bad lieutenant (1992 ending explained)

So why does it have the same title, asks Marc Lee. But the worst was yet to come: that was after, after he was honored with promotion to Captain with everyone in attendance, including his girl who was (of course) pregnant, and they all had their wineless dinner and he dropped her off at home, when the camera stayed on the picturesque little house with the pretty flowers and the almost perfect symmetry of the trees bookending the whole thing, with the radiant little (expecting) woman standing in front ... BIG INHALE ... that whole thing was just so cloyingly sweet and hokey and corny that it caused the aforementioned solitary audible "oh please!"

The Lieutenant picks up his $30,000 share from the drug dealer and calls the bookie personally to place his bet. Whose body is the gang dumping off the bridge while talking about real estate? How to add a magical composite bow to a treasure haul? and I was watching it alone. The following day, he listens in on the nun's confession to her priest, where she says she knows who assaulted her but will not identify them. Gotta accelerate this, or it'll be even longer than it's turning out to be: after the end I went online, looking for the inevitable explanation, and like you, I didn't find anything, until I saw what was written here, and you provided the little thing I was missing: the exact moment when it all started, which was right after he tooted from the open bag of very pure smack, and when you tied it together by reminding me about the prior warnings about its strength, etc, and I put all that together with a few other little things, like the fact his girlfriend chose the exact moment she did to go to rehab with the dad — just as he was waving that bag in front of her face, and find the strength to turn it down not once not twice but three times, because he kept trying — I saw that you nailed it, bro. But a Catholic he remains, so when a group of neighborhood thugs rape a nun in a Lower East Side church, the incident captures his attention. My "claim" where I said I had no definitive answer and began with "I think" ? IDK maybe this is a true to life representation of what a drive-by shooting looks like. Addresses are not passed on to any third party, and are used solely for direct communication from this site. By complete Deus Ex Machina Nick Cage's character gets his life back together, he has a chance to go clean, have a family and a promotion and straighten up. The song is by Johnny Ace (who interestingly enough died playing Russian roulette during an intermission at one of his concerts). People often don't even realize what's going on until after the fact. A narratively unrelated follow-up, Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, was released in 2009, seventeen years after the first film's release. Harvey Keital finds the criminals but gives them a second chance at life by exiling them from his city. Why so many amphibious and aquatic animals? You put it together. He is later shot by a shady character who he owed money to.

I usually don't react audibly to films when I'm alone, so just to say the sudden difference was pretty extreme.

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