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You know that picture of me in the coveralls? I'm a bit vague on how we sterilized the gauze and linen but it seems to me it was done in pressure cooker operated by kerosene. I had written to Bertha when they first got back and I did get a reply.

This is the old family homestead. The nurses had to cut the ropes so they could fall to the deck. And then someone just pulled me, and then the first thing I knew I was going down the hatch.

You knew everybody in the house. Anything they served was wonderful for us.

That was really something.

The crew would come with magazines they had stashed away someplace.

And I'm not a speaker.

The exploits of two Little Rock natives during World War II have both been turned into Hollywood movies.

And that bay lit up that night like you've never seen. We were escorted by the destroyer escort McNulty (DE-581) and the Eugene Elmore (DE-686). The other staff nurses thought that I was having a ball just riding around going to parades and banquets. It wasn't until after I graduated. Dr. Fraley and Dr. Carey Smith were with that group? You learned a lot. No screens or anything?

And that's where Admiral Bennett presented the Legion of Merit to me. I remember standing at the rail with somebody. The Army nurses still over there were further up the peninsula and they were being evacuated too but they didn't get to Corregidor until the next day. August 15th was V-J Day [the day victory over Japan was celebrated, though Japan formally surrendered on 2 Sep. 1945] and that was a day! Just before war was declared, we had one shop across from the Army and Navy Club run by a Jewish woman originally from Philadelphia named Rosie.

They would write a speech for me. They assigned us so many hours duty and then somebody would come and relieve us. Every time the kamikazes would come we would get the alarm over the loud speaker.

From April 24 to 26, 1944, Cecil B. DeMille was in Little Rock for the world premiere screening of The Story of Dr. Wassell.

For even more, visit our Family Entertainment Guide. Two PBYs came in first and they took some nurses on it How they picked them, I don't know.

On March 11 a suicide plane crashed on the deck of the Randolph (CV-15).

Eugene E. Wassell, 66, of South Scranton, passed away on Sunday, Aug. 23, at Geisinger Community Medical Center from a recurrence of cancer. Did you ever get out of the tunnel?

So there you were at Chelsea, a provisional nurse. That afternoon they took us to the nurse's quarters at Sternberg. We had marines aboard they were taking to Midway where they went ashore.

Let's go back to Little Baguio. I was carrying my camera; I never gave that up and brought it home with me. Mary Chapman was going to get married and had put in her resignation. Born in Little Rock on July 4, 1884, Corydon McAlmont Wassell (called “Cory”) was born to Albert and Leona Wassell. Dr. and Mrs. Wassell also returned to Little Rock for the festivities. I didn't have much of a vacation. That was when the public relations place downtown was shipping me here and there selling war bonds, going to factories. Not like now.

This was where we separated. Only for one reason. He was strictly command.”.

I could get the women in the audience to cry.

I remember at that time the Nurse Corps would send nurses to George Washington University for a course in dietetics. On April 10th we went to Saipan with 556 casualties.

We really didn't have a chief nurse there with us. I don't recall our living quarters, but apparently they were adequate.

How do you do that? Were the patients transported by ambulance? When we got down there we got on a boat that was even smaller than the one that took us to Corregidor.

Finally when the boat arrived, we got on. How did the Navy brand of nursing differ from what you had experienced before?

Well, that was an experience.

Oh, how they were living it up. (Reading from notes) So on the 28th [August] we were enroute via Okinawa for Dairen, Manchuria to pick up the prisoners of war. Learn about current events in   historical perspective on our Origins site. A lot of it stemmed from the time I got promoted and made junior grade. On January 23, 1942, Camp Limay moved to Little Baguio farther down the peninsula. As the patients were brought in they were assigned to a table by Dr. Weinstein of the Army Medical Corps. When those nurses came off duty, they always served tea and those nurses were having tea. It was at Limay where we bad the long row of tables. I was in California after I retired and I think I saw Helen Gorzalanski. IMDb's 25th Anniversary: The 25 Most Voted on Titles on IMDb with Less Than 5.0 Rating, Favorite TV Shows on the Air 50 Years Ago.

You could hear the slapping of the water between the two objects.
So they decided to open a hospital for dependents but did so before it was really set up.

About this time, General MacArthur declared Manila an open city.

