emulsion in pharmacy

the emulsion is diluted with water if emulsion remains stable after dilution it is o/w emulsion. Traditionally, emulsions have been used to render oily substances such as castor oil and liquid paraffin in a more palatable form. A third component, the emulsifying agent, is necessary to stabilize the emulsion. Importance of Education in Life & Society, Cells in the Human Body | 14 Types with Examples and Functions, Organs of the body | Their Locations and Internal Functions, 14 Uses of Plants & their Importance to Humans & Nature, 10 Types of Chromatography | Based on Different Techniques & Methods, Grammarly Premium Review | A Complete Writing Assistant, Types of Pollution | Their Causes and extent of Damage, 9 Different Types of Spectroscopy Techniques & their Uses, 5 Special Sense Organs | Their Location and Functions in the Body, Root System | 5 Basic Types with Examples and Pictures, Differences between Chemical and Physical Change, Salivary Glands Anatomy, Location and Regulation. The coarse product is produced in mortar and transferred into the homogeniser until desire product get .

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Most emulsions will have droplets with diameters of 0.1-100 µm and are inherently unstable systems; smaller globules exhibit colloidal behaviour and the stability of a hydrophobic colloidal dispersion.

An Emulsion is a biphasic liquid preparation containing two immiscible liquids, one of which is dispersed as minute globules into the other. 3.add calculated amount of water all at once. (adsbygoogle=window.adsbygoogle||[]).push({}); here we gonna study about emulsion from subject pharmaceutics 2 and chapter Emulsion in easy way like full chapter with easy language easy to understand and important for examinations in MSBTE as well as others .the first is only emulsion suspension is in other part.so lets get started. The one which is a large proportion is called the external phase while the one which is in lower proportions is called the internal phase. Emulsions - Part 2 English Method (Wet Method) The acacia solution is place in a mortar and a small quantity of the oil is added. 1.calculate the quantity of oil water and gum required to prepare  primary emulsion. 4.it should produce and maintain consistency of the emulsion. 2.it should be compatible with other ingredients. If dispersed globule appear red and the ground is colourless then it is o/w type of emulsion and if dispersed globules are colourless and ground is red then it is w/o type. All emulsifying agents has a given no on HLB scale which is divided into 18 units. Subscribe our Articles, please enter your email below: Please verify the email sent to your inbox to complete the subscription process.

Here water comprises two layers while oil is a center layer. Gum acacia ,tragacanth, methyl cellulose, synthetic substance and soaps are used and as emulsifying agent. But due to the careful mixture, they can be made into 2 more types. In this type of emulsion oil is dispersed phase and water is in continuous phase. More complicated emulsion systems may exist: for example, an oil droplet enclosing a water droplet may be suspended in water to form a water-in-oil-in water emulsion (w/o/w). 1.measure required quantity of oil in a dry measure and transfer it to dry morter. The droplet phase is called the dispersed phase or internal phase and the liquid in which droplets are dispersed is called the external (continuous phase). Full CPhI & Pharmapack Europe schedule returns in 2021 with live & hybrid events. 2.add calculated quantity of gum acacia and triturate rapidly to form a uniform mixture. And opposite emulgent with lower no (3-6) indicates lipophilic properties and produce w/o type of emulsion. In this various blenders and homogenisers are used for preparing emulsions.

Emulsions are bi-phasic liquid solutions. The following methods used for preparation on small scale. 2.semisynthetic polysachharides- methyl cellulose, carboxy methyl cellulose. Is a biphasic liquid preparation containing two immiscible liquids one of which is dispersed as minute globules into other and stabilized by a third substance called emulsifying agent. 1.it should be capable of reducing interfacial tension between two immiscible liquids. Emulsions The characteristics of an acceptable pharmceutical emulsion include:. They can be identified by adding oil-soluble dyes. 4.inorganic- milk of magnesia, magnesium oxide, magnesium trisilicate, magnesium aluminium silicate, bentonite. The dispersed liquid is known as the internal phase, whereas the dispersion medium as the external or continuous phase.
Since emulsions are thermodynamically unstable, they will revert back to separate oil and water continuous phases unless kinetically stabilized by the addition of emulsifying agents (see sections below on ‘Emulsifying agents (emulsifiers)’ and ‘Emulsion stability’). Here water is centermost layer while oil occupies innermost and also outermost layer. 4.add more water to produce uniform emulsion.

Physical stability (no phase separation). This method id used for the  volatile and other viscous oils. In this water is dispersed phase and oil is in continuous phase. 2.emulsion provide protection against drugs which are responsible for oxidation and hydrolysis. They are used for drug delivery in medicine, cleaning of oil and greasy surfaces, storage of substances, etc. They are again of two types as. (The amount of oil to be added at one time depends on the quantity of emulsion being prepared). And examin under the microscope. the scarlet dye is used in this test this dye is mixed with emulsion then place a drop of it on a microscopic slide and cover it with cover sleep. 2.powder the gum acacia in a mortar. this is some of points we are clear now if you want to know more about emulsion you can check on this WIKIPEDIA. we also provide last year question papers on our web you can check on by clicking –QUESTION PAPERS, MSBTE WINTER QUESTION PAPER WITH MODEL ANSWER, msbte summer 2018 question papers of diploma in pharmacy, Diploma in pharmacy second year question papers, d pharmacy 2019 winter question papers with model answers, TYPES OF WATER USED FOR PHARMACEUTICAL PRACTISE. As defined by the USP XVII an emulsion is a two-phase system in which one liquid is dispersed in the form of small globules throughout another liquid. 1.medicines having an unpleasant taste and order can be made more palatable for oral administration in the form of emulsion. add water and triturate it with gum. If oil soluble, the dye colors the whole solution. In his method the proportion of oil water gum required for preparing in the primary emulsion as the given above. The liquid which Is converted into minute globules is called the “dispersed phase” and the liquid in which the globules are dispersed is called the “continues phase “ Emulsifying agents- the emulsifying agent used to reduce interfacial tension between two phases that is liquid and oil phase. Two main types can exist: oil-in-water (o/w) and water-in-oil (w/o), depending upon whether the continuous phase is aqueous or oily. Pharmaceutical preparations for the treatment of skin conditions and skin care are usually supplied in the form of emulsions.
in which the emulsifier significantly increases the viscosity of the continuous phase. If the bonding layer is destroyed, the emulsions break up leaving two immiscible liquids. Your email address will not be published. Emulsions are basically of two types. The phase that is present as fine droplets is called the disperse phase and the phase in which the droplets are suspended is the continuous phase. Since water is a good conductor, when an electrode is placed, it shows conductivity, indicating it to be an external phase. To perform conductivity test dipped pair of electrodes and connect a low voltage bulb in it. IPP REVENUE HITS. The internal phase and external phase liquids are insoluble. Such systems or their o/w/o counterparts are termed multiple emulsions and are of interest as delayed-action drug delivery systems.

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