exposition of a story

The day is described as a beautiful June day. There are several ways to handle this: In medias res, meaning “in the middle” in Latin, is a literary technique to start a story in the middle of the action.

A lot of movies show the exposition by panning over the city or countryside and showing the main character doing something such as walking, working, or waking up. Start by outlining the missing exposition in a single sentence. We don’t have information at this point about who Libby is, though we can guess she’s the captive in question. The exposition is the part of the story where we learn basic information that helps to understand the "background" of the story. The idea is simple…, Rather than put the story on hold while you tell the reader about the event from the past, you…. In a nail-biting thriller or murder mystery, you may want to start with high tension from the first line. It’s not a traditional ‘once upon a time’ beginning or slab of historical exposition. Grace Fleming, M.Ed., is a senior academic advisor at Georgia Southern University, where she helps students improve their academic performance and develop good study skills.

If you’re writing a story about mind-blowing adventure and wonder, there’s nothing to say you must include these elements from the first page.

Your email address will not be published. But they can really drag when inexperienced authors make the mistake of thinking the exposition is just to introduce characters, provide backstory, and develop their world.
The exposition is still part of the story, and all story relies on conflict and choice to create plot movement. Stories can feel slow and boring during the exposition, even when they’re by great authors. Date: 5 November Additional information may be the thesis and a preview of the main ideas.

Exposition is a literary term that refers to the part of a story that sets the stage for the drama to follow: it introduces the theme, setting, characters, and circumstances at the story’s beginnings. Many years later, Meggie had only to close her eyes and she could still hear it, like tiny fingers tapping on the windowpane.

Then, in the middle of the crisis of that scene, you pull away from the scene and flash back to the start of the story, the exposition. Thank you for the suggestion and thanks for reading. Because when you stop to describe something or explainsomething, the action stops. ‘I’m sure it must be very comfortable sleeping with a hard, rectangular thing like that under your head,’ her father had teased the first time he found a book under her pillow. So, too, any scene in your exposition should have this dramatic structure, or else risk feeling like boring info-dumping. Next time, can you give us examples from further on in a MS? Yes, they want to find out about the inner workings of your advertising agency, or the folklore of Planet Zorg. Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean. Your exposition is not just about introducing your setting and characters. I think that the exposition of Jackson's short story is what adds to its horror. Immersive setting gives us context for characters’ lives and memories. Other travelers hoped to discover distinctive local wines; Macon’s readers searched for pasteurized and homogenized milk.

Two households, both alike in dignity, Instead, you want to set the foundation of all the story that is going to happen in the future, starting with your inciting incident. When a beta reader gave me feedback that I needed to introduce the character earlier, I did a massive facepalm. Some books or stories will have a “Prologue” before the first chapter or a scene showing something from the past. A clear description of the setting and introducing characters will make your story easy to follow and much more interesting. Did Amsterdam have a McDonald’s? Both are important, but both are potentially unwelcome distractions. What does exposition mean? This series, like most others, features an exposition at the start of a new season and each episode. Not as entertaining as the story itself, which Tyler shortly returns to. But this was relatively subtle, compared to Kipling's science fiction stories, where he used the technique much more obviously and necessarily, to explain an entirely fantastic world unknown to any reader, in his Aerial Board of Control universe.[9]. Then the protagonist (main character) may have a flashback or have an inner monologue (speaking to him- her-self) that shows the reader a previous event which impacts the story or is the cause of a later conflict along with the possible antagonist. There are several reasons why this is good character-based exposition: In one paragraph, Atwood’s exposition raises questions about names, the reasons underlying a character’s emotions, and their environment. The key, of course, is to spread it out across the chapters, only giving readers information that they need to know now. Joe Bunting is an author and the leader of The Write Practice community.
King’s opening gives us plenty of character and setting exposition without info-dumping. Exposition is a little like description. A very clear and strong example of an exposition is from the movie “Pride and Prejudice,” which stars Kiera Knightly  and is adapted from Jane Austen’s book written in 1813. An interesting book about the magic of words in a story is “Inkheart” by Cornelia Funke. By working the exposition into the scene itself in small snippets, like in the two previous examples, you’re not leaving the readers stranded.

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