I remember one patient we were operating on. She was an actress, known for Becky Sharp (1935), Four Star Playhouse (1952) and Television Spy (1939).

I saw an ad in one of the nursing magazines that said they would find you a job so I applied. Even after I finished that, there were still no jobs.

He was subsequently called to active duty in the Navy in 1936 and stationed in Key West. And that was for bathing and washing. Are you kidding? That was on March 30. And then this boat would fill the bay with white smoke so the kamikazes couldn't see. New nurses were coming into the Corps roughly every 2 to 4 weeks. The Army was there so I don't know. I always said that I didn't want to go of there on an airplane. They had to be deloused first--fumigated and then given showers. The remaining buildings were along each side. We then came home to Exeter. He was the one who took care of me.

Someone gets out and someone immediately gets in.

That was the stipulation.

Even before we got off that submarine, each nurse got a bucket of water to go into the john and take a shower. In 1911, he married Mary Irene Yarnell, with whom he would have four children. I remember telling him that I didn't want him to do that if anything happened to me. They had a dispensary in the Navy Yard at Charlestown but they didn't have a hospital for dependents. Since you had worked for Carey Smith as a surgical nurse, he knew you, he had worked with you. Is that how you remember it? How long were you there?

We went on the April 8th and left on May 3rd. They sat there. The sky was bright, everybody firing something or another. Corydon Wassell was born on July 4 (a good date), 1884, at Little Rock, Arkansas--a good place that can also claim Douglas MacArthur as one of its sons.

It was just a cabin with a sink in it. Then no one can ever come back at you and say, `If you hadn't made me do this, this wouldn't have happened.' In fact, when we came into Okinawa, we couldn't land because of a typhoon and we had to go out to sea again.

We came in on the 18th and disembarked the prisoners. I was there a short time when I requested occupational therapy school and it was granted.

Well, they didn't let them come right aboard.

Since MacArthur only spent a few hours in Little Rock as an adult, it is possible that Peck spent more time in the building than the General did.
When the chief nurse visited the ward every morning, you had to accompany her, as the nurse on the ward.

They turned them over to the authorities when we got into Fremantle [Australia].

And then I got in a car and they took us out of the tunnel down to the dock. The latter played himself; he had actually been one of the sailors saved by Dr. Wassell.

You went to lunch and then didn't have to go back on duty. We were bombed for the second time on April 7th. There were 24 Army nurses, 25 Filipino nurses and me, the 1 Navy nurse.

If you have trouble accessing this page and need to request an alternate format contact ehistory@osu.edu. He and his wife and have three sons and a daughter who enjoy diving together whenever they can.

There was nothing else for girls to do in those days but be a school teacher or a nurse. When he is not working, Dr. Wassel enjoys spending time with his family.

There was so much confusion. So I did.

When you went into the hospital lateral it was like this [gesturing]. If you don't think that was a treat. I thought, 'What did I do now?' I was then assigned to the Naval Hospital in Houston, TX, and was there about a year when they transferred the hospital to the Veterans Administration. Which of these terrible action movies would make a great ironic musical? The real Corydon Wassell and his wife were married all … Even before you got to the Philippines, had you been hearing anything about war?

Patton had no ambition except to be a soldier and to command a field army. And I wasn't there very long before I got orders for the [hospital ship] Relief (AH-1).

So I didn't sign up and sure enough, I got the Philippines. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! I'll tell you why she didn't. I remember only doing one amputation with him.

In 1914, the couple volunteered to be Episcopal missionaries in China. Peggy was the civilian wife. The POWs had to come down to the docks from Mukden by train, but the Japanese had blown up the rails. Life was good.

Some midshipmen would get their eye on you and then you were 'dragged' to the hops at the Academy.

On the 11th of December medical personnel at Canacao evacuated and reported to Sternberg in Manila.

We arrived on November 30th, 1945. You were still at Sternberg at this time? They put them under the hospital, protected by sandbags? No. A grandson of Little Rock Mayor John Wassell, he graduated from what is now UAMS in 1909. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. Thirty-three years after The Story of Dr. Wassell was released, MacArthur was brought to the screen by Universal Pictures.

But then the Japanese started shelling us so they canceled us. So, I got real bright and said, 'Why don't you make us draw straws? I didn't do much work when I got to Corregidor because I had dysentery.

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