual shape of the manatee's tail, it leaves a very distinct triple wake on the water’s surface while cruising just below it. The carcass was very pale pink, almost white, in colour, with a silver reflection in the sunlight. An episode of the TV-show MonsterQuest was dedicated to the Floridian sea monster in April, after a video shot by Palm Beach Gardens resident Gene Sowerwine reached the TV-team. In 2006, two Hooded seals were found in this southerly part of the USA; one in Martin Country and the other 2 miles north of The Breakers hotel in Palm Beach. The neck, if the creature may be said to have a neck, is of the same diameter as the body. )( . But until someone shows me a specimen of something, I'm not buying any of it.

Allen apparently did not respond, but Webb's letter came to the attention of Prof. Addison Emery Verrill of Yale, at that time the foremost authority on cephalopods in the country. Mackal tested samples of the St. Augustine carcass for different amino acids and compared the results with the known amino acid composition of the tissues of a spotted dolphin, a beluga, a giant squid, and two species of octopus. The same people that are calling This a manatee call the other 1 A manatee with the Trident tail. Mrs. John L. Wilson believes it to belong to an extinct species. I interpret these results as consistent with, and supportive of, Webb and Verrill's identification of the carcass as that of a gigantic cephalopod, probably an octopus, not referable to any known species.


Due to global warming many animals are moving in areas they don't frequently go. The two boys returned to St. Augustine the same day and reported their discovery to a local physician, Dr. DeWitt Webb. China and Taiwan and Biden here here is how it will probably be played out in the next 4 years. I know the skeptics are going to say that the video is of different creatures but that is a stretch considering that there is video of something that is definitely odd, why mix in video of other creatures? The wide-spread interest in the very remarkable specimen of the giant squid, now lying on the beach a few miles below the city, is mainly due to its enormous size. 3M, 4M, 5M: arm, mantle and fin of Architeuthis dux (giant squid) 4M: mantle of Architeuthis dux (giant squid) Your Welcome, OSIRIS-REx Meets Bennu , Asteroid Sample Collection Activities Start Tuesday, Wireless Electricity Transmission To Be Exhibited On 21 October At Digital Energy Festival. Its final resting place was South Beach, Anastasia Island, near the hotel of Dr. George Grant. A dozen men with blocks and tackle not being able even to turn it over. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Studies on marine invertebrate collagens — I. . I can always be reached at any time, by anyone on the planet, at: Click on my boobs if you are interested (. 6M: Delphinapterus leucas (beluga or white whale), Identification of the samples:

6 meters) in length and 7 feet (approx.

edit on 24-5-2014 by JustACoincidence because: (no reason given) edit on 24-5-2014 by … This content community relies on user-generated content from our member contributors. Even though H flute had a bony ridge going down it very Unlike a manatee All 3 perfect flukes had a bony ridge going rub down the middle. Marshall, K.A.

2M: Octopus giganteus (monster of Florida) The weight of the body and head would have been at least four or five tons. Internet problems keep interfering with the publishing of new posts. I can always be reached at any time, by anyone on the planet, at. This forum is great for the learner. 8 2 >> log in. These are shown in the following table: 1 Pepsin-extracted collagen from Octopus vulgaris body wall. Two others, one on each side, protrude from beyond the monster's neck, and extend fully 15 feet along the body and beyond the tail. theres no nessie even tho i,m from scotland i wish there was. Monster: Pascagoula Aliens The gist: Five-foot-tall wrinkly creatures with carrot-like protrusions around the ear and nose area.

join. The behavior in the video is 100% consistent with manatees cavorting and capering in the lovely waters of Sanibel.

Gennaro compared the connective tissue of the St. Augustine carcass to control specimens from known octopus and squid species.

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