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This hairstyle is one of the best blowout haircuts for men that you can try for your next party, event, or just for everyday wear. This classical style is made by following strict instructions. Blowouts provide the perfect solution so that all of that volume benefits your overall look. The top has been blow-dried and rolled over to one side to create a nice movement. It works well in eliminating frizz while keeping those elegant curls intact. Prev 1 of 26 Next. To achieve this look, blow dry your hair, brushed up the top side hair and turn the strand into sharp textured by applying hair gel through hands. You can also try these popular undercut hairstyles to get a unique look. Men with naturally curly hair are considered lucky as there is no need to do much to style their hair. The idea is to create a straight line all the way from your jaw to the tips of your hair. Hair should be buzzed on the sides of the head and given a deep side part on one side. Today, hairstyles are all about getting the top hair perfect while the sides are completed with a taper fade. If you want to keep your Afro even, the Junior ‘fro is a great style to show your barber. In this hairstyle, both sides and the back are trimmed short while the hair on top has been brushed upwards. To avoid getting your hair tangled in the bristles during the blowout hairstyling (been there—ouch!

This blowout fade haircut is great for men with thick straight hair. The spikes can be arranged any way you like with the use of some high-quality hair gel. Brazilian blowout is a customized way of smoothing the hair. You don’t necessarily have to shave to get a blowout. Another great blowout haircut for men with naturally wavy hair is the Pushback Waves. Buzz cuts are primarily military haircuts because they are short and suitable for army. A little styling goes a long way on long hair for men. This hairstyle is achieved without too much shaving. They were most often called a taper fade. Don’t be afraid to use the hair gel. Keep your style in place with your favorite styling gel and you’re ready to go! If you are not ready for the high-maintenance classical blowout, go for the less obvious but easier to manage one. African American men are lucky when it comes to hairstyles as they do not need to apply any hair product to get a perfect look.

This hairstyle also looks great with thick mustache and beard. Keeping your hairline as a temple taper fade will help to give you a great angular look. If you have long enough hair to create a voluminous style, then you should be able to tease it into this style as well. Buzz hair tightly at the sides in a tapered style as you work your way up. This stylish blowout is all about achieving maximum volume and raising the roof with your hair. All that you need to do is to flick your hair over from one side of your head to the other. The hair on top is moderately trim for additional texture. Simply have all sides razor faded for a fresh look and leave enough length on top. This hairstyle is ideal for men who are not a fan of applying a lot of hair products. Keep the hair on top about five to six inches long. Allow your natural curls to create a style for you. This short hairstyle looks more like an undercut, but it still shows a blowout style as the hair is creatively shaved in such a way that it looks like a classical blowout hairstyle. This haircut has incredible undercut design that can surely turn heads. Swoop it all to one side for the ultimate style. The taper fade sides will provide you edgy and stylish features. Allow your Afro to grow upwards and allow texture on top, but maintain your angular lines.

Slick the longer sections of your hair up and straight back. Once you’re done, wash your hair and use a towel to dry it. When you are styling the top part of your blowout you don’t have to make it all leveled out. There is no need to apply hair spray. Source. There is no need to shave. Blow dry the top hair and turn it into soft, messy waves at the corner. 18.09.2016 by Helen Bright 0. The blow dry in an upward direction will give a length to your hair as well. To achieve this look, you must have a few inches long hair on top which is blow dried and combed back in the backward direction later. Loose waves in voluminous hair is the ideal choice for these people. When you push forward the long curly top hair, you get the above fabulously attractive aesthetics. This haircut is perfect for men with naturally curly hair. This type of blowout hairstyle could be considered a classic if not for the little amount of hair gel used. Your best bet is to cut the sides of your hair short so that the hair up top contains all of the movement and body. This long blowout haircut creates height at the root while pushing all of your hair back for a clean and sexy vibe. Both sides and the back should be tapered or shaved short. Fringes can be classified as blow out hairstyle depending on the styling treatment. Any stray hairs which grow outside of a certain area can be promptly chopped to help to keep the style shaped and even. So, be creative and style your hair into a textured and messy top for an intense aesthetics. Make sure to do your best with the top part styling. A blowout look can be achieved without shaving. In this hairstyle, the hair on the crown is wavy and swept to one side while both sides and the back are given a high fade. Bring those ringlets to life with a curly blowout haircut. The hairstyle gives a very neat and precise look while maintaining your style statement as well. In addition, to blow dry, this hairstyle needs a handsome amount of styling product to hold the spikes in place throughout the day. This blow out comb-over is suitable for those guys who have thin hair texture. If you have guts, go for this one and grab the attention of everyone around you! Some facial hairs are also added to complete the manly appearance. Keep the sides and back of the head taper fade and roll over the front hair to add volume to your hair texture. Create a tapered blowout haircut for added height and a little extra personality. Your hair doesn’t have to move as one entity, a piecey look is not only natural but takes away a lot of stress when styling. The highlights are giving more definition to whole hair structure. The ultimate advantage of having black hair is that you can experiment with any shade of hair color, unhesitatingly. Light facial hair can help to create a brilliant dark and brooding look which will soon become your signature style. Platinum blonde top makes the whole look even more modish. The razor line adds more details and funky feature to your look. You can achieve this hairstyle without shaving too much. You can also go for geometrical shapes to make your blowout hairstyle stunning and breathtaking. Keep all of your cuts straight, smooth and angular to give your style a masculine look. This Afro is a variation on the angular theme. Small amount of pomade or gel has been applied to keep the style in place. This guy has taken the fifty shades of green to a whole new level. There were even special blowout-style parties. Modern blowout haircuts often mix with other popular styles and create new fresh and hot images.

