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thinks it’s a well made fan film trailer, with elizabeth banks. Our last Superman comes from the video game and tie-in comic book series, Injustice: Gods Among Us.

During a series of very convoluted events, Superman’s inner good resulted in his sacrifice to save the world. It looks interesting. The James Gunn-produced Brightburn opened in theaters last weekend. It’s all about power. He is young and cocky and arrogant as he believes he is the most powerful being on the planet. There is no… Read more », I much rather have Hollywood make a dark non superman, superman like movie … than have them make a darker Superman just because it’s hip, i think the reason i can wholly accept this premise is because I, along with everyone else, know that this is not connected to the Superman franchise. Which winds up being his downfall. What it means to have it and what it means to abuse it. Like Clark, they raised him with love. Just why? Scheduled for release May 27, 2019, the trailer for “Brightburn” even mimicks some of the shots from Zack Snyder’s film. A Superman horror film. On the other hand though…I’d like that to be a good horror film that could be a very good homage and a crossover between Superman and The Omen. What if a child from another world crash-landed on Earth, but instead of becoming a hero to mankind, he proved to be something far more sinister? It wouldn’t have surprised me at all if WB tried to do something like this in lieu of a proper Superman film considering their failures to get him right. But, in this version of Superman, his rocket crashed in the Ukraine sometime during the 1920s, where he was raised on a collective farm. A young couple, unable to have children of their own, are shocked from the home one night when a small …

#Brightburn #SupermanSupport My Patreon! One-Time Donations At: Official Readus 101 Merch Here! \"Today's Lesson,\" I talk about the release of the latest trailer for Sony's superhero horror movie \"BrightBurn,\" and the constant comparison to Warner Brothers and DC Comics' Superman.

They forced criminals and supervillains to undergo a behavior modification procedure to “replace any negative tendencies with positive ones”. In the end, Ultraman and the CSA are right back to where they started. With Elizabeth Banks, David Denman, Jackson A. Dunn, Abraham Clinkscales. That and why? realizes it is indeed real. I don’t see the problem, this isn’t new territory outside of movies. The Fatal Five’ Animated Movie, 2020 – ‘Superman: Red Son’ Animated Movie, 2020 – ‘Justice League Dark: Apokolips War’ Animated Movie, 2020 – ‘Superman: Man of Tomorrow’ Animated Movie, Justice League Home Decor by Delta Children. A good-guy version of Lex Luthor, named Alexander, brings the OG JLA over to Earth 2 to help overthrow the CSA.

He was revealed to the world as Superman during the Eisenhower administration. As for the film itself, I’ll probably give it a watch.

(Both directed by Richard Donner). If you thought Zack Snyder’s take on the Superman origin story was too dark in “Man of Steel,” then wait until you watch the trailer for Sony Pictures’ “Brightburn”. But, Superman cared for everyone, including those around the world and in the United States. : The Return of Black Adam’ Animated Short, 2011 – ‘All-Star Superman’ Animated Movie, 2012 – ‘Justice League: Doom’ Animated Movie, 2012 – ‘Superman vs. me: watches trailer.

Ultimately, United States President Lex Luthor tried to goad him into war. After reading through all of these, I now know better than to blindly trust a well-meaning alien in tights who can crush a skull one-handed.

Injustice. In turn, Superman’s reign grew increasingly authoritarian. Molds: Cookie Cutters, Ice Cube Trays and More!

Let’s face it. But, despite being shown love and compassion by many of the people in his like, his alien nature took over, turning him violent. I wouldn’t go as far as your last line, Brightburn very obviously subverts the super-hero expectation and turns the protagonist into a horror movie monster; but I’m with you on the rest, particularly in the allergic reactions the fandom and the mainstream audience seem to have toward anything Superman that doesn’t adhere to their absurd, ultimately vacuous standards. This gave him superpowers like regular Clark, but, as these things sometimes do, it came with a price. We should consider ourselves lucky this isn’t an actual Superman movie from WB.

