bartok the magnificent dragon

(Although, for better or worse. Ludmilla finds one of Baba Yaga's iron teeth, and she informs the people what has transpired. Dr. Valentine, Video Games

Bartok reluctantly accepts, and he and Zozi head to the Iron Forest to confront Baba Yaga and save Prince Ivan. Newborn | Long John Silver | Unaware of her transformation, she addresses the nobles saying "Behold your new Queen! Alpha-Omega (Red & Preacher) | Adam |

Bartok and Zozi return to town and lead Ludmilla and Vol up to the top of the tower where Ivan is imprisoned. While in her dragon form, her vocal sound effects were provided by Frank Welker. Ludmilla is the main antagonist in Don Bluth's 1999 animated fantasy film Bartok the Magnificent. Dragon abilities (in her dragon form), Manipulations, cunning Weapons: Baba's potion Fate: Turns into a dragon, later falls to her death from the tower Quote "Oh, not to worry, the water will be along shortly, I'm off to claim my throne!" Unbeknownst to her, the potion causes her to steadily transform into an enormous dragon. She was voiced by Catherine O'Hara, who also played Shock in The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Kaos' Mom in Skylanders: SWAP Force. KidnappingAbuse of powerUsurpationAttempted murderHigh treasonAnimal crueltyFalse imprisonmentAbuseCorruptionIncrimination It follows the story of the albino bat, Bartok, before the events of Anastasia. Its mystical powers apparently make the drinker be what he is inside on the outside ten times. Major-Domo | Home Alone Villains |

Screwface | Mordroc, Kidnap Prince Ivan and usurp his throne in order to become empress of all of Russia.

CunningSchemingManipulationDragon abilitiesOppressionMagnificent intelligence Kronos |

That's why she is still her Ludmilla self in it. Luke Castellan | Don Bluth Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Jungle Hunter | Delighted with Bartok's bravery, everyone around him rewards him with gold, including Prince Ivan, who gives him a royal ring, much to the displeasure of Ludmilla, who reminds him that the ring is only for members of the Romanov family, not commoners.

The Dragon | For Bartok and the crew they felt very concern about letting the same Dragon that tried to angrily devour the small Bat of the group just 5 minutes earlier to run freely, but instead of trying to use this moment to attack and get revenge Ludmilla just stood there for a moment as she had only one question on her mind. Once the potion is finished, she reveals the location of Prince Ivan and that she didn't actually kidnap him. Occupation Back in Moscow, Ivan is kidnapped by Baba Yaga, which leads to an immediate investigation. She also sees Bartok as nothing but a nusaince. Xibalba | Jessica, See Also Ludmilla, seeing that she cannot dissuade him, reluctantly allows it and they leave. General Edward | Rasputin |

Chiren |

", only for them to run away screaming. The Cook | Discover more related GIFs on Gfycat Grewishka | She is voiced by Catherine O'Hara. Gorgon's Pack | Bartok tries to conceal his identity, but he is brought before the people, who explain that Ivan has been taken by Baba Yaga, and that they are relying on him to rescue their prince. Eagles |
She is the former trusted advisor of Prince Ivan Romanov who wishes to take the throne herself and become queen of Russia. Black Wolf | Ian Hawke | Hal | It turns out Bartok's amazing rescue was just another act - the bear is Zozi (voiced by Kelsey Grammer), Bartok's business partner.

The magic potion was made to help out Bartok in freeing the Prince.

Kearney Zzyzwicz | Goals From the beginning, Ludmilla seems to be a woman of rights, and also seems to be a little shy, hesitant and mysterious. White Wolf |

Ludmilla is a Russian noble of great influence in Prince Ivan's court. Nelson Muntz | When Ludmilla expresses that she is upset that Ivan has given a ring to a commoner, especially a street performer, Ivan retorts that that was his intention, and his friend Vol (Diedrich Bader) agrees that Bartok was funny. Limbo | Animated Features Ted Maltin | Ivan the Terrible | Paragus, Live-Action Movies Warren T. Rat | Clancy Gray | Andrew Detmer | She's so large, and he's so small. She makes a magic potion from the items she had Bartok collect and reveals that she never took Prince Ivan and that the potion she made was meant for Bartok himself. Lindsey Naegle | Hans Zeller | Damien Thorn | This website uses cookies to enhance your browsing experience. Bartok returns Ivan's ring and Baba Yaga appears, writing "Bartok, The Magnificent" in the sky. Nova |

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