Keep your hair styled in a sleek way to create less volume. It can easily be turned into a classical blowout with some hair gel and a little time. First, work a styling creme into damp hair to ensure that those curls will stay in tact.

It can be in a form of simple straight or curve lines. A very smooth way to create a nice blowout style is to keep the curls subdued. This combination shows just how easy it is to mix different styles together. Nowadays, messy and shaggy are becoming a trend and they can be styled in many ways, just like this one. It is best for those men who want to add imperial change into their classy blow out hairstyle. It comes under the list of that blow out hairstyles, which require minimum maintenance and styling time. All you need to do is keep the hair on the sides short and style the top part on the blowout way. All you need to do is add some hair gel to the middle part and not use any hairspray. You can put gel into your hair and then run a comb upwards through it. Keeping this hairstyle intact is not easy, but some gel and spray will do the job.
So, in order to become unique, you can leave the bangs out to fall down your forehead while keeping the rest of the hair styled with gel. Blowout haircuts were very popular during the 1990’s and made a comeback in the 2000’s, thanks to Paul D from Shore Fame. This is also one of the best blowout haircuts for men with naturally curly hair. If your hair is curly, you can use a flat-iron to straighten it out before starting the procedure.

This will fit men with no love for the hair products. The texture and volume of the hair will surely get a lot of eyes. The haircut for the Blowout hairstyle involves having the first 2 inches in height of the hairline of the back (nape) and sides (ears) being faded with a hair clipped while the rest of the hair (top of the head plus the part of the back and sides which wasn’t faded) being of a medium length (2-6 inches). When you are shaving some hair off, regardless the style you are making, there is always room for art. Mix up two different blowout styles by wearing your hair wavy at the back but with a rolled fringe at the front.
If not yet, look at the above image, it is right here! The strands are also pushed back and tapered for a great attraction. This type of angular styling is a real throwback to the 1980s. In the end, you will get a 2-inch band of faded short hair around your head (across the back and the sides). This hairstyle is particularly for these guys who finally decided to overgrow their buzz cut from the top. What many don’t seem to know is that for a lot of black guys, the secret styling tool behind big and fluffy afros is the blowdryer. Blowout haircuts became popular in the 1990s. Their natural waves or curls are usually enough to rock the stage. They are great for people who really just want to get up and go. A blowout with a part is polished way to style your hair while adding shape and dimension to your face. This blowout haircut is perfect for men with curly hair. Go for asymmetrical styling of the upper part of your blowout and you are sure to look amazing. Now, create a hard part, blow-dry the top and roll over the sides for a finished look. In this hairstyle, the long hair on top has been combed towards the front, allowing the bangs to form a cowlick appearance. The forward spike blowout haircut for men is great for men with naturally thick and straight hair. You can also grow short beard for a striking facial frame. There are some guys that prefer to freestyle the look with picking hair out with a comb or an afro pick until they get the blowout haircut style they desire, but that can be a long process depending on your hair length. Create a part on your best side and cut hair close to the scalp while letting longer locks fall over the other side.

Show off your most sophisticated self with this sleek blowout pompadour. Boys can go with a mid or low fade if they love it. While you are doing that, correct any stray hairs to stand up and angle. So when the shaving is done for the blowout, there is a lot of room for creativity. Do this again a few times from opposing directions. Sometimes disheveled hair gives you such modish vibes that no other hairstyle can! You can give your hair more volume by rolling your hair over. You can achieve this style if your hair is long enough. He came up with a variation of the taper fade and called it “blowout.” So, thanks to Pauly-D this style got a second life in the 2000s. Take a look at the 80 interesting blowout haircuts for men we have chosen to give you an idea of what a great blowout style looks like. This wavy style is perfect for the highly educated male. Haircut for the Blowout. In fact, it is an imitation of the blowout fade hairstyle. You can make anything from a wild mess to a textured pompadour. Here is another blow out hair idea for men with short hair. If you need some inspiration, check out these popular blowout haircuts for men.

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