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They are accompanied by the little boy from Vengeance. Richard Troy is Eve's biological father; from when she was about five or six, he began raping her, continuing until the night of his death when Eve was eight years old.

In Conspiracy in Death he is described as having the spirit of a seven-year-old boy on the first day of school. Referred to as "Sick Bastard" much as Baxter is referred to as "Horny Dog", Jenkinson is a solid veteran who is fiercely loyal to Dallas.

Roarke is one of the main characters of the In Death novels. A very able police officer, he begins making regular appearances in Conspiracy in Death. She shares the general opinion of Dickhead that the other characters have, although admits that he is a brilliant tech.

These characters are for the most part deceased, but play an important role by figuring strongly into the minds of Eve and Roarke and may frequently show up in flashbacks or memories. On several occasions, the two have had meaningful conversations over their only common interest: Roarke. Officer Carmichael is the longest serving uniformed officer in Eve's squad. Summerset says that he did it because he had "children to protect. He recognizes that she is an excellent cop; if it weren't for the fact that Eve prefers being on the street, he would have promoted her to captain himself. After an argument fuelled by McNab's jealousy, their relationship ends in Betrayal in Death as Peabody is unaware that his rage was due to the fact that he has genuine romantic feelings for her. In Kindred in Death she fulfills this role and also states that, whilst she finds Eve difficult and abrasive at times, she respects her abilities and would have used every influence she had with Commander Whitney to have Eve assigned to the investigation had the father of the victim not already requested her.

Summerset gives her away and offers his wife's ring, which he wore on a chain around his neck, until they can find another ring. Yancy is an Ident Artist working for the NYPSD.

They have since become friends, and Nadine attended Eve's bachelorette party in a down-market sex club, The Down and Dirty, where Nadine did a half-naked dance for the crowd. This leads to an argument and fistfight with Roarke in Judgment in Death. She is a pretty and feminine woman whom Eve often consults on her cases. For the record, HSO was perfectly aware that Eve murdered Troy, but cleaned up the body and had the case unsolved, as they had themselves recommended she not be taken out of Troy's custody. He is not above, and indeed often seems to expect, bribery in exchange for quick lab work.

However, not long after his arrival, an employee of the estate is found dead of electrocution in the hot tub!

He is very nonthreatening to her; however, he is intelligent, and as Charlotte says, very good at separating what is good and evil. Roarke is shocked by the warmth of welcome he receives from Sinead.

Louise does have a trust that she lives on, and occasionally supplemented the clinic with her own cash.

It is mentioned that she enjoys celebrity gossip, pottery, knitting and also loves getting dressed up for big social events such as Eve and Roarke's annual Christmas party.

Eve respects him greatly. Summerset had not realized the basis of his dislike, and is guilt-stricken over it. She came to Dublin at eighteen, hoping for the excitement of a city life. Eve loves Charlotte very much but has not admitted it to her face; nevertheless, Charlotte knows. He still has connections with people that will no longer talk to Roarke now that he is married to a cop, and so is occasionally asked to unofficially assist with investigations.

He had great chemistry with all the other characters and they never closed off his storylines. During the series' fictional "Urban Wars", a time of urban unrest, Summerset served as a medical aide, also working with the title doctor from Origin in Death. Eve is the primary investigator, which causes friction between her and Feeney during the course of the book.

He abused her, but she repeatedly asked him to marry her, and in her social worker's words, give Roarke a true father. Baxter enjoys playing the field.

He designed Eve's wedding dress; Eve is very fond of him and approves of him as a good match for Mavis. Louise spends half her week there as of Portrait in Death.

It is insinuated they intend to continue a relationship even after she returns home.

He has at least one daughter (a lawyer) with his wife, Anna Whitney, and endures stoically the parties his wife loves throwing.

So many things on this show made me angry about the treatment of people in prison and especially those in minority groups. In the end of Ceremony in Death, Jamie kills the murderer of his sister with an athame; Eve takes the blame and pretends she did it in order to spare him from a murder trial.

Charlotte thinks of Eve as a daughter, a fact which annoyed Mira's own daughter at one point, and throughout the series has gotten Eve to open up to her more and more. Nadine admits to Eve that she struggled to trust people in relationships after a bad experience with Richard Draco, one of the murder victims in Witness in Death, and she only seems to have fairly casual relationships up until Apprentice in Death when she starts a relationship with musician Jake Kincade, who nicknames her Lois after Lois Lane, also an ace reporter.

She has an almost innocent personality which belies the very real street knowledge she possesses; she is also very loyal to Eve, wanting nothing but the best for her, and always knows what Eve needs.

Callendar is another of Feeney's "boys" (all of Feeney's e-cops are his boys, regardless of gender) and is a friend of Peabody and McNab.

Error rating book. He is probably of mixed race background, as he is mentioned as having 'oddly exotic almond-shaped eyes', and sports a small tattoo of the Grim Reaper on his left pectoral.