In another alternate universe, the Joker hits Superman with Joker gas, leading him to kill a pregnant Lois while hallucinating that she’s Doomsday. So, what is the appeal of flipping “truth, justice and the American way” into something twisted? Conversely, Red Son, written by Mark Millar and published under the DC Elseworld’s imprint, used a version of the actual Clark Kent. DISCLAIMER: SUPERMAN and all related elements are the property of DC Comics. My vote would go to the ” No,I don’t think that this film will be a success in theaters” option of the voting ballot. They defeat him, and he ultimately lands in jail. That’s just the impression that I’m getting from this trailer . The Joker rigged Lois’s heart with the trigger to a nuke, so murdering her also destroys Metropolis. There are many versions of Ultraman, but my favorite comes from 1999’s JLA: Earth 2, written by Grant Morrison. Looks like fun…. In an effort to save the world from itself, he became (as the book called him) President Superman. Teen Titans’ Animated Movie, 2016 – ‘Justice League Action’ Animated Series, 2018 – ‘The Death of Superman’ Animated Movie, 2019 – ‘Reign of the Supermen’ Animated Movie, 2019 – ‘Justice League vs. Aside from nature vs. nurture and a backfiring desire the fix the world, there are other reasons a Superman could break bad. IMO all seems to be the same crass and cynical idea. I think it’s an amusing idea and actually kind of funny. Under his leadership, he solved every problem the Soviet Union had, which led to the socialist state controlling every government, with the exception of the United States. Can they legally use that line??? But hey, enough about Man of Steel…” C’mon. With the exception of Brightburn and Ultraman, the obvious theme is that, when unchecked, Superman’s absolute power corrupts absolutely. They raise the child, who begins to exhibit powers and abilities far beyond those of a normal child…. Like Clark, they raised him with love. Nothing to do with Superman except that they clearly want you to be thinking about Superman the entire time and the trailer is practically flashing a neon sign telling you to do so. He monitored every conversation with his super hearing, and dissidents were lobotomized, with technology put into their heads to make them compliant. Someone read Injustice and decided to take it a step further by making Superman evil or morally absolutist from his very beginnings.

This isn’t the first time that ‘Superman, but bad’ has been used to tell a disturbing story. I guess I’ll never understand why so many Superman fans were offended by the more nuanced portrayal of Superman in ‘MoS’. Brightburn v. Superman: Dawn of Infringement | READUS 101 - … ‘MoS’ still stands as the best, most promising movie of… Read more ». Looks intriguing. But, despite being shown love and compassion by many of the people in his like, his alien nature took over, turning him violent. Plus we have an Aquaman movie, a Shazam movie, a Wonder Woman sequel, a Joker “Elseworlds(? That’s funny. He’s meant to inspire people because he’s the ultimate good guy. Like Clark, his rocket crashed and he was found by a couple looking to have a baby.

Doubt it will be anything earth shattering, but it could be entertaining. He decides that it’s up to him to fix the world, and other superheroes join him. He led the team while they assumed governance of the United States. I talk about the past and recent lawsuits DC and Warner Brothers had to deal with regarding Superman, the possible reasons why they haven't decided to take legal action against Sony, and what we can learn from their decision to let the movie get as far in production as it is._____________________Music\"Wisdom Tooth\" by B-RadGfromOV 101 Theme:\"Phantom\" by B-RadGfromOV http://www.readus101.tumblr.comInstagram: Readus101

Superman is the good guy. All in an effort to make the world “perfect”. They are forced to leave or else both worlds will be destroyed. He also plays Big Brother, surveilling the world and eye-beaming anyone who says a bad word about the Syndicate. Let’s take a look at some of the iterations of bad Supes. Directed by David Yarovesky. I do think that an opinion poll for this movie would be a good idea.

Superboy Prime.

With his help, the USSR easily won the Cold War. Superman doing the wrong thing for the right reasons was also the plot of the 1985 Marvel Miniseries, Squadron Supreme. Ultraman was astronaut Clark Kent. The premise is simple: what if, instead of being a boy scout, Superboy was a sociopath? This invention led to one member of the team using it to brainwash another member into being in love with him. “Based on Zack Snyder’s first draft for MoS.”. Looks pretty promising to me – it looks like a story that embodies all the human fears of a superpowered alien that ‘Man of Steel’ touched on, and takes them to their extreme.

It’s produced by James Gunn and written by two of his brothers. He was the leader of the Crime Syndicate of America, evil mirror versions of the JLA.

Hyperion, the leader of the Squadron and this version’s fake Superman, also wanted to create a utopia. I always have judgement reserved after I have watched a film…I’ll let myself be surprised and see what Brightburn will bring to the table. like a lot of you here, I ABSOLUTELY DESPISE the thought of Superman being evil… i have not read anything from Injustice, and I never will, nor will I ever play the video game… but i can enjoy this for what it is, because while it does have similarities, we all here know this has nothing to do with Superman… and that’s why i actually do want to see it.

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