2005 election results

Both New Zealand First and United Future said they would not support a Labour-led coalition which included Greens in Cabinet posts. Colours denote the winning party, as shown in the main table of results. For lists of candidates in the 2005 election see: The National Party campaigned on the platform of (National Party Press Release): Postal voting for New Zealanders abroad began on 31 August. The site is secure. For events leading up to the date of the election, see, For results by county/region and analysis, see, Last edited on 13 September 2020, at 15:09, Pre-election day events of the 2005 United Kingdom general election, list of parties contesting the 2005 general election, Learn how and when to remove this template message, Opinion polling for the 2005 United Kingdom general election, Results breakdown of the 2005 United Kingdom general election, Results of the 2005 United Kingdom general election, List of MPs elected in the 2005 United Kingdom general election, Results of 2005 United Kingdom General Election, list of parties standing in Northern Ireland, Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey, Minister of State for Asylum and Immigration, 2005 United Kingdom general election in England, 2005 United Kingdom general election in Scotland, 2005 United Kingdom general election in Wales, 2005 United Kingdom general election in Northern Ireland, List of MPs for constituencies in England (2005–2010), List of MPs for constituencies in Northern Ireland (2005–2010), List of MPs for constituencies in Scotland (2005–2010), List of MPs for constituencies in Wales (2005–2010), "Blair is not the only one with Iraq amnesia – the Lib Dems were NOT anti-invasion, just anti-that-kind-of-invasion", "Tory election poster sparks complaints of racism from students and teachers", https://www.webcitation.org/query.php?url=http://www.conservatives.com/pdf/manifesto-uk-2005.pdf, "Polly Toynbee: Humiliation could make Blair a Labour leader", "Broadcasters hail success of joint poll", "The Big Question: What is the West Lothian question, and can it be resolved satisfactorily? The collapse of National's vote led ultimately to the replacement of its Parliamentary party leader Bill English with parliamentary newcomer Don Brash on 28 October 2003. Following the death of Pope John Paul II on 2 April, it was announced that the calling of the election would be delayed until 5 April.[2]. The election saw an 81% voter turnout.[6]. All Polling Places Reported Magistrate Declarations Polling Place Reports. Gordon Copeland, a United Future list MP, left the party to become an independent MP in May 2007, and contested the 2008 election as a candidate for The Kiwi Party. The election came just over three weeks after the dissolution of Parliament on 11 April by Queen Elizabeth II, at the request of the Prime Minister, Tony Blair. Welcome to the Ipsos MORI politics and society podcast hosted by Keiran Pedley. The total combined vote for Labour, the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats proved to be the lowest main three-party vote since 1922. Blair's successor as Prime Minister, Gordon Brown visited Buckingham Palace on 6 April 2010 and asked the Queen to dissolve Parliament on 12 April. Given the election results, however, such a coalition would have required the confidence-and-supply votes of both New Zealand First and the Māori Party. This webinar will explore how the result of the forthcoming election will impact on trade, diplomacy and what it might mean for the rest of the world. Sunderland South repeated its performance in the last three elections and declared Labour incumbent Chris Mullin re-elected as MP with a majority of 11,059 at approximately 2245 BST (failing by two minutes to beat its previous best, but making it eligible for entry into the Guinness Book of World Records as longest consecutive delivery of first results). At 04:28 BST, it was announced that Labour had won Corby, giving them 324 seats in the House of Commons out of those then declared and an overall majority, Labour's total reaching 355 seats out of the 646 House of Commons seats. The details of how Britain's three main political parties managed to spend nearly £40m to woo voters at the last general election is disclosed in full for the first time. [9] The Conservatives were expected to make the biggest gains, however — 44 seats according to the exit poll — with the Liberal Democrats expected to take as few as two. The pro-independence Scottish National Party and Plaid Cymru (Party of Wales) stood candidates in every constituency in Scotland and Wales respectively. Despite its resurgence, National failed to displace Labour as the largest party in Parliament.