J.T. Eve's police commander; her immediate superior, since the NYPSD Homicide department oddly enough does not have a captain. Occasionally members of the squad will ask for Eve's opinion on a case or be pulled in as part of the team on larger cases.

She never has any dialog but is often mentioned.

She tells him that she has realised that he always wanted someone like Marlena for Roarke, a sweet and innocent young girl - something Eve has never been. In reality, Roarke thinks of Summerset as a father.

The fact that no one in Dallas could track down her ID indicates one of two things: that either Homeland Security interfered and deleted her data,[1] or that her parents had never registered her in the first place.

Other uniformed officers who cross Eve's path and impress her are often added to her squad later, beginning with Peabody and Trueheart, then later on Officer Newkirk (introduced in Creation In Death and the son of an officer on the original case) and Officer Shelby (introduced in Festive In Death and brought in to Eve's squad when Trueheart makes Detective).

Her social worker named her and put Eve into a foster home, the beginning of Eve's life in the system.

With the information that Eve's father was going to start selling her in Dallas, it is to be concluded that Richard Troy was going to sell his daughter to Patrick Roarke. They spent what felt like seasons building him up to the biggest baddie, only for him to die in like three episodes after he was revealed. He is handsome and mild mannered, and is described by Dallas as the best imaging artist there is. ", "She had great character development, then they killed her off! And then BOOM.

She is described as a petite and pretty woman, with soft curly blonde hair and baby blue eyes. In Interlude in Death, Roarke realizes that his father, Patrick Roarke, had business in Dallas, Texas, with Troy, the same week of Troy's death.

Highly respected in her field, she forms a quick friendship with Morris as they share an interest in the dead through their work and both experienced failed relationships.

Her mother, Stella, was a prostitute and a drug addict and was occasionally beaten and raped by Troy, but hated her daughter.

Charlotte has several children with her husband, Dennis Mira, and has grandchildren as well. Their relationship grows over time, beyond mentor-mentee to deep friendship. What a waste.". She met and was charmed by Patrick Roarke (see above), and bore his child out of wedlock.

Eve's third victim in "Naked in Death" is the owner of a cat. That is all I need to say. This business is fully realized in Divided in Death: Eve remembers her father telling her in Reunion that she was finally going to start working (or rather, being raped for her father's profit).

Richard Troy was raising Eve - who is definitely his biological child - with the intent of using her for child prostitution.

Patrick Roarke's real wife, Meg Roarke, then raised Roarke (abusively) until he was about five, whereupon she left. Upon being requested to be Eve's aide at the start of the series, Peabody was incredibly grateful for the opportunity as she had studied Eve's cases in the Police Academy and idolizes her.

They begin to date at the same time as Peabody is dating Charles Monroe. WARNING: Contains big, sad, potentially series-ruining spoilers. He hero-worships both Eve and Roarke. In Vengeance in Death, Eve realizes why Summerset does not like her. We hope you love the shows and movies we recommend! Eve's official residence is 222 Central Park West, New York, NY, with Roarke. Her death made my entire family cry, and I stopped watching for months after.

When he comes to the U.S., he brings Summerset with him, asking Summerset to become his home's majordomo. Shortly afterwards, with Leonardo, Roarke and Eve as her coaches, Mavis gives birth to a baby girl, named Isabella Eve, who is more often referred to as Belle.

All of this is in contrast to her demeanour in court, where she is described as a piranha. Troy was under surveillance by the HSO the day he died. In the finale of Vengeance in Death, Eve takes a hit from a stunner meant for Summerset. Recently, we asked TV fans to share a character death that devastated them and pretty much ruined the series in the process.

Feeney is one of the few people who knows that Homeland Security covered up Richard Troy's death by his daughter's hand.

", "He went from psychotic jackass to unpredictable shady boyfriend to stable healthy husband.

Eve often observes throughout the series that Nadine wears high heels, which Nadine says she wears to make her legs look good.

She is short in stature, often wearing mile-high heels (according to Eve) and has a soft Southern accent. I haven't watched since. He implicitly trusts his contemporaries like Whitney and Feeney, and shares their opinion of Dallas. In Vengeance in Death, Eve is delivered a message from the killer via a very young boy with a cat, who is abused by his mother and spends his time out on the streets. Summerset's respect for Eve's job is also demonstrated in subtle ways as well, particularly in Origin in Death when he subtly hints how she made history by stopping her adversaries in a high-profile case.

To add to that, what made it worse for me was that they seemed to have only done it for shock value.

Feeney describes him as a known candy thief, and he has been caught at least once pilfering candy bars from Eve's office.

Richard and Elizabeth DeBlass are lawyers, and Richard is the son of Senator Gerald DeBlass, who murdered their daughter, Sharon. Her family is very peaceful and pacifistic, but Delia prefers exercising justice her way - the police way. Roarke is one of the main characters of the In Death novels. He used to go by the name 'Basil Kolchek' back in Ireland in the 2030s.

Reporting on what you care about. The two met when Eve was an officer. Feeney often refers to her as "the wife" in front of other cops, but loves her dearly. She is described as being small, with red hair and green eyes.

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