bright path: the jim thorpe story

And I follow through on those commitments.

Sensmeier: Oh yeah.

Someone asked me that question recently. I look at it like if we do a good job, and it does come across as being authentic and something that could stand the test of time, then it’s like I did my part in helping that shift in Hollywood that’s needed. She had a Cambodian writer, so she’s really supportive of the communities she’s telling stories about. Oh, man, it’s an incredible honor. I’m watching, asking questions, and genuinely interested in what I’m working on. I think that we’re still looking for that representation. They said that they had raised money and they were in the process of raising more money to tell the story of Jim Thorpe. I mean, if you think about it, if this film is a success and it’s funded by several different Tribes, which a large part of the funding will come from several different Tribes, if it’s a success that’s going to open more doors for future opportunities. Every time I’m on set, it’s like film school for me. I think that translates today because there’s still a lot of false stereotypes that exist about Native people.

If I don’t get the part, I know who’s going to get the part. Sterlin Harjo wrote an amazing script, and he’s from Holdenville, which is 30 minutes away from where Jim grew up. I was able to make a connection with Angelina Jolie and Todd Black, who produced The Magnificent Seven, so I’ve worked with Todd before. In 1912, he wins two Olympic gold track and field medals, representing the United States while his citizenship goes unrecognized during a period of …

Native Business: So you see yourself moving beyond acting and doing a little bit of everything at some point? Founded in 2020, Bright Path Strong was created to share and amplify authentic Native American voices and stories, past and present and continue Jim Thorpe’s legacy of community service.

h T s (*. So I believe in my product and I feel a lot of good things happening in the future.

Angelina actually has some Native ancestry through the Iroquois and Huron Tribes, I believe. That’s a challenge. I just met with some investors here in LA about a project that I’m doing with some friends of mine in Seattle.

But with this particular project, it was an opportunity and I was at a big, powerful agency, and they back me and believe in me, so that’s been great. He has no home or family so he makes his way to Tulsa.

It’s the same thing with business. And then I got some modeling gigs and next thing you know, people wanted to take pictures of me and wanted me to audition for their movies. A lot of times, this work and being an entrepreneur is like starting a fire. I spent 5 years on an oil rig. Check out the below links, may contain affiliate links. Jim Thorpe is a member of the Sac and Fox Nation and his native name, Wa-Tho-Huk, translates as Bright Path.

I’m going to produce a lot of stuff. “At its core, Bright Path is a powerful human rights story,” said Robert Williamson, clan leader of the Sac and Fox Nation, among which Thorpe was raised.“It will help the nation understand our people and our struggle.” It’s important for people to learn about everything. I think she wanted to do something with a Native project and was looking for something that was a meaningful story, and also she has a thing about doing films and making it authentic. Sensmeier: To play Jim Thorpe? I have strong Native leads in my life, but there were strong supporting characters who were white and black and other ethnicities I grew up with. So I was like, alright, maybe I can do the acting thing.

That’s the biggest thing.

That’s what I hope for it. You ain’t never arrived. Jim Thorpe went to Carlisle with a bunch of other people, and then he played professional sports and was in the Olympics. At the end of the day, this isn’t about me. And aside from that, I can’t really speak much more. But the main ones in my life were Native. I know what I’m pursuing. Sensmeier: I’ve learned how to handle rejection in the process of auditioning for project after project that I never booked. That’s what I hope for. I think it should be a story about a man and an athlete, and I think a lot of people can identify with that. (Photo by Dave Starbuck/Geisler-Fotopress/picture-alliance/DPA/AP Images). Native Business: From the business angle, what is the impact of so much of the investment in the film coming from Tribes? He’s Muscogee (Creek) and Seminole, so he did an amazing script. I’m very supportive of other Native artists on any level – even if they suck. If there are kids that want to pursue it, if they daydream about it and think about it, I think as adults and mentors and teachers, if those kids are daydreaming about it and if they have that itch, we need to support those dreams even if they seem farfetched. You’re always trying to make it every day. And that it stands the test of time. He tries to connect with a cousin but she turns him away. Filmmaker Sterlin Harjo follows Native artists for a year as they navigate their careers in the US and abroad. While the full cast has yet to be announced, Martin Sensmeier, who is also executive producing the project, will star as Thorpe. You know, I have a lot of plans. I honestly can’t even put it into words, because I don’t know how to fully express how big of an opportunity it is. Spurred on by the last words his father ever spoke to him, ‘Son, you’re an Indian. Proclaimed “World’s Greatest Athlete,” Wa-Tho-Huk – Bright Path, became an icon of Native American strength and resilience. I think we’re protective over a lot of our stories, as we should be. e track upcoming movies through all stages of film production.