Here's how you know. Ballot voting took place on Saturday 17 September, from 9 am to 7 pm. The first seat to change hands was Putney, where Labour's majority of 2,771 fell to a strong Conservative challenge, with a total swing of about 5,000 (6.2%).

They pointed in particular to the fact that they were now in second place in roughly one hundred and ninety constituencies and that having had net losses to Labour in the 1992 general election and having not taken a single seat off Labour in 1997, they had held their gains off Labour from the 2001 general election and had actually made further gains from them. It was the most "three-cornered" election since 1923, though the Liberal Democrats failed to match the higher national votes of the SDP–Liberal Alliance in the 1980s either in absolute or percentage terms. Direct comparisons between the following polls have no statistical validity: No single political event can explain the significant differences between most of these polls over the period between them. The Green Party which had supported Labour before the election received no cabinet post (see below), but gained several concessions from the coalition on matters such as energy and transport, and agreed to support the government on matters of confidence and supply. George Galloway yesterday sparked new controversy with claims that the general election in Bethnal Green and Bow was tainted by "thousands" of fraudulent votes. As well as losing seats to the Tories and the Liberal Democrats, Labour also lost Blaenau Gwent, their safest seat in Wales,[10] to Independent Peter Law, and Bethnal Green and Bow to Respect candidate George Galloway. Election 2005 at-a-glance Full results in detail In pictures: Election night Blair backers reject quit calls Tony Blair's supporters brush off calls for him to quit as he puts the finishing touches to his third term ministerial team. The formal leadership election began in October, and was ultimately won by David Cameron. I salute the new independent MPs – here is my advice to them, Lynton Crosby knighthood discredits honours system, say Labour MPs, Where Labour went wrong – and what we must do to put it right, Lynton Crosby: the man who really won the election for the Tories, 'Misunderestimated' Ed Miliband emerges stronger from first TV test, Lord Rennard: low profile belied his influence on British politics, Five jailed for attempted Bradford postal votes fraud, General election results in Guardian front pages, 1945-2005, Liven up the election with headline bingo, Watchdog clears Tories of breaking electoral law, £40m spree that bought groundhogs, gurus, makeup and Mr Spock outfits, Tories increase majority in general election's final vote, Galloway claims Labour tried to rig Bow election, Galloway accuses Labour of electoral fraud, Police abandon Standard voting investigation, About 1,849 results for UK general election 2005. A full list of parties which declared their intention to run can be found on the list of parties contesting the 2005 general election. 2005 General election results summary. Despite this, Labour mostly retained its leads over the Conservatives in opinion polls on economic competence and leadership, and Conservative leaders Iain Duncan Smith (2001–2003) and Michael Howard (2003–2005) struggled to capitalise on Blair's unpopularity, with the party consistently trailing behind Labour in the polls throughout the 2001–2005 parliament. In some areas the Conservative vote actually fell. The election was followed by further criticism of the UK electoral system. With the exception of the newly formed Māori Party, which took four Māori seats from Labour, most of the other parties polled lower than in the previous election, losing votes and seats. The Health Concern party also stood again.

PM Gordon … In Northern Ireland the Democratic Unionist Party sought to make further gains from the Ulster Unionist Party in unionist politics, and Sinn Féin hoped to overtake the Social Democratic and Labour Party in nationalist politics. Pakistan's interior minister said today that his country had provided information about a possible terrorist attack in Britain ahead of May's general election, resulting in some arrests. The final seat to declare was the delayed poll in South Staffordshire, at just after 1 a.m. on Friday 24 June. One hundred and twenty-one MPs were elected to the New Zealand House of Representatives: 69 from single-member electorates, including one overhang seat, and 52 from party lists (one extra due to the overhang). The Conservatives focused their campaign on more traditional conservative issues like immigration, which created some controversy with the slogan "It's not racist to impose limits on immigration". 2005 ELECTION RESULTS; 2005 Election Results Special Election Results - *Certified by the County Boards* Senate Districts.

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