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He goes out in public reluctantly, with a Celtics cap tugged low over his eyes, but at least he's reachable. By comparison footballers in the Premiership earn much less. The Shocking Untold Story Of LeBron James' REAL FATHER & BROTHER!

I wonder if Lebron knows who his real father is and just isn't revealing it. or "You sorry!" ANTHONY MCCLELLAN: Well, I don't know whether Malcolm advised on that: I'm not saying that.

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His home games are on pay-per-view for $7.95 a pop in 14 Ohio counties, and a Dec. 12 matchup with national power Oak Hill was scooped up by ESPN2.

1 prep as a sophomore, but his evolution can be broken down into two stages: pre-6'6" and post-6'6".

One: he's a fabulous journalist; one of the best journalists this country has ever produced. ANTHONY MCCLELLAN: I think heads will have to roll if the facts are as we know them.

And the real LeBron James happens to be a gem. Even then, there are no guarantees. When he got there Eddie Jackson was holding the rim. He said it was "unwise"? The kid has charisma -- "Charisma? With Glo, LeBron would go to bed after Jay Leno; with the Walkers, he had bathrooms to clean and couldn't talk back.

It is a …

(Whether or not the governing body would have launched a similar investigation if a white, middle-class family had bought their overachieving son an $80,000 BMW is a subject of some debate within the African-American community.) It is also bland.

Matter fact, me and Ann may turn out to be good friends.

'The first time I gave him a basketball was out in my backyard. The money, the spongers, the greed, the crooks and the hangers-on. "But everyone expects Bron to go right into the NBA and dominate. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Walker volunteered to look after the boy when he learnt about Glo's difficulty in providing a stable home. The two adults were no longer romantically involved.

', 'I never complained about the media. In 10 minutes time he will tip off against a team from Westchester, California. Interview: Anthony McClellan, AMC Media. She has never elaborated but it's clear the James's domestic life was chaotic. 1. 'Remember that photograph of a teenaged Bill Clinton meeting JFK?' 'It's all going to come down to [a contest between] me and Michael,' says Vaccaro, before conceding it will be hard for him to outbid the richest sports company in the world. They've made a tragic and terrible error of judgement: a mistake. Pam Walker still drove him to school every morning, but after practice he wanted the gang over to his house now. At the time, Eddie was facing prison again (his sentencing for mortgage fraud was scheduled for Dec.11), and LeBron started re-evaluating. Couldn't they test Lebron and a relative? Yeah, I smoked weed.

Here is one verifiable incident, reported by the Cleveland Plain Dealer, that gives a flavour of the rumours. Those weren't his wheels -- they belonged to an ex-con -- and that's when the negativity kicked in. ", St. V's outgrows its gym. But I think we need to go back to the core issue here is: 60 Minutes basically paying for the commission of a crime.

Either way, LeBron Fever was off the charts after the Cleveland workout, even though critics still saw a kid who drifted to the perimeter on offense and looked indifferent on defense. Of those, 3,600 will be good enough to enjoy the four years of free education and campus adulation that comes with a college basketball scholarship. I'm not saying that as anything about this... MATT WORDSWORTH: You're talking back in the 80s? And that's another furphy in this. In the programme, he is listed as 6ft 1in and 17 years old but he looks smaller, younger. They've not got to be the guys, the grunts, on the ground. When it's around family, around friends, of course you want to try it. Possibly.'. But all of the mystery and intrigue will be over in six months, when LeBron James finally shakes the commissioner's hand and gets on with it. We've got no idea whether money was paid for that.

As it was, 170 journalists were accredited, most of whom had their hands up to ask a question as he took his seat on the stage. Maybe he's finally growing up, maybe not. I think it's worth mentioning that this is actually a picture of Roland Bivens, not Anthony McClelland. Ohio records state he is suspended from practice. I learnt that from Jordan.' His father had just a tad more hair though…. Whoever the guy is in the photo, he looks exactly like Lebron. Lebron had never played, other than just fooling around. “I go from $10 in my pocket to $100 million. It's Eddie Oliver. MATT WORDSWORTH: Does it relate to that case? youtube. And I think any way you look at this, snatching children off a street in a foreign country is a crime. I think it's a bit of a con, for a number of reasons. The weeks running up to the New Jersey match had been particularly difficult for the SVSM star. Jackson responded indignantly. They scream. 'How do you think the team will do next year, when he's a multimillionaire playing in the NBA?' It takes him another minute to finally score a basket - a 20-foot jump shot that rattles off the back iron and falls in.

And secondly, I think - not so much from his point of view, but from Channel Nine's point of view - they've got three people who are all connected with Channel Nine.

'There were kids there from all over the country and he was the best player there by miles,' Joyce recalls. He had little stability in his early years, because of a father who never checked in and a mother who scoured the want ads. It remained in the news for a week while the $400-an-hour lawyers hired by SVSM High School and the OHSAA argued in court over the motivations of an 18-year-old kid on a shopping trip.

He's got a two-way pager on one hip and two cell phones on the other -- because he never knows when Antoine Walker might call. And I think that's putting it in very diplomatic terms for Malcolm Turnbull. He makes his teammates look and play better. Touts were asking $2,000 a pair for good seats. Let me get out of this school before I get nasty.". The athletics director, criticised for trying to profit from LeBron's fame, said he thought he would be able to auction off the balls for school funds. LeBron James has scored 49 points. We're not getting anything. "I had to put an end to that -- she was getting a bad name for herself," LeBron says. ', 'I was talking about the controversies - have you felt pressure over all of the coverage? The four-time NBA MVP rose to basketball stardom from the most unlikely of circumstances. Stovell is an attorney who sued NBA legend LeBron James and James’s mother Gloria James, claiming to have fathered the basketball star. This is a media device to buy time for them to get their act together: an act that's quite literally falling apart. The article inside began with a description of a meeting between the teenager and Jordan. By the time you have finished reading you might feel like taking a long, cleansing shower. And of course we've all got the benefit of hindsight about this. It meant the boy could keep his pals -- Frankie Jr., Sian, Dru Joyce III, Romeo Travis -- and together that crew won more than 200 AAU basketball games. He claimed the mother and son falsified a paternity test in 2007.

I'm going to force it.' The following year the youngster won the school's attendance prize. But for a tiny minority, college is merely a staging post en route to the bigger prize: a spot in the NBA, America's professional league. LeBron was the only one around him who could keep his head, and what he decided to do -- at least temporarily -- was stop fixating on the NBA. Vaccaro was shrewd enough to befriend Eddie; before long, adidas was the official sneaker of St. V's. He's Anthony McClellan, a former television producer and reporter who worked at 60 Minutes for 14 years.

There have been casualties, not least the reputation of a small Catholic high school in Akron, Ohio, which many feel has been too quick to capitalise on its most celebrated pupil. ', That, and his ball-handling skills, his basketball IQ, his strength and his size. It was the first in a series of events that turned LeBron's life into what it is today: a circus. It is no surprise that he already refers to himself in the third person -- "LeBron stays humble by just being LeBron," he says -- or that he shouts "King James!" ', He soon had LeBron playing organised basketball.

ANTHONY MCCLELLAN: Yeah, and that's the big "if". "We stole it from LeBron's phone," Frankie Jr. says.

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