She had a Cambodian writer, so she’s really supportive of the communities she’s telling stories about. What it will mean to Native kids to see that type of representation – they need that.

I’ve learned not to be emotionally attached to my business as much, and I think as an entrepreneur that’s important because some of it works out and some of it doesn’t. There in the Indian Territory that became the state of Oklahoma, Charlotte Vieux Thorpe, a Pottowatomie woman, gave birth to twin boys. Our story Email Us Call Us: 248.387.9826, USA TODAY • LA TIMES • CBS Detroit • Crains Detroit Business • Corp Magazine, Angelina Jolie, Steve Tisch, Alex Nibley, Todd Black, Martin Sensmeier, Sterlin Harjo, Abraham Taylor, Josh.
So I think that it’s a great opportunity. She saw this as an opportunity to do that, so I’m just super grateful and incredibly thankful that she’s chosen to be a part of it. Native Business: How did you decide to become an actor and an entrepreneur? Native Business: Is it important for Native actors to get involved in the business side of filmmaking? Click To Tweet. I plan to travel to Oklahoma because I’ve got to figure out the right dialect. The tragedy and triumph of Native American Jim Thorpe, the greatest athlete of the twentieth century. There’s a lot of Native kids that will benefit from seeing that type of representation on screen. Sports has also helped.

So he competed against athletes from other walks of life, other nationalities, and whatnot.

Sensmeier: We’re going to produce more movies!

I’m training hard, working out every day – sometimes two times a day.
A teenage murder witness finds himself pursued by twin assassins in the Montana wilderness with a survival expert tasked with protecting him -- and a forest fire threatening to consume them all. Jim Thorpe went to Carlisle with a bunch of other people, and then he played professional sports and was in the Olympics. If they’re going to invest this much time, studios are going to get behind it. Martin Sensmeier is seen here at the premiere of the movie ‘The Equalizer 2’ in the TCL Chinese Theater in August 2018. And with the fact that these people came to me and they had the script.

We’re still looking for that exposure, on whatever platform that might be – whether it be sports, or entertainment, or what have you. He also produces all of Antoine Fuqua’s films and all of Denzel Washington’s films. It’s pretty cool listening to her talk about story and stuff like that. The only way to do this is with the help of Indian Country.”, A preliminary synopsis of the film on describes the story as “a young Native American struggles to hold onto his identity in the face of a nation that attempts to strip him of his culture. While it’s still in its early stages, the film has already amassed a roster of top names who have signed on to be involved with the project, including Angelina Jolie, Todd Black, and Steve Tisch as producers. Currently, several Tribes have joined together to support it, including the Tuolumne Band of Me-Wuk Indians, the Mohegan Tribe, the Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation, the Tonto Apache Tribe, and the Bear River Band of the Rohnerville Rancheria. And we’re going to tell some stories from that area. Sensmeier, an Alaska Native of Tlingit and Koyukon-Athabascan descent, is perhaps best known most recently for his roles in. I have to do the best that I can do and actually do the work, so that requires all this preparation. We adopt technology as it’s readily available. Sensmeier, an Alaska Native of Tlingit and Koyukon-Athabascan descent, is perhaps best known most recently for his roles in The Magnificent Seven and a recurring part on HBO’s Westworld. Native Business: How did you end up becoming a producer? With her last film, First They Killed My Father, they shot it entirely in Cambodia with Cambodian actors.

That’s what it comes down to. With her last film. Native Business: Is this the first film that you’ve produced? We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. That’s what I’m doing because that’s what it means to me. That was based on a true story and it got nominated for three Oscars, so she knows how to make these types of movies. Sensmeier: This is the first film I’m producing, but I’ve worked with Todd before, and I was able to make the connection with Angelina.

I go in and audition and then walk out of there and forget about it. Native Business: Tell me more about your production company, Box of Daylight. But I think people are more able to identify with someone who lived in the early 1900s rather than someone who lived in the 1700s or 1800s because this person goes to school and they encounter other people. That’s back to being an entrepreneur. by Andrew Ricci | Aug 28, 2019 | Arts / Entertainment / Media, Entrepreneurship, Featured, Features |, While the full cast has yet to be announced, Martin Sensmeier, who is also executive producing the Jim Thorpe biopic, will star as Thorpe. I know there’s not a lot of us doing it.

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