best bruiser lol

I don't know why I didn't think of it! If you stack melee you're just asking to be swiftly and hard countered by the many melee counters and punish picks like ETC, Jaina, or even bruiser Arthas. Thrall is the best all round bruiser. All Rights Reserved. Good single target dmg. In those cases you need to fill the role of off lane AND ranged DPS. But he can merc decently well allowing your team to maintain pressure during timings.

Fighters (also known as Bruisers ) are a diverse group of short-ranged combatants who excel at both dealing and surviving damage. The ability itself goes through three separate moves with each button press: the first two are basic slashes forward, while the third and final hit delivers a downward slam that knocks opponents into the air.

I'm an off lane main and a grand. Decent aoe dmg and durability with decent to go as dmg. Handily, casting Aegis of Zeonia also refreshes his passive, guaranteeing an additional block when you go in for a trade or kill.

Good survivability. So you can pick him but he's not always ideal.

It certainly takes practice, but once you’ve got to grips with her main abilities you’ll be outfoxing your lane opponents with ease, and then carry that lead as the game develops. Meanwhile, Heartseeker Strike is also very useful, not just for its active effect, but mainly the passive bonus, which makes Pantheon’s basic attacks and Spear Shot always crit against enemies below 15% health. Unlike popular belief....He has like 5 builds. Decent to Good survivability as long as you keep your trait and aa going, just a big hp pool. Thanks for taking part!

Volibear may seem like a pure tank to most people, but he can dish out a lot of dmg due to his w, because it simply womp people hp and is base on hp.

With that strong lead established you can continue to play aggressively, and aim to close out the win with your team as quickly as possible. ----------------------- currently less valuable bruisers ----------. Varian is banned a LOT in low ranks. The Noxian bruiser has always been an imposing presence throughout the early stages of a League of Legends match in top lane, with some strong harass, reasonable sustain and the power to go toe-to-toe with many lane opponents. Press J to jump to the feed. Depending what level 7 and 13 you go, she has 2 viable builds that scale equally as well. A champ that can obviously built full offensively, full defensively, and a mix. Rexxar - Gives fantastic early game point control on maps like drAgonshire and braxxis/good late game cc and if you have good macro he does good aa dmg if you can keep up constant as between both of them. The most recognizable one that everyone knows is Mordekaiser. Check out which Top Lane Champions are performing the best in Dynamic Queue, along with some of the other high win rate champion picks right now. You'll know when to press the advantage over an opponent who's weak while you're strong, or you may know to sit back, play it safe, farm and wait for the lategame power spike.
His w build where he gets essence whenever he hits heroes, cooldown every time he hits heroes. Almost all bruisers can 100 - 0 squishies endgame, but here is a bit of a quick rundown. I main Wukong and have by far the most success on him because he will carry the early game if you gank frequently, has fast clear, and will be tanky if you choose to build him that way at the end (which everyone does.) If your lane opponent fights bear, you back up bear, without letting Rex get hit. Someone mentioned rexxar but that one is hard to play, but if you can handle the bear and knowing his strengths.. it is a recommendation. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Good damage. Chen's an odd one, but if you go shield build, and more importantly, can do it well, his AA's are nuts at 16. * Udyr Dmg: *** I run 9/21 on him and rare is the champ I can't outduel until 6. Plus now I can throw an AP jungler into my pool! Like I said, i'm no expert so more information beyond what i'm telling you is out of my reach.

Like if someone picked Qhira or Kerrigan(Q stack build on maps like Shrines) and they aren't doing off lane as an example.

If you can get Dehaka to 20, his AoE silence is game-ending, if you consider that good scaling, but I try not to pick heroes for their 20's, and while he is a phenomenal bruiser, maybe not what you are looking for. Some champions in League of Legends are just much stronger than others. Please read over our rules section before posting! If you weaken either lane opponent enough at the start of a match you can even look for a kill with the help from your Support. Leoric is a personal fav of mine due to his self sustain, presence and ults. You’ll want to find opportunities to stack this on enemy champions, and maintain those stacks so that they are constantly bleeding to death. An AP Bruiser is a Juggernaut, Diver, or Skirmisher that could or does use AP. His W( +atk speed, +lifesteal) and his E (true dmg) alongs with his passive of (more atk speed as less hp) make his him a good duelist at least. The best Top Lane Bruisers in League of Legends are able to take a lot of damage while also being able to inflict a ton of pain, giving them the ability to sustain more melee attacks without having to retreat or regroup.
As this guy is the most variable hero. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Also, Yrel's 16 is straight disgusting.

Deathwing is Deathwing and is just a bit overturned everywhere.

You don’t want to play too aggressively and find yourself over-extending, but Caitlyn is able to apply significant pressure to low health targets with further poke or a well-timed engagement. Xin Zhao is pretty strong in 1v1s, but can tank as well since most people probably build like 2 offensive item on Xin and go tank, or go full dmg. Leo (as mentioned by half the people in this comment thread)- depends what 13/16 you go.

Currently I'd recommend Samruo, Varian, Sonya, Malth depending on how the draft is going.

The fact that his build is mostly decided at 13/16 by picking the two talents that go together also helps. And there is quiet a lot I'm not mentioning. It's knowing where your champion lies on this scale which will maximise your effectiveness in a match. Basically if someone on your team picked a melee DPS or melee Bruiser and they're NOT going to be off laning.

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